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Etude House Precious Mineral Magic Any Cushion [review]

I'm so excited to share this review for you guyyyssss!
You might have known about this product before.. This is the latest product of Etude House, which is launched in Spring 2014 \(^____^)/ 
Etude House Precious Mineral Magic Any Cushion [진주알 맑은 매직 애니쿠션]
I'm so thankful for being one of 30 lucky girls from Etude House Global's event and could tried this magic cushion before it released officially! 

Okay, brace yourself.. because this review may poisonous :p

The packaging is similar with the Precious Mineral Any Cushion, with refillable cushion inside. The pact is consist of mirror, puff, separator and the cushion itself :D For the design.. I could say its design is quite simple and not so cute compared than other's Etude House product >_<

The Precious Mineral Magic Any Cushion comes in 3 color-correcting variants: Magic PeachMagic Pink and Magic Mint. Have you tried their previous Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base?

Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base
They are basically Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base in compact cushion versions, also comes in three colors-selections with different function for different skin tone/problems:
  • Magic Peach - for dull/yellowish skin tone
  • Magic Pink - for pale/porcelain skin tone
  • Magic Mint - for reddish skin tone
In short, Magic Any Cushion is a MAKEUP BASE in pact :D
It called as Magic Any Cushion due to its ability to covers imperfections of our skin tones!

The commercial pictures:
3 different colors, 3 different shades, 3 different problem solved!

The Magic Any Cushion retails 28,000 18,000 원 in Korea (is it promotional price?)
It sold in Indonesia with price range IDR 220,000-280,000 via online store.
I consider its price is quite pricey IMHO x__x
Meanwhile, the refill retails 10,000 원 each.
If yours is starting to run out, just simply purchase their refill cushion ;)
image credit:

Precious Mineral Magic Any Cushion SPF34/PA++
I got mine in Magic Pink 

The descriptions in hangeul, click to enlarge the image :)

This Magic Cushion Pact makes skin transparent and bright with a lovely magic base color that covers imperfections of any skin type.
Content: 15g

How to use?
Pick up certain amount of contents with puff and spread evenly by lightly patting onto skin

It doesn't contains paraben and mineral oil, but unfortunately it still contains a bit of alcohol and fragrance.
Anyway, I found an ingredient named "Mother of Pearl" right before the alcohol word XD (3 last rows)
Seriously what is that?? LOL

When you open it, you can see the mirror, puff and separator inside :)
So convenient, practical and hygienic in my opinion 

Open the seal to use this Magic Any Cushion, I have translated the hangeul for you guys :p
Hopefully I didn't do many mistakes ㅋㅋㅋ

Pardon my lighting -_- the cushion's color looks like peach color rather than pink, actually it's pink in real life! Similar with other cushions, the surface of this cushion resembles with moon's crater :)

You know what? Its scent is soooo good ^___^ Kind of floral scent, not too strong and absolutely doesn't bothers me at all :D The scent fades few second after applied onto my skin.
Well, I haven't tried the original Any Cushion yet, so I can't compare them >_< Sorry

How to Replace the Cushion
This is how you push the cushion and change it with new cushion (in case yours has run out)
Have I mentioned that the cushion is refillable? You may purchase the refill separately :D Cool, isn't it?
The refill itself is sold for 10,000 원 in Korea.

Color system and swatches:

image credit
As you can see.. there are three different colors to neutralize skin tone problems. 
Since I have porcelain (a bit yellowish) skin, the Magic Pink is definitely suitable for me :)

Texture & Finish
I feels nothing when wearing this Magic Any Cushion. The texture is smooth, spread easily onto my face ^_^
It generates healthy glowing skin with dewy finish. Not greasy nor sticky on my skin.

Pick up certain amount of the contents~ spread evenly by lightly patting onto skin :)

How it looks on my face
With Magic Any Cushion only 
FYI, I didn't apply it much on my neck, you may notice that my face skin is a bit brighter than my neck skin, isn't it? :p My face skin instantly becomes brighter and look healthier ^_^

Well, please excuse my sparse brow -_- I totally forgot to fill in my brow during this photoshoot, LOL.
I only wear Magic Any Cushion XD

Overall thoughts
I start to fall in love with this Magic Any Cushion 
Not only could makes my skin tone becomes instantly brighter... I also can skip sunscreen because this Magic Any Cushion has high SPF ^^ Moreover, Magic Any Cushion is able to makes my BB cream stay longer! I just tested it out. I used my Holika Holika Aqua Petit BB Cream and Magic Any Cushion underneath.. Guess what? My BB cream long last for around 7-9 hours on my face XD Happy or not?

