Sunday, November 30, 2014

Kracie Naïve Facial Cleansing Foam [review]

Hi fellas! :) Most of you might not know that I love green tea very much!
I love Japanese green tea (ocha) and matcha  Green tea brings many goodness for body and skin, and today I'm gonna review about a cleansing foam in Green Tea variant ^_^

To be specific, it's called Kracie Naive Facial Cleansing Foam for Oil Control & Pores Tightening (Green Tea). For your information, my actual skin type is normal-combination without large pores, so when I received this cleansing foam at the first time, I wish I can switch it to Peach variant, which is formulated for dry skin type XDD

Nevertheless, I still wanted to try this cleansing foam.
Don't you curious what will happen after I used this cleansing foam? :p

Naive cleansing foam

Its packaging made in plastic material with flip-top lid. Because mine is in green tea variant, its color is dominated with white and green :) with green tea leaf image on the front~
I guess Kracie has redesigned its cleansing foam design several times before, because if you google it, you will find many types of this cleansing foam's designs. Please CMIIW ^^

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Kracie Naïve Cleansing Oil [review]

As a beauty blogger, I know it's little bit embarrassing to admit that I never had full size cleansing oil for entire of my life. LOL. But yes I never had it because I don't do double-cleansing method like others bloggers do. In the past I have used several cleansing foam to cleanse BB cream but I never thought to buy a cleansing oil *so retarded* :p But hey I'm not that retarded, I've ever tried two cleansing oil products.. in trial samples, hehehe.

So please keep in mind that maybe I can't really do compare this cleansing oil with others, since this is my very first full-size cleansing oil product ^_^

Here I present to you, Kracie Naïve Cleansing Oil review 

Like common cleansing oil packaging, this Naive Cleansing Oil was made in transparent plastic material and comes with pump-dispenser. The plastic material is quite sturdy, and secured with pump seal to prevent spill-out during shipment :) Its color is dominated with light blue and yellow.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Rapunzel Milk Shampoo & Conditioner by Little Baby [review]

Hello everyone! Here I am with another hair care product review ^_^
Today, I'm gonna share a review about Rapunzel Milk Shampoo and Rapunzel Milk Conditioner from Little Baby, Thailand. I have reviewed some of their products on my previous posts, and I will attach the review links at the end of this post ^^

These Rapunzel Milk Shampoo & Conditioner come in long-width box, with triangular shape on the top, kinda reminds me with Tetra Pack milk packaging. The first thing that really makes me annoyed is, colors combination for its design .___. really not a good combination...
*anak desain yang super cerewet LOL*

Rapunzel Milk Conditioner
I do hope Little Baby will improve their packaging dear for these duo in near future. Why they had to use white color over pastel color like mint and cream color? Use darker color puh-leaseee >_<
Anyway the illustration of Rapunzel is so simple yet attractive. Do these shampoo & conditioner really make my hair grow faster and longer? Let's see~ :D

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Blossom Baby Base by Little Baby [review]

Hello everyone! It's me again, with another review about Little Baby product! :D What's make up base that you are currently using? I remember that my last makeup base was Etude House Magic Any Cushion (REVIEW) and since it's quite pricey, I would like to introduce you another alternative makeup base~

I have reviewed about Little Baby's Macaron Lip Balm and Body White Cream before, and I love the Body White Cream~ Feel free to read the reviews HERE and HERE ;)
Would this make up base works on me as well? Let's see..

Blossom Baby Base by Little Baby

Blossom Baby Base by Little Baby
What is it?
/ Apa sih ini? /

Basically it's a make up base for brightening effect. Available in two sizes, in 10 gr and 30 gr.
The 30 gr size (upgraded version) already contains SPF. This product was made in Thailand and contains grape seed extracts.

Pada dasarnya ini adalah make up base yang mengandung efek untuk mencerahkan. Tersedia dalam 2 ukuran, dalam 10 gr dan 30 gr. Untuk ukuran yang 30gr (yang versi lebih baru) juga mengandung perlindungan terhadap matahari. Produk ini dibuat di Thailand dan mengandung ekstrak biji anggur.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Body White Cream by Little Baby [review]

Hello guys! I guess when you read this blog post title, you might ask "what is Little Baby?" Yeah, I know that there's still a lot people who doesn't know about this Thailand Skin Care brand :)
If you are interested to read more reviews about Little Baby, just wait for me to finish them all hehe.

First of all, let me share to you this cutie one :)
Body White Cream by Little Baby~

PS: If you are one of my international readers (and want to know my throughout review about this product) please kindly use the "translate" button on the sidebar :) Or if you still have any question, please ask me on the comment section. Many thanks!

Body White Cream by Little Baby
What is it?
/ Apa sih ini? /

Berbeda dengan body lotion, body cream ini memiliki tekstur dan konsistensi yang lebih padat dibandingkan body lotion namun lebih encer dibandingkan body butter. Little Baby juga menghadirkan body cream dengan nama Body White Cream. 

You may think, whitening body cream, again? Yes. I wonder why Thailand people is kinda obsessed with white skin (just like Indonesian) XD LOL. 

