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Kracie Naïve Cleansing Oil [review]

As a beauty blogger, I know it's little bit embarrassing to admit that I never had full size cleansing oil for entire of my life. LOL. But yes I never had it because I don't do double-cleansing method like others bloggers do. In the past I have used several cleansing foam to cleanse BB cream but I never thought to buy a cleansing oil *so retarded* :p But hey I'm not that retarded, I've ever tried two cleansing oil products.. in trial samples, hehehe.

So please keep in mind that maybe I can't really do compare this cleansing oil with others, since this is my very first full-size cleansing oil product ^_^

Here I present to you, Kracie Naïve Cleansing Oil review 

Like common cleansing oil packaging, this Naive Cleansing Oil was made in transparent plastic material and comes with pump-dispenser. The plastic material is quite sturdy, and secured with pump seal to prevent spill-out during shipment :) Its color is dominated with light blue and yellow.

japanese cleansing oil, japanese skin care

A cleansing oil that able to cleanse face from foundation, makeup, and mascara easily and quickly, while keep your skin well-moisturized. Cleansing express and perfectly remove your make up. Can be applied with wet hands.

Content: 250ml

Price: IDR 80,500 - 105,000
(depends on where you buy it)

can you kindly read this for me? >_< LOL
 Manufactured by Kracie Home Products, Lt., Japan
Imported & distributed by
PT. Hoyu Indonesia


I'm also currently trying their cleansing foam at the moment, I'll post the review as soon as possible ;)

Keunggulan Kracie Cleansing Oil:
• Dapat mengangkat kotoran wajah dengan baik
• Dapat mengangkat kotoran pada pori-pori
• Dapat membersihkan foundation dengan baik
• Dapat mengangkat maskara dan lipstik dengan sempurna
• Dapat digunakan dengan tangan yang dalam keadaan basah

1. Speedy Cleansing Formula (Formula Pembersih yang Cepat)
Naïve dapat menyatu cepat dengan kulit meskipun kulit basah dan dapat membersihkan menyeluruh. Juga mudah dibilas dan kulit tetap lembut dan cerah.

2. Sunflower Seed Oil (Minyak Biji Bunga Matahari)
Menjaga kulit tetap lembut tanpa membuang bagian yang penting pada kulit.

3. Olive Oil (minyak zaitun)
Membersihkan maskara dan kotoran dalam satu langkah mudah

kracie naive cleansing oil
descriptions in Bahasa Indonesia
How to use?
Pump 4 times of this cleansing oil onto palm of your hand for one time usage. Apply it and massage your face gently can be used to remove mascara and eye makeup. Rinse it off with clean water.
30 seconds is time needed for light makeup to be removed.

Kracie, Naive, Cleansing Oil
pull-out the seal pump and you can start to use this product
If you're planning to bring this cleansing foam travelling, you should not lose its seal, unless you are intend to transfer it into smaller container :) Its seal-pump is so useful to avoid any spill.

Why my palm of hand looks so wrinkly? ._.
 Texture & Scent
Its texture is quite impressive, just like clear water with semi-thick consistency. It feels so light and doesn't leave greasy feeling on the hands ^__^  It doesn't sting my eyes, it's colorless, almost has no scent. I don't know how to describe its scent, but it scent literally doesn't bothers me and it's definitely not an artificial / chemical scent that I hate most.

must try skin care product
This cleansing oil does great job in cleansing makeup effortlessly :O
I guess I'm falling in love with cleansing oil! Especially when it doesn't leave greasy or sticky feeling at all. This product is almost perfect, if only it doesn't contains mineral oil >__< Some people might not like mineral oil because it can trigger acne. But so far it doesn't trigger acne on my face (Thanks God). Don't forget to cleanse your face with your regular cleansing foam right after using this cleansing oil.

Pros (+)
+ Can cleanse makeup very well
+ Fast, effective and efficient
+ Doesn't stings eyes
+ No annoying scent
+ Doesn't cause skin drying
+ Easy to use
+ Can be applied with wet hands
+ Alcohol free

Cons (-)
- Contains mineral oil :s
- Currently their products are only available in big cities (in Indonesia)


Kracie Products are available in:
Guardian, Century, Watsons, Diamond, Farmers, Foodhall, Grand Lucky, Papaya & Ranch Market.

This product was provided by Kawaii Beauty Japan for review purpose.
Thank you KBJ team :)


Thanks for reading everyone :D
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  1. nice review shel..packagingnya lucu yaa..isinya banyak juga
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  2. Lol , sama ci aku jg gk pernah nyoba cleansing oil dlm full size.
    Maybe, ini bkalan masuk ke wishlist.
    D guardian ad ya ci? Ntar kl ad wktu mau ngubek2 Guardian. .


    1. hahaha *toss* :P :P
      iya ada ^^ tp aku sndiri blm tau pasti krn belum ngubek2 guardian di kotaku

  3. kayaknya manjur banget cleansingnya ^^

  4. nice!!! lumayan harganya buat cleansing oil ukuran segitu, makasi^^

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    Lumayan buat dicoba,harganya juga gk mahal ya......nice post shel

    1. aku juga kaget harganya segitu linn..
      thank you uda mampir ya ^^

  6. Menggiurkan banget sih, Vee.. Nggak mahal pula >.<
    Di Jogja dah ada belum ya :|

  7. too bad it has mineral oil. but a ton of cleansing oils have them. O_o thanks for the good review, dear.

    Chie | The Brown Eyed Fox

    1. Really? :O
      Thanks for the information as well, Chie!
      You're welcome :D

  8. lagi cari-cari cleansing oil yg bagus nih ce, soalnya bosen sama make up remover mulu ..
    keknya ini bisa jadi pilihan, thanks for review :3

  9. waaaa langsung bersih cling yaa
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  10. Harganya lumayan terjangkau ya.. Cleansing oil sekarang mahal-mahal..
    Jadi pengen nyoba..

  11. Wah harganya lumayan terjangkau nih. Jadi pengen coba!!! Eh akhir-akhir ini sering banget review cleanser ya? hehehe

  12. Kapan hari liat di Hero ada, next time cobain aahhh....
    Btw, thanks reviewnya ya...


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