Friday, March 7, 2014

Photoshop Beginner: How to Whiten Yellowish Teeth with Photoshop

Do you have yellowish teeth? Give me high five! (ノ^_^)ノ
Well, of course I do! I've been wanting for teeth whitening for long time ago, but I have to wait till I remove my braces (‾^‾)>
Teeth discoloration and yellowish teeth is commonly happened to most of human, I believe.
Teeth discoloration causes are foods/drink, tobacco use, poor dental hygiene, disease, medication, genetics, advancing age and many more! So, having yellowish teeth isn't a sin :p

Today's topic is: 
How to Whiten Yellowish Teeth with Photoshop
Of course you can find many similar topics on internet ^_^
I've chosen the easiest way to you~ ;)
NOW, Open your Adobe Photoshop, and PRACTICE!

Program: I use Adobe Photoshop CS6
(you can use older version ^_^)
Image credit: wikihow

Original image:
mouse right-click: open image in new tab + save



Step 1
I recommend you to work on copied image instead of original image, so if there's any mistake you still have original image :). How to duplicate image? Ctrl+ J

Step 2
Use Magic Wand Tool from Tools Box
Make an appropriate selection. Hold shift and click-click-click on desired area.
(in this case, make a proper selection of yellowish teeth)

Selection process is done, let's jump into next step!

Step 3
If you have learned from my previous tutorial, you should've familiar with Hue/Saturation ;)
Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation > Change 'Master' with 'Yellows'
> increase lightness level (I tried on '60')

PS: Don't forget to tick Preview box, so you can estimate if you have make right adjusment
Jangan lupa previewnya dicentang, biar bisa tau kira-kira adjustmentnya udah cukup belom :p


Pretty Easy, isn't it? ^__^

Practice makes perfect!
If your image isn't sharp enough, you have to play with 'Pen tool' and 'Eraser tool'
(It's more complicated than this, I'm not good at doing a Photoshop tutorial XD)

Let's take a look again~
Before and after ;) Much better, isn't it?

What do you think? ^___^
Now you can work on your own photo ;)
Hopefully you find this tutorial helpful enough!

PS: Do you have any request? I will fulfill your request if I can XD
Thanks for reading and see ya on my next post
Bye bye!╭(^▽^)╯


  1. Nice tutor ce! Hoho.. ^^
    Masukan boleh ya ce? Hehe.. Mgkn utk ke Hue/saturation spy lbh cepatnya bisa tekan icon bulet separoh hitam-separoh putih di bagian bwh kolom layers (F7).. ^^

    1. ah iya, baru inget di situ jg ada ^^ thx masukannya vit

  2. keren! tapi aku sendiri masih belum bisa pake photoshop, kalo edit photo masih pake yang basic2 aja :D

    1. ayo sama2 belajar ^^ aku jg masih belajaran hehe

  3. nice post vee xD
    tapi sayangnya aku jarang senyum keliatan gigi hahaha..

    1. ayo sekali2 senyum keliatan gigi nen XD
      pasti tambah cantik :3

  4. Oh very useful tutorial!

  5. Oh this is very good to know! Thanks for sharing!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  6. mantap sharingnya, mak.. nanti aku coba ah bikin gigiku makin kinclong. hihih

  7. <3 love your new photoshop tutorials :))

  8. Oh you're so good with photoshop ^^ Sweet!

    恵美より ♥

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