Monday, March 10, 2014

Girl's Generation - "Mr.Mr" Inspired Makeup Collaboration!

안녕하세요 친구들! Hello fellas! :D
This is special post about my recent collaboration with my fellow pretty bloggers! (≧◡≦)
Have you watched or listened to SNSD a.k.a Girl's Generation new song Mr.Mr?
Actually I've no interest with this song after listened it for first time.. because the song is kinda flat compared to their previous hit songs.. BUT now I started to like this song after watched its MV few times!

IMHO The concept is quite unique.. I love their concept, wardrobe and absolutely their makeup!
They're look so mature, classy, elegant, stunning and gorgeous! :)

소녀시대 - 미스터미스터
Girl's Generation (SNSD) - Mr. Mr

I took a part in Jessica makeup ^___^
I love Jessica's makeup in Mr.Mr MV.. her stunning eye makeup and pink lipstick!

I've observed her makeup.. and I think she has three different makeup looks for this MV..
I was confused to choose one out of three makeup looks >___<
Finally, I decided to imitate her makeup look in these scenes..

Are you ready to see Jessica Mr.Mr Inspired Makeup Tutorial? ^_^
Let's get started!

click to enlarge the image

Product that I used:
★ Face 
Collection Collection Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Powder

★ Eyes 
MakeOver Eyeliner Pencil Brown Latte
Pixy Perfect Eyeliner (new packaging)
Ultraflesh Shinebox (Secret Shimmer)

★ Lips 
 Nivea Essential Care Lip Balm
BH Cosmetics 32 Color Palette Lip Color


My Makeup Look Result

To be honest, I don't feel that I have copied Jessica makeup look successfully T___T
The result is quite failed and little bit out of my expectation... :(

Currently I have no black gel eyeliner (I only have brown & gray gel eyelienr) and I had to substituted gel liner's role with my MakeOver eyeliner pencil >____<" 
The blending process was quite hard and aarghhh..
at the end my makeup look result becomes so different with Jessica's T___T

Moreover, I have different hairstyle from Jessica and I have no similar outfit like hers.. :(

Ini kayak wajah orang bengong... OTL

What do you think about my Jessica Inspired Makeup?
I know that the result isn't similar at all T___T I still need to practice more!
It's okay :'D Practice makes perfect, isn't it?

♥ Bloggers who participated 
(Sort by alphabetic)

Jessica - Xiao Vee a.k.a Shelvi

Hyoyeon - Luna a.ka 신은비

Sooyoung - Bella

Taeyeon - Nita

Thank you for this nice collaboration, fellas! ^___^ 
If you have posted your blog post, please do comment below so I can update your blog url into your direct blog post url! =D
Special thanks to Kak Sasya & Nita (^ε^ ) 고마워요~

Thanks for reading everyone!
Hopefully this tutorial won't disappoint you so much T___T
See ya on my next post! (ˆ▽ˆ)



  1. kamu lucu bwangettt mau aku culik gaaakk? XD
    cakepppps ♥

    1. hahaha makasihh gita cantikk XD
      bolehh2, ayo pergi jalan2 git :3 wkwk

  2. aww you look cute as always!! :)
    i really like your eye makeup

    Join my GIVEAWAY :)

  3. knp dirimu tak liat2 semakin hari semakin cute ya ce? >w<
    aku jg bikin yg ini tapi sama2 gak miripnya juga wkwk xD

    1. efek makeup dan angle la? XD hahaha
      iyaaa, jessica terlalu cantik T_T wkwk

  4. Slalu suka deh tutorial cc <3
    Jelas dan enak diliat :D

    1. hehe makasihh jess ^^ <3
      masih perlu banyak yg harus diperbaiki nih >_<

  5. tetep cantik kok ce >.<
    dan aku suka warna lipsticknya :D


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