Sunday, May 31, 2015

BEAUTY TIPS #1: How to Handle & Treat Irritated and Inflamed Skin

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DISCLAIMER: I'm not a skin professional, I write this post based on my experience and knowledge. The result may differs from one to another. If you really want to try my method, go ahead, but I do not responsible with the results.


As a beauty blogger and beauty enthusiast, one of my biggest fear is any negative result in reaction towards skin care products (like break outs, irritation). I often try new skin care products and I relieved no one give worst effect to my skin. Some of my friends and readers consider that I'm lucky enough because my skin isn't too picky and not fussy in terms of trying new skin care. Till one day, I got panicked due to my skin condition..

One night, when I was cleansing my face with my regular cleansing foam, I freaked out because suddenly my skin turned out so rough, slightly reddish and itchy O_O I literally had no idea what was going on. I tried to remember which product that made me like this, or.. did I do something wrong?

I tried to figure out what this symptom is. I thought my skin need to get pampered by face mask, and later on I gave my skin face mask (in order to get back my smooth skin). Nothing happens.

Due to my tight schedule, I really had no time to see dermatologist and I had to do self-research in few days. At first, I guessed my skin turned out to orange-peel skin (because it's rough like orange-peel skin), but the symptoms of orange-peel skin are completely different with my condition. My skin was getting more itchy and reddish time by time :( My skin became more sensitive and felt quite sore when I tried to moisturize my skin with my regular serum and night cream. Accidentally, I know the reason behind this skin problem.. My skin was irritated and inflamed.

That's the reason why my skin refused any skin care product that contains chemical substances (in return, my skin felt quite sore). My skin demanded for skin care remedy that contains least chemical substances >_< I'm not really sure (till now), which ingredient in my new skin care product that made me like this.. But after this incident, I will ensure myself to avoid (or at least reduce) any use of product that contains the same or derivative ingredients.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Coastal Scents 12 Pieces Brush Set [review]

When you have decided to get into makeup, you should do invest to at least a good quality brush set. Good quality brushes are essential to learn make up, because it's like our weapon in war field :D
I can't remember when I bought this brush set (maybe in 2013?), but one day when I was about to buy new brush set, a promotion from Coastal Scents popped out before my eyes and I immediately purchased it XDD If I'm not mistaken, I bought this brush set for IDR 250,000 from local online shop.

So, this is my brief review about my daily brush set ^.^
Coastal Scents 12 Piece Brush Set Review, Coastal Scent Brush Set ideal for beginner, USA brand brush set, kuas make up untuk pemula

12 Professional Cosmetic Brushes
1 Stylish Leatherine Brush Case

Create your ideal look effortlessly with Coastal Scents 12 Piece Brush Set. This set includes twelve matte black, wooden handled, silver ferrule professional brushes that enable you to create a wide range of looks. The brushes are a mixture of natural and synthetic bristles, allowing you to choose the right brush for your needs. The fully equipped leatherine case is imprinted with the Coastal Scents logo and includes an individual slot for each of the twelve brushes. The case is also easily foldable and snaps closed, safely securing your brushes during travel.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Oriflame Tender Care Protecting Balm #Rose [review]

Hello guys! I believe most of you are familiar enough with this well-known product from Oriflame. Yup, it's Tender Care Protecting Balm in Rose variant. I bought this a while ago when Oriflame Indonesia threw a promotion buy 1 get 1 free for the newest variant of Tender Care, and I bought this with my co-worker :D

Halo semua! Pasti deh kalian udah familiar banget sama produk Oriflame yang satu ini. Yup, produk ini adalah Tender Care Protecting Balm varian Mawar (Rose). Aku membelinya beberapa saat yang lalu bersama dengan teman kantor saat Oriflame mengadakan promosi buy 1 get 1 free untuk varian terbaru Tender Care yang ini :D

Oriflame Tender Care Review, Oriflame Tender Care Rose Review, Oriflame Multi-purpose balm, Cheap multi-purpose balm

Since long time ago till 2015, Tender Care is always designed in same way. If I'm not mistaken, Tender Care even has been invented since 1970 o_o Is it true? Please correct me if I'm wrong. It such a BIG WOW for a skin care product for surviving in decades. For the packaging itself, it's designed like an standing egg shape and there are several variants of this Tender Care. Each color represent each variant, and the Original variant of Tender Care has light pink color packaging. Tender Care has perfect size for travelling :D

