Friday, October 5, 2012

September Favorites & Regrets

Heyyy lovelies! :D
Start from now, I'll post my monthly favorites & regrets (if any), hope you'll like this post~
sorry for my bad edited picture :p i was in rush, lol

September Favorites:

2. Hada Labo Gokujyun Lotion
I love how this lotion makes my skin become bouncier and smooth :3

3. Orly Feel The Vibe Nail Polishes
Who loves neon nail polish? You'll love this nail polishes as well ^^
You can buy it here: BubbleTalk Shop (-‿◕) 

Cheap and worth to buy :3

5. Pixy Liquid Liner
So far, this is the cheapest liquid liner which is waterproof and smudgeproof :D

7. Konjac Sponge - Volcanic Stone
Loveee this sponge ^^ exfoliate my skin very well :D you can buy it here: My Konjac Sponge

8. Luview Whitening Capsule BB cream
Love this BB cream, natural finish and ideal for everyday ^^ will review it later~

9. Luview One Touch Brush Sun Powder
Nice finishing touch :D

Don't worry I will review them one by one, just stay tune! :)
Oh ya, kalau ada yang mau cobain Luview Whitening Capsule BB cream in jar, bisa lihat di SINI :) 

In this post I will include my September regrets (+short reviews)..
The Products I Regret Buying :(
*of course not gonna repurchase!*

1. Lipsmacker - Cotton Candy

 I bought it at KLIA - Malaysia, RM 9.90
Why I regret buying this? Because it contains parafin *as far as I know, parafin is not a good ingredient for cosmetic* and it leaves a heavy feeling after application. Ugh I don't like this lip balm +_+ I prefer buy Maybelline Baby Lips which is cheaper and doesn't leaves a heavy feeling after application! And its scent is like lipstick.. :s Not hate it nor like it as well.

2. Double Eyelid Sticker
I don't know its brand, since all written in Chinese ._. This box contains 160 pair of double eyelid sticker. I was tempted to try this double eyelid sticker (which works for eyeliner as well) last July.. 
And these double eyelid stickers are not work for me =__= I really regret buying this.. (TT____TT) I bought this for IDR 70,000 or around $7 (and later on I shocked because I met other seller who sells this double eyelid sticker with ONLY IDR 45,000 or around $4.5 -___-")
These sticker couldn't stayed more than 1 hour on my eyelid.. Though my eyelid is not oily and I have double eyelid, these eyelid stickers couldn't stick on my eyelid more than 1 hour.
Should I use false lashes glue to stick it on my eyelid? Err.. -.-"

the size of every eyelid is too big for my double-lid eyes, so I've ever tried to cut the eyelid sticker into two pieces.. But that's useless -,-"

messy cutting, because I only want to do little experiment

I tried these eyelid sticker before I sleep..
Sorry for my dark circles and my pimple :p lol
I didn't cut the eyelid sticker at that moment.
Yeah, I also included these eyelid sticker to my last giveaway prizes because I don't want it gonna be waste :p I still have many pairs of these eyelid stickers, just contact me if you want to try and I will send to you for free (you only need to pay the shipping fee), lol >.< 
*seriously* *daripada mubazir mending dibagi2kan, haha*

Okayyyy hope you enjoy this post ^^
See you later on my next post :D
Thanks for reading!


  1. i also got the eyelid sticker but i don't think it works as they advertise,,

    very disappointing :x

  2. I love Orly feel the vibe colors...fantastic ^^
    kiss and have a nice week end

    new outfit post

  3. wuaah aku penasaran sama si pixy liquid eye liner nie vee, ditunggu yah reviewnya^^

  4. Thank you for sharing the hit and miss :)

  5. eyelid sticker nya keliatan natural ce


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