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Travel Story: Hello Again Malaysia! [Part 1]

It's been a while since my last visit to Malaysia. 
I remember that my last visit before this trip was in 2006 -__- *feel so out-of-date*
Finally I visited Malaysia again December last year, woo-hoo! ^.^

Though Malaysia is near to Indonesia, I haven't any chance to visit Malaysia (again) these past years XD
My trip was running on 10-14 December 2013 and my travel mates are my elder sister, and my sister's friends from Bandung and Jakarta ^.^

Yeah I know, finally I blog about my travel story in Malaysia 7 months later.. 
What a great procrastinator, am I? LOL :p
I forgot the exact name of this place.. I was at somewhere near Pavillion Mall :p
Are you ready to read my travel story?

My favorite menu (all the time!) in Malaysia: Nasi Lemak 

I also met my Malaysian friend ^.^ Kinna kindly picked up us on KLIA and accompanied us on first day!
Thanks a lot, my dear friend! :D Hopefully we can meet again next year! 

My travel mates: Lady, Wenie (my elder sister), Maret, Cier and Dustin :)

Ahemm *clear my throat*. Because I hardly remember the details of my trip, I will talk about spots I've visited in Malaysia :D So, grab your popcorn or and your coffee, because this post will be quite long :p

Need to know
Malaysia has various of public road transportation. Beside of taxi, there are bus, RapidKL, KTM Komuter, Express Rail Link. You will come across KL Sentral often if you are planning to have backpacker trip. KL Sentral is the center of all road transportation :) For details, you can read HERE.
KL Sentral

I must say that as a developing country, Malaysia has nice transportation system and so well-organized! Indonesia need to learn from Malaysia about transportation system '___'
Most of Indonesians still prefer to use private transportation (like motorbike or car) rather than public transportation.. you know why..


1. Petronas Twin Towers

After checked-in into our hotel, and going to our first destination in rush, I forgot to bring my Samsung NX300 T___T I ended up by borrowed my sister's pocket camera and unfortunately it can't capture objects in low light properly.. so yeah.. My photos were quite blurry >___<

Route: KL Sentral - Masjid Jamek - KLCC

Oh hello Petronas Twin Tower! :) Petronas Towers, or also known as the Petronas Twin Towers are twin skyscrappers in Kuala Lumpur. Petronas Twin Towers is used to be this country tourism mascot as well :)
This world's tallest twin towers soaring 88-storey and 451.9 metres high is located in the heart of KL.

Location Address: Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088

The best shot of mine, LOL XD I wish I bring my camera or should've coming to this spot in the morning or afternoon.. So outdoor natural lighting will works better to my photos T_T

In front of Surya Plaza, still near Petronas Towers. Me and my awkward pose, LOL XD

Snapped another photo with Kinna ;)

This is my elder sister ^_^ Do we slightly look alike? Haha

2. Genting
This is my 2nd time being in Genting :) Genting is located quite far from KL, it is located in Highlands Pahang. We need to go there by bus or car. My team went there by Go Genting Express, with 60 RM each person ^-^ Included Skyway Transfer ticket and Indoor Theme Park Ride ticket, pretty decent!
Route: KL Sentral - Ride Go Genting Express

Terminal schedule / Jadual terminal / Jadwal Terminal di KL Sentral
Genting Skyway Transfer (a.k.a kereta gantung)
Inside the Skyway Transfer. My eyes are irritated yesterday, so I didn't wore contact lens at the moment '____'
Sadly, Outdoor Theme Park is currently under renovation till next year T____T We only can play around Indoor Theme Park. Well, some of us never been this place before, so we were still excited!

Ready to play? ;)

Our first destination inside The Indoor Theme Park is Snoworld. A place where you can play with snow with very low degrees degrees, imagine that you're being somewhere in Atlantic XD
Sadly we were not allowed to bring any camera inside the Snoworld, so we only could took pictures outside the large fridge :p LOL. Inside the large fridge is so friggin' cold and I was like freezing! >___<

I always love the Christmas decorations in Malaysia ^___^ So pretty and dazzling. Luckily we still can snapped some pictures before leaving Snoworld.

