Tuesday, August 20, 2013

IBB Make Up Challenge: Pop Your Kpop! Yoona SNSD Inspired Look

안녀하세요 여러분!
Today I'd like to share my submission for Indonesian Beauty Blogger Makeup Challenge "Pop Your Kpop"

I'm so excited to create my own look, inspired by Kpop idol ^___^

It's been a while since last time I participated into IBB Make Up Challenge :p
Well, since I like this month's theme, I decided to challenge myself again!

And finally I can made it on last day XD! 
For this challenge, I'm inspired by Yoona SNSD Baby-G Casio :3
(임윤아 소녀시대)

Well, I'm not gonna say that I've imitated her look XD
Because I have no similar wardrobe and didn't do same hair-do like hers.
That's why I said that this look is inspired by Yoona ;)

Products that I used:
- Etude House Precious Mineral BB Bright Fit (01 Natural Beige)
- Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher (06 Grapefruit Jelly)

- Innisfree Skinny Microcara

- BH Cosmetics 32 Lip Palette

Is my makeup similar enough with Yoona's? :P ㅋㅋㅋ

More photos of this look

left and right side

eye makeup (zoom in)

I've tried to imitate Yoona pose, but failed -.- LOL
So I just took random photos, hopefully you don't mind.. 라라라라~

Wish me luck ^-^
Thanks for reading everyone!

Konjac Sponge Water Drop Bamboo Charcoal Facial Sponge [review]

Happy Belated Independence Day everyone!! XDD
Indonesian Independence Day is on 17th August, it was three days ago :D 
What did you do on Independence Day?

Jadi hari ini aku mau nulis review singkat mengenai My Konjac Sponge. Apa sih itu Konjac Sponge? Seperti yang pernah kureview sebelumnya di SINI dan SINI :D

This time, My Konjac Sponge back with their new packaging :)
Bagi yang belum tau, Konjac Sponge ini adalah sejenis cleansing sponge atau spons pembersih yang berasala dari tanaman Konjac yang ada di Pulau Jeju, Korea.

Hah spons untuk pembersih wajah? Seriusan? :P

My Konjac Sponge - Water Drop Bamboo Charcoal Facial Sponge
Suitable for sensitive and oily skin

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, bisa langsung membaca yang di bawah ini ya ^^

Bamboo Charcoal mengandung karbon aktif dan aneka mineral yang dapat meningkatkan kemampuan penyerapan dan membersihkan minyak berlebih
*100% spons natural
*100% bebas bahan adiktif & pewarna
*100% dapat didaur ulang
*Mempercepat pertumbuhan sel kulit
*Mempersihkan pori-pori kulit
*Mengurangi komedo, kotoran dan jerawat
*Remedi yang efektif untuk jerawat dan sakit kulit

 NEW LAYOUT of www.mykonjacsponge.com

100% Natural Luxurious Konjac Fiber Sponge
Chemical Free, pH Balanced, With added Natural Bamboo Charcoal

Cara pakai Konjac Sponge ini juga bisa dilihat di SINI

Cara pakainya?
1. Basahi My Konjac Sponge sampai benar-benar basah
2. Peras sisa air pada sponge
3. Gosokkan My Konjac Sponge perlahan pada kulit wajah (bisa tanpa cleansing foam atau dengan cleansing foam)

Untuk My Konjac Sponge ini benar-benar memiliki tekstur yang lembut, tidak akan melukai kulit wajah kita *____*
Biasa kugunakan pada saat bersihkan muka di malam hari ;)

Aku sudah menggunakan konjac sponge selama lebih dari 2 bulan, dan hasilnya bisa dibilang memuaskan. Kulitku jadi lebih halus, semakin jarang muncul jerawat dan komedo juga berkurang :P Tapi kekurangannya adalah agak repot kalau harus menggantungkan sponge ini untuk proses pengeringan, dan tidak travel-friendly

What I love <3
+ Membantu mengurangi sebum di wajah
+ Membantu mengurangi jerawat dan komedo
+ Kulitku jadi terasa lebih halus dan kencang
+ Sponge nya tidak kasar

