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Diary of My Braces (Part 5): Farewell Braces! :D What's Next?

Hello everyone! I'd like to welcome my new followers ^___^ Hopefully you'll enjoy my blog!
For my old followers and my loyal readers, supposedly all of you have known that I used braces since February 2012 :) and FINALLY my braces have taken off last month :'D


It's such a long journey (long enough for me).. I used these lovely braces for around 28 months, doing monthly control routinely and this is the result of my effort :'D
pasang behel di Surabaya, pasang behel bagus di Surabaya, dokter ortodontis Surabaya, Pengalaman pasang behel
My braces was taken off on 18 June 2014..
I took few hours to write down this post, because it becomes slightly longer than I've expected. LOL.
Please continue to read if you're interested ^^

Since I didn't record anything during the braces removal, I will show you its process from Youtube ^^
How to take braces off:

How it feels? Personally for me, the process itself was quite fast and not painful at all :)
It was done easily by Bracket Remover Tool.. The process was like... pressuring and pulling activities.. LOL. Overall, I have no complain about the braces removal process ^__^

Before show you the result..I want to remind you how I used to be..
(just in case you forgot it XD)

You may read my previous post to understand the whole process better :)
If you have any question, please read these posts first.. Maybe those answers were on these posts already..

(PS: Sorry for my awful English grammars >__<)

. . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . .

Are you ready? ;)

. . . . . . . . .


pasang behel di Surabaya, pasang behel bagus di Surabaya, dokter ortodontis Surabaya, Pengalaman pasang behel
I've waiting for this moment! Finally it came! ^____^
Farewell braces.. I'm not gonna miss you 
I'm thankful for all process and it succeed enough :)

You might wonder.. what is retainer? Let me introduce you... :)
pasang behel di Surabaya, pasang behel bagus di Surabaya, dokter ortodontis Surabaya, Pengalaman pasang behel
Orthodontic Retainers are custom-made devices, usually made of wires or clear plastic, that hold teeth in position after surgery or any method realigning teeth. They are most often used before or after dental braces to keep teeth in position while assisting the adjustment of the surrounding gums to changes in the bone. Most patients are required to wear their retainer(s) every night at first, with many also being directed to wear them during the day - at least initially. There are four types of retainers typically prescribed by orthodontists and dentists: Hawley, Essix, Zendura, and Bonded (Fixed) retainers
(source: )

1. Clear Retainer
It also called as Invisible Retainer or Vacuum Formed Retainer. Clear retainer is thin braces made from a sheet of clear plastic, which looks similar to a gum shield in shape. It reminds me with Invisalign :p My orthodontist didn't recommend me to use this clear retainer, because it's not as effective as the steel wire retainer, and can be broken easier.

2. Steel Wire Retainer
The most common retainer that patients often use. Steel wire retainer or Hawley Retainer is a removable braces made from plastic and stainless steel wire. This retainer is used to keep teeth straight after the orthodontics braces are removed.

3. Bonded Wire Retainer
A bonded wire retainer is a small wire glued to the inside of the top or bottom front teeth, it's glued permanently to retain or hold the shape of teeth. Fixed retainer needs extra care when cleaning teeth and wire retainer.

4. Bonded Fibre Retainer
A bonded fibreglass retainer is a tooth coloured strip of material fixed to the inside of your bottom or top front teeth. The bonded fibreglass retainer works as a support to the teeth to prevent them moving out of line after the removal of a brace. The fibreglass adds strength to the composite filling material that is used. It makes it rigid enough to hold the teeth straight.
The bonded fibreglass retainer will not cause any damage but poor dental hygiene around the retainer will. Poor cleaning and too many fizzy drinks can cause permanent decay marks.

Above all options, I used steel wire retainer, in order to retain the shape of my teeth in current shape :)
pasang behel di Surabaya, pasang behel bagus di Surabaya, dokter ortodontis Surabaya, Pengalaman pasang behel
With retainer on, I can't talk properly >___< Haha.
My orthodontist recommend me to use retainer at day and night, but mostly I only use these retainers at night. Why? Because it's so inconvenient to use at day.. I can't talk properly with my friends or co-workers '___' and I can't eat with retainer on.. It's quite not comfortable to use retainer during office hours.. So yeah, that's why I only use these retainers at night XD
My orthodontist also highly recommend me to wear this retainer diligently for around 2-3 years..