Another kind of roller coaster :p

The little Prince Haunted Mine

Took last picture before leaving Genting

Hilarious collaged pictures of my sis, three wise monkeys! :p See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil

These are selected photos from Genting's adventure ^.^ If you like a theme park, you should visit Genting for sure! I recommend you to visit Genting next year, after renovation of Outdoor Theme Park has finished :p

3. Central Market
Central Market or Pasar Seni, is the best place to buy souvenirs for your relatives and friends! :)
You can reach this place by Taxi or walking from KL Sentral

Address Location: Jalan Hang Kasturi, 50050 Kuala Lumpur, 
Wilayah Persekutuan, Malaysia

You can find a lot of unique stuffs here. The prices also relatively affordable :) Malaysian signature chocolates are available in Central Market as well. I bought some souvenirs for my family and friends ^.^

I also got my watch here ^.^ I got mine in RM 10. Looking for better option? There are miniatures of Twin Towers, unique poker deck, t-shirt and so on! Bargaining is a must :p

For me, this was great trip! Gonna continue my stories on the next post ^.^
I got a lot of experiences and learned many things from this trip :)
Artificial Snow was falling inside Pavillion Plaza XD
Oh well, I think this post is quite long XD
Hopefully this short travel story will inspire you to visit Malaysia again ^.^
See ya on the next part!


  1. Postnya ga gt panjang kok, emang byk yg prlu di ceritain .. Masih krg malah ..
    Kapan ke malay lagi? Aku trakir maret kemarin ..
    Pngen ksana lagi tp blm ada bala pasukan :D
    Tp syg genting yg outdoor msh di renov lmyn lama ..

    1. Aku agak lupa detilnya ._. gara2 ditundang melulu sih LOL
      Masih blm tau ^^ mungkin tahun depan, lagi nabung untuk pergi ke negara lain hihi
      Iya lama banget renov nya D:

  2. Uda ke legoland Ce? ._. Pas aku kesana unfortunately hujan :| lagi pula waktu itu masi baru gaada apa apa ;=;

    1. Belum ^^ Awalnya mau kesana, tp krn jauh dan katanya mahal dan kurang worth it, akhirnya batal :D hehe

    2. Belum ^^ Awalnya mau kesana, tp krn jauh dan katanya mahal dan kurang worth it, akhirnya batal :D hehe

  3. Asik banget jalan-jalannya Shel ^0^
    Aku belum kesampean nih mau jalan-jalan ke Luar Negeri haha, passport aja belum punya T_T
    Pengen tuh sekali-sekali menginjakkan kaki di Negeri orang :D

    Nice Share Shel, suka banget lihat foto-foto orang yang ke Luar Negeri jadi punya bayangan diluar tuh kayak gimana sih haha. Thank you for your sharing Shel ^_^

    1. Hehe bikin deh ci ^^ siapa tau nti dpt tiket murah ato pas dpt berkat tak terduga. Who knows kan? Makanya siap2 dulu XD
      You're welcome ci ^^

  4. Travel story nya seru kak. ^^
    Sayang kameranya gak kebawa, tapi tetep masih jelas koq. :) Emang kalo jalan-jalan itu kamera wajib ya kak hihii XD
    Ditunggu part 2 nya ^^

    1. Iya sayang banget ketinggalan di hotel waktu itu :(

  5. vee.. asyik banget ya jalan - jalannya >_<
    jadi tiba - tiba kepengen ke malay juga hahahaha.

    1. Hehe iyaa asik Nen XD
      masih ada part 2nya :3

  6. Love your outfits! I've only stopped over in Malaysia for a break but I'd love to stay and explore...(:

    1. Thank you :)
      You should visit Malaysia again someday!

  7. seru banget ya kliatannya
    nice post


  8. hy shel, tempat dekat pavilion itu namanya daerah Bukit Bintang, di sana emang perkumpulan mal2..
    klo pas malam2 ke sana, wuih, bagus lho di sana,...

  9. u.u seru banget ya pastinya,liburan gini jalan-jalan, ke malaysia lagi :D
    aku pernah ke malaysia itupun masih kecil jadi ga inget, sbnrnya juga tempat aku itu deket juga sih sm malaysia. naik bis juga bisa wkwkwk cuman males aja. oleh-oleh dong ce ^^ haha

  10. seru bangett..
    waktu itu aku belanjanya bolak balik di sungei hwang. hampir tiap malem mampir buat window shopping yang berujung belanja belanji hehehe..

    good luck buat contestnya yaa :)


  11. Seru bangeeeeet, you were so lucky >,<
    Wish I can go there one day....
    Travel post is always interesting, I'm waiting for part 2
    And good luck buat kompetisinya sis ^^

  12. seruuu banget shel.. jd pengen ke malay juga.. bagusnya kl pas bulan desember ya lebih berasa di kayak dikorea..kirain dulu itu km di korea lho, ternyata di malay hahaa
    abis berapa shel ke malay pake travel gitu?


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