Wednesday, October 31, 2012

[UPDATE] How I cleanse my face with Konjac Sponge

As I promised to My Konjac Sponge before, finally I could made a video about Konjac Sponge! ^^ I got some problems with my video editing program few weeks ago, and it quite made me frustrated :s Thank God I could solved the problems and I present this video for you guys :)

click the image to see my full review about this cute konjac sponge

pardon me if there's any silly expression of mine >.< lol
note: you need to raise the volume if you want to listen the song :)
sorry for the inconvenience >.< gonna fix it for the next video

Thanks for watching guys ^.^
Have a nice day~! ❤


  1. beli spongenya dmn cie?
    itu facial foamsnya ditaro di spongenya baru di usap ke wajah yah?
    atau gmn?

    1. kayaknya aku udah nulis lengkap banget di reviewnya.. ._. tlg dibaca dulu sblm bertanya ya.. :)
      kalo caraku, ditaro di sponge dulu baru diusap ke wajah..

  2. wah makasih ya videonya, kebetulan banget emang aku gak ngerti cara pake konjac sponge >.<

  3. cute! I'll try the Konjac Sponge soon :D

  4. cutee banged wajah ny :p
    step by step ny jelas kok nd bhsa inggris ny mudah d pahami jg :)
    gak percaya loh ak kalo tnyta udah wisuda. wajah ny masi imut* bgd ce :p


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