What I hate </3
- Not travel friendly

Rating: 4/5
Repurchase? Yes :D

I think that's all! I'd like to apologize for this super-delayed review >_< I got many problems with my camera and lost my recorded video.
 Thanks for reading everyone :)

If you interested to buy this sponge, you may contact them:

Disclamer: This product was sent to me for review purpose, however my review and opinion are honest and i'm not being paid for this review

Thursday, August 15, 2013

D'eyeko Olga Lydia False Lashes [review]

Good evening, my pwetty friendssss ^^
Today I'd like to share my thoughts about local false lashes brand named D'eyeko and their series of false lashes Olga Lydia Lashes. I will review this one in bahasa Indonesia mixed with English :)

Beberapa waktu yang lalu pihak D'eyeko mengirimiku dua sampel falsie dari series Olga Lydia. Thank you D'eyeko ^___^ Jujur ini pertama kalinya aku mencoba falsie dari D'eyeko. Banyak bloggers yg bilang kalau falsie dari D'eyeko ini bagus kualitasnya. Tentu saja aku juga penasaran =D Yuk kita sama-sama bahas kualitas dari bulu mata palsu made in Indonesia ini.

1. D'eyeko Olga Lydia Lashes - Party Queen

See how beautiful Olga Lydia is? (*_*)
Untuk yang sudah terbiasa jadi pusat perhatian, ini untukmu. Dengan helai-helainya yang panjang dan ber-layer, bulu mata ini akan sangat terlihat glamor & cantik.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Etude House OMG! Dry Shampoo [review]

Who doesn't hate greasy and messy hair?
When I was in hectic days and unable to wash my hair on time, 
I usually use this OMG! Dry Shampoo from Etude House ^-^
(Well, it doesn't happens every time, just happens once or twice a month I think)

OMG! Dry Shampoo is a quick, convenient solution to those mornings where you wake up late leaving no time to wash your hair. It's also a great fix for oiliness during the day.
Formulated with Etude House's Anti-Sebum Complex, the OMG Dry Shampoo absorbs excess oil, keeping the scalp fresh and clean.
Volume: 50ml

It's pink, attractive and eye-catching! I love its pop-art style comic that printed on the packaging XD

Descriptions on the can
1. Shake well before use
2. Hold bottle 15~20cm away from head and spray onto scalp and hair
3. Massage into scalp with fingers and brush out thoroughly to re-style

This OMG Dry Shampoo has texture like "dry-loose powder" that will absorb excess oil on our scalp :3 Good bye bad hair day!

What I love <3
+ Easy to carry
+ Lessen greasiness on hair instantly
+ My hair become more manageable
+ Attractive packaging
+ Affordable
+ It doesn't has strong scent

What I hate </3
- Only last long for 3-5 hours after application (depends on your hair type)
- Only contains 50ml

Rating: 4/5
Repurchase? I want to try other dry shampoo from different brand ^^

Have you tried any dry shampoo?
What's your recommendation?
Thanks for reading ;)

Friday, August 9, 2013

Event: Collection Mini Focus Group

Heyaaa everybodyyyy.. I present to you.. another event report from me! ^^
I was invited to attend beauty event called "Collection Mini Focus Group" on Saturday, 20th July 2013. No, this event wasn't for only beauty blogger, but for all make up enthusiast! ;D

I would like to thank Cie Mindy and Cie Pauline from Pinkandundecided for hosting this event ^____^

Well, I was TOTALLY CLUELESS about a make up brand named COLLECTION @__@
Cie Shasha contacted me few weeks ago about this event and I just said "Yeah! I wanna attend that event" because I was free that afternoon :D

This event consists of two session, first session was held at 10.00 and second session at 12.30.

