Thursday, August 8, 2013

Caroline 17th Birthday Dinner

Hello everyone! :D Happy Eid Mubarak for those of you who celebrate it!
Anyway, I'm gonna blog about birthday dinner celebration from the cutest sister that I have in blogger world :3 Caroline Pitono!
Actually her birthday dinner was on 19th June and I was busy that month, so yeah.. the post is kinda delayed >_<

This gonna be a short post, consists of our photos together :3

The pwettyyyy Olin 

Caroline turned into 17th Birthday Girl!
Thank you for inviting us ^^
We also had a mini gathering there, endless chit-chat about makeup and such, and had a delicious dinner~
 From Left to right, above to bottom:
Zellyn | Gita | Lina | Ci Shelley | Sabrina
Hana | Ci Yenyen | Olin | Ci Shasha | Me

Olin was cutting her birthday cake

Happy Birthday Caroline~! ^^
Stay beautiful, and be more mature :*

I love its frame!

Photos taken by my camera Samsung NX300. 
If you want the original size (without watermark), just contact me girls! :)


Okay, that's all ^^\
Good night everybody!


I do appreciate every comment of yours :D
Thanks for visiting my blog! Enjoy~