What I love 
+ Available in 3 different shades for 3 different skin tone problems
+ Good texture and consistency
+ Not cakey
+ Dewy finish
+ So convenient & practical
+ Makeup base & sunscreen in one pact
+ Makes BB cream stay 3-4 hours longer than usual
(of course it depends on your skin type and weather :))
+ Cooling effect during application (few seconds XD)
+ Available in refills ^_^

What I hate :/
- Quite pricey
- The content is only 15g


너무 감사합니다 에뛰드 

Magic Any Cushion Full CF

Visit their official Facebook page to know their latest news^___^

Korean Site:
Official Fanpage:
Global Site:

Thanks for reading and hopefully this review is helpful enough :D
Bye byeeee~ 안녕~~


  1. aaa, yg magic mint kyknya baguss. jadi ga sabar nunggu ^^

    1. order yg magic mint ya? ^^ ditunggu reviewnya yaa

    2. Haha ga kok,ga order... mau tunggu barangnya keluar di toko ajaa^^

  2. bagus bangettt, aduh jadi makin keracunan lol
    makasih reviewnya ce ^__^

  3. Racun banget veee. Any cushion yg bb crram aja blm coba T_T

    Nice review vee ^_^

    1. iyaa sama ci >_< aku jg blm prnh coba yg any cushion
      thank you <3

  4. aaaaakkkkkkk >.< kamu raccuuuuunnn huhuhuuu btw nice review shel, berhasil meracuni aku hahahaaa

    1. XD wkwk asik berhasil meracuni c winda! lalala~

  5. review pertamax shel!!
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    thanks shel racunnya :p

    1. aku keduax kayaknya wie XD ada yg prnh review tp baru 1 org sih wkwk
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  6. Waaah kayaknya bagus nih, kalo aku order yg magic mint ce :3

  7. cepet2 yang udah order dan nyampe mau tau hasilnya, penasaran sama yg mint :3
    btw, gimana sama daerah yang berminyak? bertahan kah ci?

    1. hahaha XD
      hmmm yg kyk t-zone gitu lbh cpt oily sih.. tp ga terlalu jauh bedanya :)

  8. aku baru order yg warna peach, btw kalo gak pake bb cream lg kira2 bagus gak ya?

    1. hmmm berhubung dia ini makeup base, kurasa ttp hrs pake bb cream ^_^ soalnya dia kan bukan cc cream

  9. keren bgt ci, blom kluar produknya udah d review ajah! XD penasaran deh ama yg mint :3 warna packagingnya lucu2~

    1. udah kluar kok di korea hehe ^^
      thanks for reading :D

  10. ini racunnn lucu gitu packagingnya kaya macaroon >_<

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    1. Praise The Lord ^^
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  13. super perfect review!!!! :D :D thankssss vee :*

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  14. aaaahh, jadi pengen nyobaaaa >,<
    wanginya bunga2 gitu ya, sama ky any cushion berarti, aku kira bakalan sama wanginya ky baby choux yg wanginya bikin laper lol

    1. oya? any cushion jg floral ya? ^^
      thx for reading ;)

  15. Aaah kemasan Etude House ini emang gak pernah gagal, selalu cute dan menarik. Jadinya natural yaah, pas bgt warnanya ama kulitmu. Review racun alert >_< hahaha

  16. Whilst the beauty blogger all over the world are talking about cushion type cream, I'm still with my compact cream. Etude's looks nice but somehow it'll look cakey later on or too white for my skin. I've tried the cupcake base before but wasn't too pleased with it. It's great that you like it :)

    1. Too bad Etude's BB cream/ CC cream/ Any Cushion still limited in shade :(
      thanks for stopping by, Mizu :)

  17. I also got to try this out and I had the opposite experience of you! I'm glad you liked it, but for me it did not work out at all. My honest review can be found here :

  18. ah bener ce! pricey dan cuma 15 gr :'(
    btw ce.. gimana sih caranya bikin dashed lines (bukan dotted line) ? :'(
    please help me juseyooo ^0^)b
    suscribed comment :D thank you ci! ^_^

    1. iyaa isinya dikit >_< haha
      PM di fb aja ya jess =D

  19. Whaa it looks good on you ^^ I'm so glad you got chosen as well ~ And woow your skin is flawless ;W; I'm jealous hahaha XD

  20. oh yes yes yes me too love this in berry!! Kemaren itu nyobain sampelannya and I could say it's the best base I've ever tried!! X)

  21. Hi! I was just wondering whether you received your gift from Etude house for sending back the survey and the photos? I never received anything :(

  22. That looks pretty awesome. Thank you for sharing!

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    1. ini pke mirrorless samsung NX300 :D
      Iya pake photoshop ^^

  24. next time i hit the etude house i would totally went for this,it doesn't make our face cakey and it looks natural ^_^ thanks for the great review! it's very helpful <3

  25. Etude arrives with a lot products <3 this is too cutee!

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