Thursday, March 28, 2013

Geo Princess Mimi Starmish Circle Lens [review]

Hello everyone~~ How are you? ^^ Hopefully everything's fine ya~
Today I only spend my day in my room, due to sickness. I'm suffering influenza, cough and sore throat >,< It's nearly a week I guess.. and I haven't cure yet :(
I haven't get my lunch and take my medicine, but still manage to write this post. LOL *slap myself*

So today I'd like to share my thoughts about circle lens that I got recently, GEO Princess Mimi STARMISH in black (XKP-100). This lens pattern is designed by Mai Hirose, one of the most influential and popular Japanese teen model :)

Like other Geo circle lenses, this circle lens also comes with bottle packaging. How to open this kind of packaging? All you need to know is you should detach its cap one by one, start from above :P 

for example:

GEO Lens is a reliable Korean circle lens brand and the only USA FDA approved circle lens brand.

Mine is XKP-100 with corrective power P-2.25

BEWARE OF FAKE LENSES! =_____= The real Geo Lens always have authentic code on each of the bottle. To make sure that yours is the genuine product, you can check the authentic code on

Power Range: 0.00~-8.00
Diameter: 14.5mm
Base Curve Radius: 8.6
Water Content: 38~42%
1 year disposable

* It is advisable to dispose it within 4 months for regular use or if it starts to cause dryness.
* Please handle with clean hands and soak it with solutions after every usage. 

*Pattern & Color*
This lens only has one-tone color, and its pattern isn't really special IMO. But i love this pattern, it blends with my natural eye color (black) well without make it looks fake.
I love the dolly effect after wear this circle lens ^^

This is how I look when wearing GEO STARMISH in Black. See the dolly effect? :3

It's quite comfy at the first time, but my eyes couldn't stand more than 4 hours in air conditioned room >__< *I need to bring eyedrop*
Due to its diameter, my eyes could get tired easily :( I guess my eyes couldn't deal with circle lens with low water content.. how unfortunate..

lol, duck face XD

My friend said that my eyes look like black hole that will absorb everything =w= ROFL.
Well, this circle lens is suitable for everyday and special occasion :D

Smile with my braces :P I guess it's time to update the story of my braces?

What I love <3
+ Nice & natural pattern
+ Available in corrective power
+ It gives dolly effect

What I hate </3
- My eyes feel so dry after 4 hours in AC room
- Low water content
(my eyes are quite sensitive and could easily dry)

Rating: 4/5

Repurchase? Maybe no, I'll try another series ^^
Recommended? Yeah :D

Where to buy this lens?

If you aren't familiar enough with GeoColouredLenses, I'll explain it to you ^^ is an authorised GEO dealer. GEO lens is ISO, CE and the only FDA approved circle lens brand. They have wide range of Geo Circle Lens, offer FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE, and they guarantee customer satisfaction and assurance! 

Thanks for reading guyyysss ^^
Have a good day~!


  1. cantik ya klo lensesnya hitam :)
    semoga cepet sembuh

    visit my blog ^^

  2. geo lenses all have low water content i think, somewhere around 38% as far as i could remember.. but my eyes are like - made of steel - i can wear geo lenses for like 8 hours+ without eyedrops, lol!
    anyway you look good & nice review :)

    1. ohh :( i wish they can invent new kind of lens that contain water content around 50%.
      LOL! Really? XD I envy you~ hahaha
      thankyou <3

  3. cantikkkk ce.. >.<
    efek dolly nya dapet.. tapi keliatan natural.. ^^

    cute eh.. ~~ :3

  4. Kalo aku lebih ke ketebalan dan bahan material softlensnyaa .. aku pake vivian yang diatas 50% enak pake geo yang 38-42% enak .. pake omega yang 60% sama a+ yang 42% gak bisa pake karna ganjel tebel, yang parah a+ bikin pening kepala

  5. bagus ya hasilnya di mata. Dolly banget, cantik :D

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  7. Lovely review <3 I love this circle lens in brown, and in this looks really cute, looks like ulzzang style!


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