Sunday, June 16, 2013

California Baby Everyday / Year-round SPF 18 Sunscreen [review]

Hello everyone! How's your day? :D
This post is already stuck in my draft since weeks ago.. LOL.. Sorry I forgot to finish this post >.<
Today I'll introduce you my current favorite sunscreen at the moment!
It's California Baby Everyday / Year-round SPF 18 Sunscreen~

Few weeks ago I got a chance to try produk from California Baby *Thank you* :)
If this is the first time you heard about California Baby brand, you're not alone! Me either :P LOL

So what exactly California Baby is? 
California Baby is the nation's leading natural skin care line for babies, kids, and adults. California Baby focuses exclusively on products suitable for infants, although all of the products are suitable for anyone with sensitive skin. The company markets products for sun protection, diaper care, hair and body, bug spray and massage oils. Additionally, it also has a line of aromatherapy oils specifically for children, as well as accessories for bath time.

With mounting concerns over exposing children to chemicals and synthetic ingredients and fragrances, California Baby stands out among those who make personal care products for kids. California Baby pledges to create natural products that consider your family as well as the environment in their production. All products are proudly made in the USA in FDA registered and certified organic solar powered facility. All products are allergy tested and free of peanuts, soy, or dairy. No animal testing. (source: missbelanjaonline ^^)

And now, California Baby is officially available in Indonesia!!

It made with sturdy plastic material. Comes with convenient secure pump lock. They claim that this one is enough for one year-round :)
Content: 133ml


California Baby everyday?year-round™ scented sunscreens smell divine! No overpowering "beach-y" scents here, just pure light and refreshing essential oils that make our all-star SPF 18 a joy to use. It's ultra-light and sheer, making it ideal for use on the face and can easily double as a morning moisturizer. Packaged with a convenient pump that locks for safe travel— it's perfectly portable! Formulated without PABA or invasive chemicals, our silky SPF 18 moisturizing lotion is simple and elegant utilizing a micronized titanium dioxide. It sits on top of the skin scattering and reflecting dangerous UVA-UVB rays, providing broad-spectrum protection. No gluten, soy, oat, dairy or nuts except for coconut (seed of a drupaceous fruit), which is not typically restricted in the diets of people with tree nut allergies. Non-staining.


Wearing a hat and sunglasses is an important part of sun safety.
Winter use: Since studies show that the risk of sunburn increases at higher altitudes, it's especially important to wear sunscreen on the slopes. Even if you stay at the same elevation all winter long, don't let winter's chill fool you, the sun is still strong and can do lots of damage to your skin. The gentle water resistant formula won't drip into your eyes and sting when you sweat. Clouded vision from runny sunscreen is annoying on the beach and on the ski slopes it can be downright dangerous. Our moisturizing sunscreen helps keep skin from chapping from exposure to the elements.
Weight : 225 gram

Product Details: 
Age: The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) states that if exposure to the sun is unavoidable and your baby is under 6 months, a non-chemical sunscreen (like ours) should be used; consult with your physician. The AAP recommends that because an infant's skin is very thin and sensitive, infants under 6 months should be kept out of the sun.
Scent: Beautiful aromatherapy blend that includes lemongrass.
For Use: Face and body. Does not sting the eyes! For year-round use.
SPF Protection Level: Provides moderate-level protection against sunburn.
Water Resistant: Retains effectiveness after 40 minutes of activity in water or perspiring.

For Grownups:

* Double duty as a light moisturizer.
* Works great under make-up; our non-greasy, sheer finish helps "brighten" the skin!
* Perfect protection on overcast days.
* Don't forget that when traveling in a car you are exposed to UV rays.

Benefits & Features:

* Contains organic and sustainably grown ingredients
* No Octyl Methoxycinnamate or other chemical sunscreens
* Scented with pure essential oils tested for purity
* UVA & UVB broad-spectrum protection
* Includes Japanese Green Tea (anti-oxidant)
* PABA free
* Water resistant
* Non-chemical sunscreen
* Sheer finish
* Non-invasive formula, hypoallergenic
* Non-staining
* Convenient pump locks in the 'up' position eliminating accidents on the road or in the diaper bag 

UVA-UVB Broad Spectrum | Physical Barrier | Water Resistant (40 mins) | Moisturizing | Tear free | PABA Free

For face & Body.. Safe for babies, kids and sensitive adults! ^^

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allergy tested!

It comes with hygienic pump. We can control the amount of the sunscreen easily :D

It's quite thick and little bit sticky, still tolerable
I need few minutes till this sunscreen absorbs perfectly into my skin ._.

What I don't like about this sunscreen is, it has shiny result.. I prefer matte result x_x
I always apply loose powder after use this sunscreen, to lessen the shiny effect on my face..

I like this sunscreen, because it has huge amount of product and TOTALLY safe for sensitive skin, even for infant :D

What I love <3
+ Safe for sensitive skin
+ Safe for babies and kids
+ One bottle for year-round
+ Natural ingredients

What I hate </3
- Shiny effect afterwards
- Need few minutes till this sunscreen adsorbs perfectly
- Only has SPF 18

Rating: 4.5/5
Recommended? Yes ^^
Repurchase? Yeah :D

Please let me know if you have further questions about California Baby products :)
You can buy their products through their website ^^ Happy shopping!

Have a nice Sunday everyone! 

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Hada Labo Gokujyun Face Wash [review]

Good bye May, Welcome June! :) How's your May everyone?
Today I will start this month with my postponed review, Hada Labo Gokujyun Face Wash! :D
I'm sure that you are familiar already with this one..
Actually I also have the Shirojyun one, but I still haven't try it yet :P
Let's begin my short review then~

Ah sorry for harsh blur -_-"

Hada Labo Gokujyun Face Wash:
Ultimate Moisturizing with 2 types of Hyaluronic Acid
Removes dirt and provides high hydration for supple & soft skin.
Fragrance free, colorant free.

Clean & Keep Skin Hydrated. Maintain Elasticity and smooth-healthy skin.

It comes with flip-top cap, has two variant of size (50ml and 100ml if i'm not mistaken). Its design is very simple, just like Hada Labo's tagline: "Perfect x Simple".
The packaging's cap is quite secure, so it won't spill out inside your travel bag :)

This one is made in Indonesia, with license from Rohto Japan. Don't worry, this Hada Labo has same quality with Japanese one. And more affordable :)

I'm using this face wash twice a day and it can cleanse my face well :) I like this face wash because It doesn't leave any residue on my face, and doesn't dry out my face :D No break out as well!

Texture & Scent:
 It can't create very rich foam but it's okay. No scents either :) Very safe for sensitive skin. Low irritation possibility.

What I love <3
+ Colorant, fragrance, alcohol, mineral oil free
+ Affordable (less than IDR 20,000)
+ Doesn't dry out my skin
+ Nice performance
+ Low irritation possibility

What I hate </3
- Nothing so far ^^

Rating: 4.5/5
Recommended? Yes :)
Repurchase? Still don't know, because I still have another products to try out ^^

Don't forget to connect with Hada Labo Indonesia:

If you have any question regarding this product, don't hesitate to ask me on comment section below ^^
Thanks for reading everyone!