Dari jaman dahulu kala hingga sekarang tahun 2015, kemasan Tender Care ngga pernah berubah. Malahan, denger-denger Tender Care udah ada dari tahun 1970 an lho! Ada yang bisa bantu klarifikasi ngga ya? o_o Kalo bener dari tahun segitu, berarti WOW banget kan kalo bisa bertahan sampe detik ini. Bentuknya bulat seperti telur, tapi bisa berdiri. Tender Care ini ada beberapa jenis varian, setiap varian berbeda warna kemasan. Varian originalnya berwarna pink muda. Ukuran Tender Care ini pas banget buat travelling karena mungil :D

Thursday, May 21, 2015

LANEIGE's New Counter Opening + K-Beauty on Stage

안녕!! ^.^ I feel so happy because finally I could attended another beauty event after skipped several events before, as you know.. office hours didn't allow me to go those events :'(( As I recall, my last event was in October LOL. So when Kak Nia (representative of Laneige Indonesia) sent me an invitation, I jumped into joy when knowing the event would be held in public holiday :D So yayyy!

The event was held last Thursday at 14 May 2015, I rushed off the venue right after the Church. I arrived 10-15 minutes earlier, managed some time to do touch up and I also met Ce Mindy and Cynthian in restroom ^.^

Laneige Counter Surabaya, Laneige Counter TP, Laneige Indonesia, Lokasi Laneige Surabaya, Alamat Laneige Surabaya

So here is the new LANEIGE's Counter in Surabaya. Located in Matahari Department Store, Tunjungan Plaza 3 Surabaya. It's easy to find this outlet because it's placed exactly next to escalator :D
Bagi yang penasaran dimana lokasi counter Laneige di Surabaya, bisa melipir ke Matahari Department Store di TP 3, tempatnya persis di sebelah eskalator naik.

Laneige Counter Surabaya, Laneige Counter TP, Laneige Indonesia, Lokasi Laneige Surabaya, Alamat Laneige Surabaya

What a simple, clean and elegant counter of Laneige. The counter itself is quite wide and they carry many various products from Laneige. But apparently this counter wasn't spacious enough to contains us, the hyperactive bloggers who like to move here and there, and take hundreds of selfie =D =D You'll see the photos below, hehe.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Beaute Recipe Fruit Body Butter Set [review]

Hello hello guys~ Today I'm gonna share my body care product review from COPIA Indonesia :D
I've ever posted about makeup products that I got from COPIA before, you may read the review HERE :D Today's theme is BODY BUTTER, and I admit that body butter will always works better to moisturizes my super dry skin. I'm happy to know there are 3 different fruity body butter that released by Beaute Recipe, which is called Fruit Body Butter Set ♥
COPIA Indonesia, Beaute Recipe Fruit Body Butter Set Review, Japanese Coconut Body Butter, Japanese Mango Body Butter, Japanese Lemon Body Butter, Japanese Fruit Body Butter, Best Japanese Body Butter
This body butter has simple and attractive design. It comes with see-through plastic on the top, to reveals the each variant, along with secure twist cap. Each variant has different scent.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Pasjel Catwaltz Eyelash Nourishing Serum [review]

Hi all! It's me again with new review about another Pasjel product! :) Anyone here who doesn't know about Pasjel brand?. FYI, Pasjel is a skincare brand from Thailand. The brand was initially known with its ice cream-bucket-look-alike products, like what I've written HERE.
Since human never can be satisfied, I gave another try to my recent eyelash serum :p the purpose is definitely to strengthen my thin and sparse eyelash and makes my eyelash appear fuller, longer and thicker than ever.
Actually I always wanted to get eyelash extension done, but since eyelash extension can't be lasts for more than one month, I try my best to maintain my natural eyelash for granted. This time I tried Pasjel Catwaltz Eyelash Nourishing Serum and hoping this product will works well on my sparse eyelash :)

Pasjel Catwaltz Eyelash Nourishing Serum Review, Pasjel Cat Waltz Eyelash, Thailand Eyelash Serum

While still sticking up with block colors design, Pasjel added another girly touch by placing a blinking cat on the box and the product itself, so cute! ^.^ The box and the eyelash serum product is dominated with purple color. The eyelash serum product comes with pointy lid and tiny bottle. The long and pointy lid will prevent shaky hand and makes the application become easier.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

ZAP Facial Rejuvenation [review]

Hi guys, today I'm gonna share my latest experience doing facial treatment in ZAP last month. ZAP outlet that I visited is located in Surabaya, and this was not my first time being there. I ever tried their IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatment in 2012.. when my blog was still ugly and need lots of improvements XD LOL. Here's the review of my ZAP IPL treatment, I got a hair removal treatment for my bottom leg.

