Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ellefar Liquid Liner [review]

If you live in Singapore, Malaysia or somewhere outside Indonesia, you may know this brand. Yes, Ellefar is cosmetic brand that released by Daiso Japan. As long as I know, Daiso Indonesia still doesn't provide their cosmetic products here T_T

Few weeks ago, my friend got me this eyeliner from Daiso Singapore *thank you ^^*
If you wonder how's its performance, check it out~

Price: SGD 2
Net: 8ml

As you can see, Ellefar is made in China, produced for Daiso Japan.

My friend bought it at Jurong East :D in case you want to know

It claims: Water resistant eye liner

Simple, sleek, quite fragile, fine-tip, with secure cap

Swatch and Tests!
Well, this eyeliner could produce thin and thick lines~

unfortunately this eyeliner didn't pass smudgeproof test *___*

Is it waterproof? I think no..

How it was on my eyelid? 

with eye primer underneath..
It cracked little bit..

without eye primer?
It's really a disaster :|

What I love <3
+ Cheap
+ Could produce thin or thick line

What I hate </3
- It smells weird
- Not smudgeproof
- Not waterproof

Rating: 1.5/5

Repurchase? NO~ XD
Who may like it? a makeup beginner with tight budget and want to learn how to apply liquid liner well =D Don't use this eyeliner on sunny day or humid weather, okay?

I think the good thing about this stuff is its price XD muahaha.
Have you tried this liquid liner? How's your opinion?
Thanks for reading~ ^^

PS: Currently I have problem with my domain, so I'm temporarily using my blogspot domain >___<
Hope my problem will be solved as soon as possible ;_;


  1. harganya murmer ya vee, tapi sayang kualitasnya nggak sebohay harganya haha :D
    nice post! ^^

  2. woah hasilnya jadi mirip kayak eyeliner pixy ya, itu pegangannya juga kaku tuh

    1. iya kaku ^^ tp tipnya yg ini sdikit lbh kaku drpd pixy


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