Anyway.. retainer tastes bad T___T I feel like eating plastic stuff!
Finally I'm getting used to wear it after 3 days.. x_x

Yes, my teeth have become straight, neat and tidy now! :) I'M SO HAPPY!!
Frequently Asked Question:
(PS: I'm just gathering some information that might be useful ^^)

1. Question: I want to align my teeth, but those braces seems bring much troublesome. Can Orthodontics Retainer replace Orthodontics Braces role? 
Answer: It surely CAN'T replace braces role. It's only retaining the shape, not moving the teeth :)

2. Question: Are retainers removable?
Answer: Steel Wire and Clear Retainers are removable, but Bonded Fibre Retainers and Bonded Wire Retainers are permanent.

3. Question: Can I eat with retainers on?
Answer: No, you can't. You should remove the retainers first before eating

4. Question: How long will I need to wear it?
Answer: At least one year following the braces removal. Many orthodontists now recommend wearing your retainer until 2-3 years following the braces removal.

5. Question: What will happen if I don't wear the retainer as recommended?
Answer: Your teeth will almost certainly move if you don't use your retainer as recommended

6. Question: What is the advantage and disadvantage of steel wire retainer?
Answer: It's removable, and more durable compared to clear retainer. The only disadvantage of steel wire retainer is, it makes you can't talk properly :p haha.

7. Question: How do I clean my retainer?
Answer: You should use a toothbrush and soap. Do not use toothpaste as some products can damage the plastic of the retainer. If you are cleaning the retainer over the sink, as a precaution put water in the sink in case you drop the retainer. Proprietary cleaning agents are available.


Well.. is it really the end? My lovely teeth, do you still need another treatment after this 2 year braces installation? *talking to my teeth*
And my teeth seem replied.. "YES"
*take a deep breath*


I still have another problem.. like I've said in this post, I have one dead tooth (or called as non vital tooth).. During these 2 years, this dead tooth was hided by bracket and become less noticeable..
After the braces taken off, my dead tooth definitely become more noticeable..
I'm sure that you can see clearly.. which the dead tooth is.. ;____;

In order to make my teeth become perfect and more appealing, my orthodontist advised me to do Gum Reconstruction right before Dental Crown installation.. :( Because if I do gum reconstruction now, the discoloration of my dead tooth will be more visible.. 
Alright, it's become more complicated now..

A dead tooth is simply a tooth that no longer has access to nutrients and blood flow. Our teeth are composed of three layers: the enamel, the dentin and the nerve or “pulp”. A healthy tooth has living cells and tissue inside.This living tissue plays a role in the development of the teeth. The nerve is the part of the tooth that can sense temperature, when you drink or eat something really cold or hot. It can also sense how hard you are biting into something, and feel pain.
All the blood vessels and nerve fibers are located in the pulp and this means that when the pulp is dead, then the tooth is dies as well. What can happen if a tooth becomesnon vital, and why does it die?
What cause tooth to die:
1. Tooth decay or a bacterial infection, when left untreated, will begin to invade deeper into the tooth eventually penetrating through enamel and into the second layer, the dentin. When the decay or infection reaches deep inside the tooth, the cells of the pulp try to fight it off by triggering the inflammatory process. This includes action by the white blood cells. Pus develops when some of the white blood cells die during the battle against the infection. If the infection is not treated at this stage, all the white blood cells will die and the blood flow will stop completely.When this occurs, tooth sensitivity is usually the first sign of trouble and this sensitivity will eventually reach the pulp and results in a severe toothache.
2. Dental Trauma – This can occur from traumatic injuries, falls, severe grinding and clenching, biting into very hard objects, and sometimes idiopathic internal resorption (a tooth self destructs from the inside out for no apparent reason) . When dental trauma occurs, the blood supply can be severed immediately, resulting in the pulp dying off. Sometimes it is a slow progressive breakdown as teeth wear and crack from bad oral habits. Prevention is the key whenever possible. This is why sports mouth guards are recommended for all contact sports activities. Nightguards are recommended for clenchers and grinders. Extremely hard foods should be avoided such as popcorn kernels, corn nuts, and the mouth should not be used in place of tools such as scissors or a bottle opener. 

I assume that my tooth died because tooth decay.. it was left untreated before I get my braces :((
If you meet me in person someday, you should've know why this tooth is darker than other teeth :(
I can hide the darkened tooth in front of camera, but it's hard to not laugh widely in real life, and surely everyone can see my dead tooth..

For aesthetic purpose, my orthodontist advised me to install Dental Crown.

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped "cap" that is placed over a tooth - to cover the tooth to restore its shape and size, strength and improve its appearance. Dental crown is different with Dental Bridge. Dental crown can be applied to broken or dead tooth, while Dental Bridge is applied to missing tooth.