Me and some my Surabaya Beauty Bloggers friends decided to attend the 2nd session. Sabrina kindly picked me up few hours before the event started. She told me that she needed to wait for her friends in CiTo. Her friends would join this event and Sabrina kindly shared her car. She's such a angel! >w< How kind she is :)

Sabrina and Me

Sabrina is soooo taller than me *w* I'm 164 cm.
I wish my future boyfriend will has same height with Sabrina LOL
Meanwhile we're waiting, I managed time to have lunch ;P

Okay, after struggled with bad traffic, finally we arrived at Plaza Hotel Surabaya's The Boardroom >__<

So basically in this event, representative from COLLECTION coming to Indonesia and hosted mini focus group to gather information about interest of Indonesian's women in make up. All we need to do is play with makeup, sounds fun? :3 LOL

Each session was occupied by 15 makeup enthusiasts. Coincidentally second session filled by more beauty bloggers (compared to the 1st session) ^u^

Ms. Donna, representative from COLLECTION brand
This event is kind of an introduction to the brand named COLLECTION.
COLLECTION ranks at #3 in UK and they've been around since 80'es. COLLECTION is a 25 years old British brand and they used to be available in the UK only. Nowadays, they are already available in some Asian countries like Hong Kong, Philipines and Thailand, and setting up to launch soon in Singapore, Malaysia and a few other. They have their eyes set on Indonesia next, obviously, but so far there's no set date or time frame on when they will finally come to Indonesia. Fingers crossed, it'll be sooner than later! Oh, they used to go with the name Collection 2000 but recently dropped the 2000 and re-name themselves simple "COLLECTION".

We're seriously discussing about make ups XD
They want to know more about our preference and feedback ^^

Lastly, they brought us some COLLECTION products and let us played with them!!
Most of us become super-excited and trying them all one by one XD
Swatch-ing timeeeee!!!!

After the event finished, they kindly gave us a goody bag!! XD
Aaahhh we're so happy.. Thank you Ms. Donna, Thank you COLLECTION! ^^

Anyway I don't know that beauty bloggers from Surabaya are a lot O_O
Glad to know them from this event! I met many new bloggers ^^ Nice to meet u all!
If you attended this event and we haven't greeted properly, please comment down below your name along with your blog link ;) hehehe

From left to right:
Glory Chen | Lina | Sabrina | Caroline | Cie Yessy | Cie Shasha | Me | Kiki

finally I could meet Kiki in person! She's so friendly ;) I like her skill in nail art!
Glory chen and Katherine too :D Nice to meet you all

- Katherine (The girl in white dress with hair band)
- Tasya (sorry i forgot your face already >_<)

I can't remember which one is beauty blogger except girls that I have mentioned above ._.

The most exciting part! :3 Goody Bag!
Actually I've gotten 10 items, but at the end I gave 2 lipsticks to cie Mindy because I don't like their colors >.< I won't make it waste, better I give them back. haha.
Gonna review them as soon as possible ^^ *finger crossed*

#Pink, #Undecided & Miss Donna

Thank you for the nice event! :)
Thanks for reading, guyssss!! See ya later!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Caroline 17th Birthday Dinner

Hello everyone! :D Happy Eid Mubarak for those of you who celebrate it!
Anyway, I'm gonna blog about birthday dinner celebration from the cutest sister that I have in blogger world :3 Caroline Pitono!
Actually her birthday dinner was on 19th June and I was busy that month, so yeah.. the post is kinda delayed >_<

This gonna be a short post, consists of our photos together :3

The pwettyyyy Olin 

Caroline turned into 17th Birthday Girl!
Thank you for inviting us ^^
We also had a mini gathering there, endless chit-chat about makeup and such, and had a delicious dinner~
 From Left to right, above to bottom:
Zellyn | Gita | Lina | Ci Shelley | Sabrina
Hana | Ci Yenyen | Olin | Ci Shasha | Me

Olin was cutting her birthday cake

Happy Birthday Caroline~! ^^
Stay beautiful, and be more mature :*

I love its frame!

Photos taken by my camera Samsung NX300. 
If you want the original size (without watermark), just contact me girls! :)


Okay, that's all ^^\
Good night everybody!