Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tips: How to remove eyeliner & mascara

Hello everyone~ (゜∀゜) I will share my simple tips "how to remove eyeliner & mascara" today. These tips may works to remove eyeshadow as well ^-^
I don't know about you guys, but I couldn't really remove my eyeliner & mascara well few since I learned to play with makeup. The reasons are: the eyeliner always ended up with smudging everywhere (transferred from my eyelid to under eye) or the makeup remover sting my eyes while I removed my eyeliner :| And somehow it really becomes troublesome and annoyed me.  
Finally couple of weeks ago I found my tricks to remove my eyeliner and mascara easier *w*

Okay, let's start!
I only applied eyeliner & mascara at the moment

You will need:
1. Q-tip / cotton bud / cotton swabs (it has same meaning, just different term)
2. Makeup Remover / Eye & Lip Remover / Mascara Remover
3. Cotton pad (optional)

started with eyeliner, pick your cotton swab, soak it into makeup remover

Then, use your soaked cotton swab to remove the eyeliner gently.
It's easy peasy, but remember to take your time during this process ^△^

horizontal strokes, one direction. Don't rub your eyelid harshly. Discard the cotton swab if it's dirty enough.

Basically, you need same steps to remove the mascara. Just remove it patiently (to prevent eyelash fall out) 

Last step! For final touch, pour few drops of makeup remover onto a cotton pad :) To remove any excess eyeliner/mascara

remove the mascara on the eyelash gently ◕‿◕

As you can see, I need two cotton swabs and one cotton pad to remove my eyeliner & mascara completely (/^▽^)/ you may need more or less cotton swabs, depends on how thick and waterproof your eye makeup is.

If you never tried these tricks before, please try it if you want ^^ and please let me know if it's works for you! (n_n)
Thanks for reading fellas!


  1. walaupun aku belom pernah pake eyeliner tapi tutorialnya sangat memebantu xD

  2. jadi pengen nyoba...hehe..kenapa aku g pernah kepikiran ya...

    selama ini mascaranya aku kucek2 pakai pure olive oil dulu baru aku swap pakai make up remover.

    1. selamat mencoba ^^ smoga berhasil yaa

  3. Whoa sis like banget tipsnya....
    Hihihii...selama ini malah aku pake cotton bud buat bersihin sisa smudgenya kalo habis cuci muka..xixixii...tipsmu mesti dicoba nih..tq

    1. sama2 ^^ hope it works for you as well :D

  4. usefull ^^
    kiss and have an happy day

  5. thanks for the tips! :D
    kalo aku biasanya langsung pake kapas aja, nggak pake cotton bud, maybe tomorrow i'll try this method :)

  6. Wah berguna sekali nih tips-nya. thanks for share yah ^^

  7. aku biasanya pakai kapas dulu baru setelah itu dibersihin lebih detail lagi pakai cotton bud :D Secara teori sama ya he5

  8. biasanya aku pake baby oil ditaru di kapas agak banyak terus ditempelin di kelopak mata yang lama sis, sampe luntur sendiri, baru diusap2 pelan (bulu matanya). hehe.
    nice info~

    1. sa panggil nama aja ^^ jgn panggil sis *biar lbh akrab ;p*
      nah itu aku ga suka nya kalo pake kapas nanti eyelinernya mbeleber kemana2 :(
      thanks :)

  9. Cool. I think it always depends on the mascara and eye liner because some are easy to take off and some aren't.

  10. Very nice~ I usually take evoo and soak them onto my eyes and it works like a charm<3

    By the way~ love your blog!



    1. I want to try to use evoo as well next time ^^
      thanks for following dear :D

  11. Aku ikutin cara nya sis lho.. n emank bersih hasilnya..
    cuma makeup removernya aku ganti dgn baby oil..
    nice review :)anw salam kenal ya :)

    1. cool ^^ thanks yaa xD
      salam kenal jg :D

  12. trik yang hebat, ntar bakal aku coba nih ci ^^


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