For illustration purpose, Dental Crown is different with Dental Bridge:


To be honest.. I really want to do something with my dead tooth :( :(
I feel quite insecure with my visible dead tooth T___T It's so less appealing.. 
What should I do next? Anyone has experience regarding dead tooth treatment and dental crown?

Aside of dead tooth, my other concerns is wisdom tooth '___'
Finally they woke up! O___O
*SFX: godzilla's roaring*
As you can see.. my two wisdom teeth have waken up and disclosed their crowns..
Gladly, it doesn't hurt! I almost didn't feel any pain :'D I was quite terrified when heard some people suffering due to wisdom tooth growth. I only feel like.. something wrong with my gum.. little bit uncomfortable and I keep licking my gums to check if I got any gum sprue or something, LOL >___<

Somehow, I'm worried these wisdom teeth will press my aligned teeth and make them become crowded.
So far, it doesn't really becomes my concern
.. I still have retainers to guard my teeth shape :P yay!
If there's no problem, I think I don't need wisdom tooth removal surgery. *pray hard*


At least for now, diary of my braces has end here.. 
Thanks God everything is over! ^____^

Few days ago when I dig out my old photos, I realized how unattractive I was.. '____'
I remember the hard moments of the past 22 years, when I had no confidence to smile widely due to my crowded teeth. I used to smile like this:
Early 2012 photoshoot
I'm grateful that I have a chance to "reconstruct" my teeth with braces installation ^_^
I thank God for my supportive mom, who has allowed me to wear braces 

Mid 2013 Photoshoot

Before - In Progress - After
I think.. My face structure somewhat changed after my braces taken off, and it helps a bit to reduce the appearance of my chubby cheeks XD What do you think?

TIPS: if you are planning to install braces someday.. you shouldn't skip monthly control!
Monthly control really help to make this process faster and succeed in expected time :)
Remember that no pain, no gain!

Hopefully this post will encourage you to install braces (if you really need!) ^__^
You should discuss it with your parents properly :)
If you have any question regarding braces and retainer, please do comment!
Thank you guys 

UPDATE 04/06/2015: After a long consideration, I think dental veneer is much better than dental crown. I'm eyeing to do a dental veneer installation now, but since it's pricey I'm still saving money to do that >_< Or maybe anyone want to sponsor me? LOL :P
Thanks for reading all!



  1. You're so sweet and beautiful! Maybe this experience would be to you like ugly duckling tale, you're blooming right now ^^

    About dental crown, my mom had plenty of dental procedures, since their teeths were in bad condition. She had many dental crown and day & night she must use a orthodoncic treatment.

    Smile is a precious thing that we won't value until we can't show it.

    Take care ^^

    1. Aww thank you Evelyn! :)
      What kind of orthodontic treatment do your mom use? :O
      Yes, smile is a precious thing ^^
      Thank you for stopping by <3

    2. Can't find the word to that object. It's like a removable piece that have some artificial teeth, that's because she lost many.
      Here in my country (Chile) the government launched years ago a program called "Women's Smile" that helps to poor women to bring back their smiles (oral healthcare).

  2. Nice post sis, informatif sekali~ :)
    Mau nanya kalau gigi masih bisa tumbuh sampai batas usia berapa ya? Soalnya gigi aku ada yang sedikit keropos gitu, takut banget kalau sampai gak numbuh >,<
    Also your old photo is cute and your recent photo is beautiful.....
    Aku gak bisa jawab pertanyaannya, belum ada pengalaman soalnya sis. Hehehe

    1. Thanks for reading dear ^^
      Hmm km sekarang usia berapa ya? kalo gigi susu masih bisa tumbuh lagi, tp kalo gigi permanen udah ga bs tumbuh lagi.. lebih baik km dtg ke dokter gigi untuk konsultasi saja :)
      Awww Thank you for your compliment ^___^ hehe it's okayy

    2. Oh gitu ya, cara ngebedainnya gimana sih kak? *banyak nanya* >,<
      Aku 22 nih... You're welcome kak ^o^

    3. Haii Sorry baru bales >.<
      kalo 22 thn setauku gigi uda ga bs tumbuh lagi ._.
      dibawa ke dokter gigi utk dirawat aja.. :)

  3. huaah habis baca part 1-5 biar lebih afdol. hehe selamat ya kak ^^
    cantik banget yg sekarang senyumnya bebas lepas XD
    Aku juga sebenernya pengen pasang kawat gigi, berantakan banget ada yg ginsul ada yg ke dalem. Tapi takut makin susah makan, udah mah aku kurus >,<
    Bikin BB turun gak di kakak? habis liat foto yg dulu2 chubby ya XD apa itu karena gigi?

