Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Face Shop Jewel Therapy Water Jelly Essence [review]

Hi my lovely readers! I'd like to announce you my current favorite hair essence, in mist form!
It is from The Face Shop, named Jewel Therapy Water Jelly Essence 
쥬얼 테라피 워터 젤리 에센스

I bought this hair mist last year, when I visited Korea. But I just tried it few months ago :p
Let's see the details about this hair essence, shall we?
I lost its cap somewhere T_T
This gel hair type water essence moisturizers dry and lackluster hair with its five jewel ingredients (Jade powder 0.3ppm, amethyst powder 0.33ppm, tourmaline 0.33ppm, pearl powder 0.33ppm and diamond powder 0.001ppm), rich in minerals and moisture. 

Content: 200ml

commercial pic

It's packaged in regular hair mist bottle, with 19cm tall. Made in plastic material and dominated with soothing purple color. It comes in pump and its pump works very well so far :)
This product's packaging isn't bulky and can be inserted easily into any purse

I forgot its exact price. I think it's around 5,500-6,500 원.
Pretty affordable, isn't it? ^__^
If it's sold in Indonesia, maybe its retail is around IDR 75.000-100.000 in online shop.

How to use?
Hold the product 10mm from the hair or spray the product on the palm of the hand and then apply evenly to the hair.

Scent & Texture
It's quite fragrant yet not overwhelming. I don't know what kind of scent it is :s But its scent absolutely doesn't bothers me :) About its texture, once it sprays onto palm of my hand, it doesn't different with regular hair mist's texture. A little bit sticky on my hand, but I think it's pretty normal.

I love this hair mist! It doesn't make my hair stickier or greasier. It could be absorbed well into my hair strands. My hair become more manageable :D I doesn't see any impressive result for my split-ends hair though, but overall it's a nice hair mist~ I will probably repurchase it in the future (if I'm not get tempted by other products, LOL)

Pros (+)
+ Nice scent
+ Affordable price
+ Makes my hair become more manageable
+ Slim and not bulky
+ Good for styling bad hair day

Cons (-)
- Its cap is little bit loose


I think that's all :D
Thanks for reading everyone!

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Until next time. xx


  1. sama silk scarf nya etude bagus mana ce ?

    1. Hmmm mirip2 wid :p
      berhubung aku pake silk scarf nya udah mayan lama, jd agak lupa haha

  2. thanks for the review! i normally do not buy hair products but may give this product a go.

    Chie | The Brown Eyed Fox

  3. Wah harganya lumayan murah yaa ce.. Kayaknya ini lumayan oke ya, jadi pengen nyoba juga soalnya rambutku susah diatur >< Thanks for the review ce Shelvi ^^

  4. Resultnya setelah pake ngefek buat rambut frizzy gak ci?

    1. Hhmm mksnya rmbut kriting?
      yg jelas jadi lebih mudah diatur sih ^^

  5. Great review!! Looks like a product I'd love to use ^^

    恵美より ♥

  6. Replies
    1. Lbh melembabkan lucido-l, tp yg ini ga bikin tangan jd minyakan :p

  7. Packagingnya malah ingetin ke bodyshop ya ^^


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