Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Etude House OMG! Dry Shampoo [review]

Who doesn't hate greasy and messy hair?
When I was in hectic days and unable to wash my hair on time, 
I usually use this OMG! Dry Shampoo from Etude House ^-^
(Well, it doesn't happens every time, just happens once or twice a month I think)

OMG! Dry Shampoo is a quick, convenient solution to those mornings where you wake up late leaving no time to wash your hair. It's also a great fix for oiliness during the day.
Formulated with Etude House's Anti-Sebum Complex, the OMG Dry Shampoo absorbs excess oil, keeping the scalp fresh and clean.
Volume: 50ml

It's pink, attractive and eye-catching! I love its pop-art style comic that printed on the packaging XD

Descriptions on the can
1. Shake well before use
2. Hold bottle 15~20cm away from head and spray onto scalp and hair
3. Massage into scalp with fingers and brush out thoroughly to re-style

This OMG Dry Shampoo has texture like "dry-loose powder" that will absorb excess oil on our scalp :3 Good bye bad hair day!

What I love <3
+ Easy to carry
+ Lessen greasiness on hair instantly
+ My hair become more manageable
+ Attractive packaging
+ Affordable
+ It doesn't has strong scent

What I hate </3
- Only last long for 3-5 hours after application (depends on your hair type)
- Only contains 50ml

Rating: 4/5
Repurchase? I want to try other dry shampoo from different brand ^^

Have you tried any dry shampoo?
What's your recommendation?
Thanks for reading ;)


  1. ohhhh~ i might have to try this one out! ive tried a couple of American ones and they were so-so. Doesn't eat up grease like I want it to O__O and one smells like bathroom. u know, like NICE bathroom, but i mean, its still bathroom. O__o

    1. LOL, really? XD
      but it depends on your hair type ^^ I have not-so greasy hair hehe

  2. Aku selalu penasaran sama si OMG ini secara botolnya emang lucu banget yah :) Aku pernah review dry shampoo yang dari Oscar Blandi dan lumayan oke juga itu hasilnya, tapi mahal hehe Jadi makin penasaran sama dry shampoo etude ini setelah baca reviewnya ;)

    Incase you want to read my Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo review: Oscar Blandi Invisible Dry Shampoo

    1. iya botolnya lucu bgt XD
      thx yaa reviewnya kak ^^ *meluncur ke TKP*

  3. ohhh trnyata fungsinya itu ya vee..
    aku bingung ini fungsinya buat apa sbnarnya.. XD
    thanx for sharing ^^

  4. it's interesting.. i think i have to try this too!

  5. wah kayaknya bagus ya ce, jd pengen nyoba juga~ tapi masalahnya rambutku di bagian akarnya berminyak banget, tapi di ujungnya kering >_<

  6. tried another brand of dry shampoo..ohh no way not a good one for my oily hair.


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