    1. Waa thank you ya udah baca ^^
      Hehe kalo itu sebenernya tergantung pola makan mu :p klo aku sih berat badan ga turun.. soalnya makanku banyak XD pas seminggu pertama aja aku cuma bs makan yg lunak2, krn gigi ngilu semua >___<" setelah itu bisa makan normal kok ^^ aku jg kurus hehe
      Iyaa bisa jd karena gigi.. tp memang rahangku bentuknya kotak sih.. tp mau ga mau agak keliatan chubby x_x

    2. iya ka sama2 :)
      haha emang sih kak susah makan, makanya takut masang kawat gigi makin susah makan T.T
      gpp kak, chubby itu keliatan lebih muda. XD

  4. ak jg blom pernah dikawat tp jd pengen biar giginya rata >_< cm masih mikir2 sakitnya itu ci wkwk XD

    1. Ngga sakit ceeelll.. cuma ngilu dan cekot cekot aja XD

  5. postingan yg ak tnggu hihi
    tanpa behel jd keliatan fresh banget shel.. hiihi makiin unyuuu..
    fotomu taun 2012 jg lucuuuu wkwk

    1. Thank you wie <3 <3
      Hahaha, lucu gimanaa XD aku mau senyum susah krn gigi ga rata

  6. nice post ce shel, jd lbih cantik deh abis lepas kawat ^.^
    aku juga pakai kawat gigi dr mei tahun 2012 sampai awal 2014, soalnya gigiku miring2. Jadi I feel you ce TvT
    waktu mau dilepas langsung happy bgt, dan dokternya blg aku cukup pakai retainer 3 bulan aja soalnya kawatku dilepasnya telat, jadi gigiku udah ngga gerak ^^
    oh and my face structure also changed after using braces (less chubby cheeks) XD

    ♡ MY BLOG ♡

    1. Thank you jes ^^ Hehe *toss*
      Oiya? asik dong kalo cuma pake retainer 3 bulan :D

  7. Wah jadi tau info baru gara2 baca post nya cc ini ^^
    Gigi bawahku ga rata ce, pdhl yg atas rata huhu.. pengen pake behel tp msh gak yakin wkwk
    Btw makin cakep setelah copot behel ce hihi <3

    1. Hehe, mantapkan hati dulu aja sebelum pasang behel la :3
      Thank youu dear <3

  8. Pengen rasanya pake kawat gigi, tapi takut dan gigiku juga udah ada sarungnya yg didepan. Bagus sekarang gigimu Shel, disarung aja shel yg itemnya. Gak terlalu sakit kok :D

    1. lhoo cc ada crown jg kah? nanti aku tanya2 yaa ^^

  9. Pasang crown aja vee .. gigi depanku jg ada yang pake porcelen crown, mintanya yang full porcelen aja jangan semi porcelen kalo yang semi porcelen metalnya nembus warnanya jadi suka belang warnanya sama gigi sekitarnya. Eh aku juga ada wisdom teeth juga loo malah ada 4 semuanya di dalem rahang semua gak muncul di gusi sama sekali yang di lower jaw malah tumbuhnya vertikal semua, udah dioperasi 2 tinggal 2 lagi di upper .. Diambil aja vee daripada bikin crowded lagi loo dia kan nabrak gigi depannya kalo lihat ronsenmu gigi wisdom-mu masih muncul vee jadi di extraction aja sama mungkin sedikit disayat aja kok..

    1. hmm masih galau >_<
      wisdom tooth removal surgery is quite pricey either :(

  10. jadi pengen pake behel >.< beda banget ya senyum keliatan gigi dan gak keliatan gigi :D
    glad for you now!

  11. hello~ I suggest you to go to nearby endodonstist (dokter gigi spesialis konservasi gigi - Sp.KG) to treat your non-vital teeth.. ask them any possible treatment for your teeth.. :D

    *a dentistry student, soon to be a dentist ;) *

    1. Hello ^^
      Thank you so much for your suggestion! Where do you live anyway? I need recommendation for a good endodontist in Surabaya ;(

  12. Foto lama kamu unyu banget shel..Gemesin deh.

    1. Hahaha thank you be >///<
      Aku justru ga pede hehe

  13. waah, nice post ^^ btw itu wisdom tooth kayaknya harus di-odontektomi ya. tumbuhnya miring gitu, takutnya nanti jadi sakit atau malah ganggu gigi-gigi yang lain. biasanya sih di spesialis bedah mulut. buat gigi depan bisa dikonsultasikan ke dokter gigi spesialis konservasi gigi kak ^^