ZAP permanent hair removal, ZAP clinic, ZAP Facial rejuvenation, ZAP Surabaya, Indonesian Beauty Blogger, Blogger from Indonesia, Beauty Blogger from Indonesia, Blogger Kecantikan Indonesia
me at ZAP Surabaya branch
Actually I didn't know that ZAP also provides facial treatment, until one day they offered me a free trial of their facial treatment through e-mail. Later on, I tried to make a reservation for myself but they failed to response my countless phone calls for 2 days in row '___' At day 3, finally they answered my call and we arranged an appointment. When I met ZAP's staffs in person, I asked them why no one pick up my phone, they apologized and explained that they were overload by customers for 2 days full and not able to pick the phone. Oh.. okay, never mind. Gladly I could arranged an appointment at the end.

Before my second visit to ZAP, I read Dyta's review (one of my fellow Surabaya Beauty Blogger friends) about her experience doing ZAP Facial Rejuvenation and her photos startled me enough.. I don't know if ZAP Surabaya Outlet has changed their appearance! Yes, they've done total renovation of their outlet and I must say that I love their new appearance ^.^ Compared to their old-vintage outlet, the new one absolutely looks better, modern and more appealing!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Lucido-L Triple Beauty Vitamin Spray for Damaged Hair [review]

Hello hello guys! Recently I'm really in mood to treat my hair well ^.^ I'm using lots of hair care products like conditioner, hair treatment, hair vitamin, hair tonic and hair sprays. Maybe this is my first time giving a lot of attention to my hair for years :p I swear I never been this diligent, LOL. With my current hair condition (which is healthy and manageable), I don't think I even need to go salon! Hehe. As I often use heating tools, I always try as hard as I can to maintain and take care of my lovely hair. Next time I will do review about my current favorite curling & flat iron *wink ;)

Okay, back to topic.. This is one of my current favorite hair products at the moment! :D
Lucido-L Triple Beauty Vitamin Spray for Damaged Hair Review, Lucidol Orange review

LUCIDO-L Triple Beauty Vitamin Spray for Damaged Hair

With combination of olive oil and Moisturizing Agent helps to make your damaged hair become shiny, smooth and moist. Contains Vitamin A, C and E. Get your perfect beauty hair in one step. Use it regularly for the best result.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Go Away Stretch Mark! - Pasjel Precious Skin Body Cream [review]

As a human, I lots of flaws and weakness, whether physically and characteristically. Many people in my surroundings said that stretch mark will occurs if only we gain weight or lose weight dramatically, especially after giving birth. I haven't married yet and my weight is quite stable for 2 decades (I used to be underweight for more than 10 years), and if what they said is true.. most likely I will have minimal stretch marks. BUT.. unfortunately, I do have noticeable stretch marks on hips :s and I don't realize since when I own them..

FYI, since I was in high school and university, my weight was always around 46-48 kg, and my height is 163 cm. My family members, relatives and friends used to say that I was too skinny and looked like a malnutrition girl *so mean >_<!!. After I changed some bad habits and paid more attention to my dietary habit, in a year I managed to gain 5 kg and even ever reached 54 kg. Shortly after I got influenza and pharyngitis, my weight is around 51 kg now. My weight went up and down several times in a year, and I suspect that's the reason why I have stretch marks T_T

Meski kurus begini, aku pernah beberapa kali naik dan turun berat badan juga lho. Ngga banyak sih, biasanya aku selalu punya bb sekitar 46-48 kg selama masa sekolah dan kuliah (tinggi badanku 163cm) dan karena aku kurus, beberapa teman-teman bilang aku kayak anak kurang gizi >_<!! *jahatttt kalian. Akhirnya setelah merubah beberapa kebiasaan buruk, berat badanku bisa naik 5 kg, bahkan pernah 54 kg. Gak lama kemudian, aku kena flu dan radang tenggorokan, bb ku balik lagi ke 51 kg. Nah, karena bb ku naik turun beberapa kali dalam setahun, kurasa itu yang menyebabkan aku punya stretch marks T_T

In order to reduce stretch marks, I tried this Pasjel Precious Skin Body Cream recently..
Here is one of many ways to get rid of stretch marks. Will it works on me?

Bagaimana sih caranya mengurangi / menghilangkan stretch marks? Kalo menghilangkan 100% mungkin sulit (kecuali ada campur tangan medis), tapi kalo mengurangi stretch marks masih ada harapan :D Baru-baru ini aku mencoba Pasjel Precious Skin Body Cream, hmmm kira-kira ngefek ngga ya di aku?

