Friday, August 2, 2013

Lola Box July!

Good afternoon everyone~ Sorry for the late post >.<
I received this Lola Box July few days ago! *thank you!* and finally I managed time to post about this monthly box :D

I believe many of you *especially beauty bloggers and makeup-junkies* know this monthly beauty box very well :) No need to explain, I guess? kekeke~

Let's see~ What I've got for Lola July?

The 4th edition of Lola Box, comes with simple and orang-ish theme box!

Let's unwrap it together~ ^^

warm letter from LolaBox Team ❤

When I opened the box, the most eye-catching product for me is the Sleek and Cracked-nail polish! *____*

So... I got...

1. Britney Spears Perfume | Radiance (sample size)
Every woman wonders what the future holds.. will she be happy? Will she find love? But it's the moment she realize that she has the power to decide her own fate that she is truly illuminated. Britney, poised and ready to choose her own destiny, take us on a captivating journey that leads to self discovery!
Price: IDR 520,000/30ml | IDR 675,000/50ml | IDR 825,000/100ml

2. Sleek Makeup Eye Dust | 687 Inferno
These little pots of pearlescent eyeshadow are loaded with a mica minerals to reflect the light for a high-impact finish. Use lighter shades as a highlighter on upper cheekbones, browbones or to highlight your cupid's bow

3. The Face Shop Face it Art Nails | Crack Collection
A self nail art that is fun and easy to use and gives the look of professional nail art! Check out our Lolamag at or video at and learn how to apply this awesome nail polish!
Price: IDR 119,000/11ml

4. JUARA | sample sizes
*seriously, I thought this brand is local brand! I was shocked when I know that this is USA brand. Juara means "winner" in Bahasa Indonesia ^^*

- Rice Facial Cleanser
- Sweet Black Tea and Rice Facial Moisturizer
- Sweet Black Tea Eye Cream

5. Black Hair Velcro
Beauty Editor's pick - "This is my best pal when applying makeup, it helps to hold my bangs up without leaving any dents or affecting my hair style

6. My Click House Facial Wash
Click House offers a wide range of permanent hair removal and instant skin rejuvination services using state-of-the-art technology (FDA/CE Approved) and offers modern skin products
Price: IDR 40,000/100ml
NB: My Click House is only available in Jakarta, Indonesia.

complete descriptions

My most favorite item of this Lola July is Face Shop Crack Nails, and my least favorite item is My Click House Facial Wash.. To be honest I'm not sure that I will try it ._.
This month's box content is not really impressive.. and hopefully I could try another great products in Lola Box in the future :)

Box Comparison

UPDATE 22/06/2015:
Unfortunately Lolabox has shut down their business last year :(

Okay, thanks for reading everyone!


  1. Shel (panggil nya gimana ni... shel apa bi? Hihihi) itu sleek nya km dpt yg light ya waranya? Jealous... aq dptnya gelap bener huuu

    1. Shel boleh, vi jg boleh ce XD haha
      oya? *.* Aku agak terang sih dptnya.. tp blm kucobain jg hehe

  2. i love this box so much!!
    do you actually swap with other blogger??

  3. Ce caranya buat langganan lolaboxnya gimana ya? Apa hrs pny poin tertentu baru bisa subscribe? Thank you ^o^


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