Monday, August 5, 2013

The Saem Saemmul Tint Aqua [review]

안녕하세요 여러분~ Hello everyone ^^
Started from this week, I'll try to update my blog more often.. editing photos and writing posts as many as I can (while I have spare time) and publish them frequently ;) Hopefully I can do it well! *finger crossed*

I present to you.. another lip tint review.. ~
It's Saemmul Tint Aqua from The Saem, I got mine in Red :D

Simple, cute, tiny, and attractive enough. I like its polkadot pattern :)
Its packaging made from regular plastic.
Fortunately, I never experience any "leaking product" thing, just make sure that you close its cap securely.

Last May when I visited Korea, I randomly bought this lip tint because their BA said it was good >_< I couldn't resist it.. especially when I saw IU as their endorser.. *slapped*

이지은!! 너무 보고싶은! I want meet you personally someday >_<
Saemmul Aqua Tint has 3 variants of color:
01 Red
02 Pink
03 Orange

volume: 9.5ml
샘물 틴트 아쿠아 레드 리퓨

It has regular applicator, and I have no problem about this :P

I must say that it has runny and watery texture.. Just like its name "Aqua" :)
I love its texture! Doesn't gives bad stain on my lips either.

The lip tint's color is quite sheer and not too pigmented, it's really suitable for natural look.
It helps me create a natural makeup look without looked "too-much".

(I only applied it on inwards area of my lips)
Very natural isn't it? ^____^

Staying power
Just like another lip tint, it will fades after 2-4 hours :p
(It's pretty normal in my opinion)

What I love <3
+ Pretty colors
+ Cute packaging
+ Fresh and fruity scent
+ Watery texture
+ Not sticky
+ Pretty cheap

What I hate </3
- So-so staying power
- IMO It tastes quite weird when I lick it accidentally

Rating: 4/5
Repurchase? Maybe no, I want to try another lip tint ^^
Recommended? Yes!

What's your favorite lip tint? ^w^ 
Please let me know! Hehe
See ya on my next post ;)


  1. ohh~ i like this one! very natural! just a bit of color! i like that XD

  2. Baguss warnanya natural bangeet, eheheh
    Nice review

  3. hasilnya natural banget ya Shel..malah kayak ga keliatan pake liptint..
    fotd nya cantikkk ^_^

    1. iya kalo mau lbh keliatan, hrs apply agak banyakan hehe ^^
      thx u wie :D

  4. warnanya natural banget, ga terlalu ngejreng *o*
    btw rasanya aneh gmn ce? pait gitu tah?

    1. aku saranin coba lip tint face shop. ga pait dan baunya ga kaya obat kaya tony moli ;-)

  5. I have something like this...can it possible to use on cheeck too
    happy day

    NEW POST!!!
    The simple life of rich people BLOG

  6. Pas dipake warna merah nya g kliatan ya, cuma kliatan glossy... But, thanks for sharing ya.... ;)

  7. look natural :D
    hehe... come by my blog when you free.


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