Pasjel Precious Skin Body Cream Review, Yellow Pasjel Review, Thailand Pasjel, Product to reduce stretch mark

The packaging is pretty similar with Blue Pasjel that I've ever tried last year. The product is packaged in a ice cream container look-alike, and dominated with white and yellow color as signature color of this stretch mark-free product :) There is a hologram that indicates this is a original product, and not the fake one.
PS: As far as I know, the hologram sticker is only pasted on Pasjel products that distributed to Indonesia. This is the way to distinguish original Pasjel product and the fake Pasjel.

Kemasan // Kemasannya mirip sama Pasjel warna biru yang pernah aku coba tahun lalu. Produk ini dikemas dalam kontainer yang mirip kontainer es krim, didominasi dengan warna putih dan kuning, yang jadi identitas dari produk penghilang stretch marks ini :) Ada sticker hologram di kotaknya yang jadi penanda Pasjel palsu dan asli. Setauku, sticker hologram ini hanya ditempel di Pasjel yang beredar di Indonesia, untuk membedakan Pasjel asli dan palsu.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Saem Style Specialist Easy Bubble Hair Coloring [review]

Hello hello~ Did you notice that my hair's color was so absurd and not appealing? 
Yes, I just re-dyed my hair last week! Finally I dyed my hair again after ignored it for months :p LOL.
I came with another bubble hair coloring review, and it's The Saem Style Specialist Easy Bubble Hair Coloring! 더샘 스타일 스페셜리스트 이지 버블헤어 컬러

I bought this product in 2013 when I was in Korea for Miss Flower Korean Trip. I was totally forgot to use it, till I realized that it's gonna expiry this year :p Anyway, I bought this product because of IU! XD

The Saem Style Specialist Easy Bubble Hair Coloring review, the saem hair coloring IU
I bought mine in Sweet Brownie (2N)
Bubble type hair color for easy use without rolling down.
Voluminous and elastic bubbles similar to shampoo texture. Protects cortex's infection and helps nutriens for better absorption.
Amonia-free, paraben-free, silicon, GAS-free, benzophenone-free

Monday, May 4, 2015

Second Blog!

Hello everyone! This is a quick announcement from me..
If you do notice, I already put new badge on my sidebar, the link will goes to my second blog.
Huh, wait! What do you mean about second blog?

Yes, I just started my second blog last month. I migrated my old k-drama reviews and began to write new posts there :D Basically my second blog mostly will be filled by drama reviews, personal thoughts, foods (Not restaurant. I will keep fancy restaurants for my main blog :p), random things and ramblings.

You might ask the reason behind I started another blog (since I still have this blog to maintain), the answer is.. because not writing what's inside my head will drives me sort of nuts.. As I can't write random things as free as I want on this blog, unless I'm intended to make my readers leave me soon, due to my inconsistency. I believe most of you keep reading / following my blog because of my beauty-related post, don't you? Because that's the reason why I started this blog :)

Sunday, May 3, 2015

F&B: Pipe and Barrel Surabaya [review]

Hello guys! I had a dinner in Pipe & Barrel last March and I'm going to share my thoughts to you ^.^
For those of you who doesn't know, Pipe & Barrel is a casual dining restaurant that established by Chef Ken (3rd winner of MasterChef Indonesia Season 2). I liked to watch MasterChef Indonesia, but I followed the show until Season 2 only. You know, I tend to get bored easily :p

However, I was quite curious about this dining place and wanted to know how well this restaurant is.
Okay let's get to it ^.^

Sorry for low quality photo. I wish I visited this place at day ._.

My First Impression
As you can tell, this restaurant utilize pipes and barrels to decorate the interior. This restaurant is called "Pipe & Barrel" for a reason ;) This place is dominated with warm colors like orange, yellow, brown, charcoal, and black. I'm quite liking the interior ^.^ But, I wish they had better lighting than current lighting. Most of my photos' quality aren't good enough due to low lighting >_< I have to edit the brightness, contrast massively before present those photos on this blog.

Friday, May 1, 2015


Hello guys! April has passed and let's welcome this new month with a grateful heart :D
As requested, here I present to you My Current Skin Care Routine post!

As a beauty blogger, I often change my skin care products and gladly I never get any serious skin problem so far.. Every time I try new products, I always tried my best to finish up those products before move to another products. Why? Because if my skin get "click" with any new product, I don't think I will back to my previous skin care product, and the previous one will be a waste. So, before I move to another product, I'm sticking to these products at the moment and let my skin take a break (from my experiments) for a while ^_^

I pixelated this image just for fun :p Can you tell what those products are, guys? hehe.
Click read more to see the answer! ^.^