    1. Ahhh.. tp aku takut klo hrs operasi gigi T.T lumayan mahal pula hiks.
      Thanks a lot yaa utk sarannya ♥

  14. Kayanya kita menggunakan braces di tahun yang sama :)
    Rahang bawah ku sudah dilepas, rahang atas yang belum, masih belum pede akkk >,<

    1. Oiya? Hehe semoga bracesmu jg segera bs dilepas ya.^^

  15. Aww I can't really give any advice on your dead tooth since I'm not knowledgeable enough on the topic matter. But I'm glad to see that you have so much confidence now in comparison to before your braces. ^____^

  16. wah, aq udah ngikutin sejarah pemakaian kawat ce2, sempet nanya juga di message perawatannya di dokter mana :p finally dilepas ya ce bracesnya, keliatan fresh dan confident banget ^^
    kl blh tau plus minus total nya sekitar piro itu ce ? :o
    jadi gak sabar pengen coba juga T_T ditunggu ya updatenya setelah ini ^^

    1. Hehe kurang lebih total biayanya 7,5-8 jt ^^

  17. So pretty without your braces.. hihihi..
    Pingin juga pake braces buat gigi depanku, tapi masih bingung, ditambal apa dikawat yaa.. hahaha..

    1. Haii cc :D
      Gigi dpn cc knp? Agak maju kah? Ditambal trs dikawat aja ^^

  18. vee,,aku domisili sby jg n lg mau behel,,kl bole tau kmu ke dentist mana??need info nih,,hehe

    1. Email aku di ya ^^ nanti aku infoin lewat email :)

  19. i hope my crowded tooth can be better like your tooth..:)

  20. Hi ci Shelvi.. Salam Kenal..

    aku juga asal Surabaya tapi sekarang lagi kuliah di Jakarta *abaikan*
    Kalau soal dead tooth sih kurang tahu ya.. tapi waktu SD pernah jatuh, terus gigi depan patah gitu, jadinya nggak full..
    Kemudian dibawa ke dentist dan ditambal.. Nggak tahu sih if that can be applied to dead tooth atau nggak..
    Btw I also wore bracess since Junior High.. Karena mamaku yang suruh sih.. and now I use retainer.. tapi karena jarang makai jadi agak renggang gitu.. Musti lebih rajin pakai retainer nih.. Kata dokterna sih sekarang 2-3 hari pakai sekali aja..

    Sorry if I don't really help answering your question >.<

    1. Hi Deci, sorry for late rep.
      Oh iya kayaknya gigimu sih gpp, asal ga menghitam brarti gigimu msh aktif gt :)
      iya aku jg krn cuma pake malem aja, ada bbrp gigi yg mulai gerak T__T pdhl sama dokternya disuruh sering pake utk setahun pertama

  21. xiao vee, mau tanya sekarang perkembangan dead tooth mu gimana ya?
    dan itu kenapa bisa ada dead tooth?
    aku juga ada dead tooth karena jatuh dr sepeda soalnya, hihi

  22. @Helen
    dalam waktu dekat mau pasang crown :)
    untuk alasannya, udah aku jabarkan diatas say

  23. ce mau tanya dong kalo gigi yg gradakan(?) jd gmn ya giginya tuh garata gt bawahnya, jd keliatan kyk gigi taring semua haha lel. menurut cc itu gmn ya ngatasinnya

  24. Halo ce mau share nih hehehe, aku dulu pake kawat biasa (Orthodontics Retainer) buat gigi. Soalnya gigi taring atas aku ada jarak lumayan jauh sama gigi sebelahnya, jadi kaya bolong. Padahal jarak doang:")

    Karena pasang behel mahal, akhirnya pake kawat. Sekalian bantuin temen anak FKG (salah satu syarat kelulusan) nah jadi kaya semacam bahan percobaan gitu. Hahahaha

    FYI, beda sama behel. Kawat ini progressnya lambat dan kontrol harus seminggu sekali. Setelah gigi rapi pun tetep harus pake selama 6 bulan biar hasilnya tetep awet. Lepasnya pun harus perlahan(ex; setiap malem jadi 2 hari sekali, jadi seminggu 2x, seminggu sekali, dll)

    Dan iya ce aku setuju banget, susah ngomong. Apalagi kalau baru dikencengin sama dokternya hahahaha Utk makan, aku hampir tiap jalan harus ke wc dulu buat lepasin kawat ini:")

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