Friday, November 14, 2014

SkinLife Foaming Facial Wash [review]

Hello my lovely readers!
Baru-baru ini aku telah menghabiskan cleansing foam terakhirku yang sudah pernah aku review di SINI, awalnya agak bingung mau ganti cleansing foam apa lagi setelah ini.. Tapi untunglah detik-detik menjelang cleansing foamku habis, NIHONMART  berbaik hati mengirimkanku produk ini untuk dicoba ^__^ Thank you NihonMart! 

Sebenarnya aku sudah tau tentang produk ini sejak lama, tapi belum kesampaian untuk mencoba karena produk-produk lama masih belum habis XD Tapi akhirnya memang jodoh ngga kemana-mana, kesampaian juga nyobain facial wash yang satu ini...
Dan inilah dia SkinLife Foaming Facial Wash! *drumroll*

PS: If you are one of my international readers (and want to know my throughout review about this product) please kindly use the "translate" button on the sidebar :) Or if you still have any question, please ask me on the comment section. Many thanks!

/ Deskripsi Produk /

Ini adalah facial wash berbentuk foam yang berguna untuk:
- Membersihkan dan mengurangi minyak
- Menyamarkan bekas acne sehingga wajah tampak lebih cerah berseri
- Memberikan kelembaban dan mengencangkan kulit
- Membuat kulit halus dan memperkecil pori
- Melembutkan dan mengangkat sel kulit mati di sekitar pori-pori yang menyumbabkan pori pori dan meninggalkan kulit halus

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Lineage Spa Surabaya [Review]

Hello everyone! ^___^
Few weeks ago, a representative from Lineage Mom & Baby Medical Spa contacted me and offered spa treatment for me and my two blogger friends. I initially was not familiar with the Lineage Spa name (I even didn't notice that Lineage is a Mom & Baby Spa, till I googled their address on google maps).

As soon as I saw their room photos (on their e-mail), I got hooked immediately and become so interested to accept their offer ;p LOL. You'll find out the reason later, keep scrolling and reading ;)

Halo semuanya ^__^ Beberapa minggu yang lalu, representatif dari Lineage Mom & Baby Medical Spa menghubungiku dan menawari perawatan spa untuk ku dan dua teman bloggerku. Pertamanya aku juga ngga familiar dengan nama Lineage Spa (aku bahkan baru sadar kalo Lineage ini adalah Spa yang spesialisasinya untuk Ibu dan Anak, hingga aku cari alamat mereka di google).

Saat aku melihat foto-foto ruangan mereka (di e-mail), aku langsung tertarik dan menerima tawaran mereka ;p Kalian akan tau sendiri alasannya nanti hehe, baca terus ya ;)

lineage spa bogowonto

I was wondering how come they found out my blog, but thanks to anyone who has introduced my blog to them ^_^ hehe. Since Lineage Spa has limited rooms and limited therapists, I only could invited 2 blogger friends of mine at the moment. I asked some my blogger friends if they could join me or not, and later Lala and Widya decided to join me ;)

We're visiting the Lineage Spa on Saturday, 8 November 2014. Yes, it just passed few days ago and I tried to blog about my Spa experience there, as soon as possible, before I forgot the details, LOL :p Just kidding.. I'm just too excited to share this to you guys!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Etude House Drawing Eye Brow [review]

Hello guyssss.. today I'm gonna share a review about eyebrow product! ;)
I remember when I started to learn about makeup few years back, eyebrow product is one of the least makeup products that I purchase regularly. I have natural thick and messy eyebrows and I didn't expect that I would need some eyebrow products, I was like.. What? I already have thick eyebrows, I don't have "canvas" (thin eyebrows) to begin with, so why I had to buy one? '_'

Later on I realized that I need eyebrow grooming in order to make my messy eyebrows look better, neater and be more appealing. That decision led me into a situation that required me to pluck, trim and at the end.. re-define my eyebrows! *_*

Eyebrow product that I love recently is Etude House Drawing Eyebrow!
I know that this product isn't new anymore, but it's my currently HG eyebrow product ^.^

Silky smooth eyebrow pencil fills in, defines and shapes brows to perfection.
Ultra-fine tip lightly deposits pigments, mimicking actual brow hair for a natural look that highlights the sparkle of your eyes. For natural looking brows, apply liner with precise and short strokes, following the natural growth of your brows.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Face Shop Jewel Therapy Water Jelly Essence [review]

Hi my lovely readers! I'd like to announce you my current favorite hair essence, in mist form!
It is from The Face Shop, named Jewel Therapy Water Jelly Essence 
쥬얼 테라피 워터 젤리 에센스

I bought this hair mist last year, when I visited Korea. But I just tried it few months ago :p
Let's see the details about this hair essence, shall we?
I lost its cap somewhere T_T
This gel hair type water essence moisturizers dry and lackluster hair with its five jewel ingredients (Jade powder 0.3ppm, amethyst powder 0.33ppm, tourmaline 0.33ppm, pearl powder 0.33ppm and diamond powder 0.001ppm), rich in minerals and moisture. 

Content: 200ml