Wednesday, March 6, 2013

1st anniversary of my Blog~!

Hello guysss~
Just want to tell you a little update about my blog ^^
I just celebrated 1st anniversary of my blog last month! *throw confetti*

I posted my first blog post at February 7th, 2012 to be exact~
Actually I was planning to host another giveaway to celebrate my 1st anniversary, along with my birthday in March! *i'm not ready to get older yet ;A;*
But, due to some reasons i hold myself to not host giveaway this month..
I'm currently saving my money for another important matter..
Sorry >.<

I have to delay my international giveaway as well.. Hope all of you will understand!

HAPPY 1st ANNIVERSARY to my blog \(^____^)/
For me, this is my only blog that I update monthly!

I have some blogs anyway, when I was in high school, I posted reviews about drama (k-drama or j-drama or tw-drama) that I watched XD
and now I blog about everything related with beauty (mosly). hehehe

I promise will hold a giveaway as soon as possible XD
just stay tuned!

Thank you for everyone who has reading my crappy and amateur blog ^^
Every single comment of yours is my mood booster! <3

That's all~ Bye bye guys ;)
see you on my next post!


  1. happy 1st annivesary xiaovee's blog!! yeaiii
    can't wait buat giveawaynya shel..
    hwaaa hrs siap menjelang tua #eh

  2. congrats for your 1st bloggiversary :DD
    keep blogging!~
    ahirnyaaa bs dibuka lagi blognya :D

  3. selamat ulang tahun~
    wah ultahnya barengan sama ultahku.. hihi.. semoga blogku bisa awet dan bisa Ultah ke satu juga..

  4. wah congrats ya buat 1st anniversary blognya ^^ makin sukses + makin banyak update-an nya :D

    ditunggu giveawaynya hihihi~

  5. wooaa~ happy aniv ya eon, semoga makin luar biasa blog nya~


I do appreciate every comment of yours :D
Thanks for visiting my blog! Enjoy~