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F&B: Pipe and Barrel Surabaya [review]

Hello guys! I had a dinner in Pipe & Barrel last March and I'm going to share my thoughts to you ^.^
For those of you who doesn't know, Pipe & Barrel is a casual dining restaurant that established by Chef Ken (3rd winner of MasterChef Indonesia Season 2). I liked to watch MasterChef Indonesia, but I followed the show until Season 2 only. You know, I tend to get bored easily :p

However, I was quite curious about this dining place and wanted to know how well this restaurant is.
Okay let's get to it ^.^

Sorry for low quality photo. I wish I visited this place at day ._.

My First Impression
As you can tell, this restaurant utilize pipes and barrels to decorate the interior. This restaurant is called "Pipe & Barrel" for a reason ;) This place is dominated with warm colors like orange, yellow, brown, charcoal, and black. I'm quite liking the interior ^.^ But, I wish they had better lighting than current lighting. Most of my photos' quality aren't good enough due to low lighting >_< I have to edit the brightness, contrast massively before present those photos on this blog.

I came on Friday 20 March 2015, a day before national public holiday (Hari Raya Nyepi), that's why this place looks so crowded. Pipe & Barrel's customers are mostly young people.
Anyway, you should place your order first before take a sit, because they won't give the menu book on your table. We gotta order and pay first before eat.

place your order here
Spot a familiar face? LOL

Pipe and Barrel's Menu
They also provide regular beer and flavored beer
sneak peek of their toilet, quite clean

(well, actually not literally outdoor.. because this area still have roof and canopy to shelter customers from rain and heat of sun)

interesting couch

young people everywhere

As our orders arrive, I snapped some pictures for blogging purpose..
I had hard time to capture proper photos due to low lighting spot T____T

Bubble Gum Cotton Candy
IDR 35,000

This beverage is probably the most interesting of them all :p This kind of beverage has been popular in Jakarta, and this was my first time try something like this. As you can tell, Bubble Gum Cotton Candy is a combination of milk shake and fluffy cotton candy on the top.
It tasted like bubble gum, but unfortunately too sweet for my liking. The cotton candy itself is slightly thicker compared than common cotton candy that I've ever eaten. I think you shouldn't finish the cotton candy only by yourself (better share it with your friends), unless you want to get diabetes. LOL.
Anyway, I recommend you to consume this beverage before start eating or after meal, because your fingers will be very sticky and it's surely not comfortable to eat with sticky fingers.

Spaghetti Oriental BBQ Chicken
IDR 45,000

It's a spaghetti and chicken with oriental BBQ sauce, complimented with chips. It tasted quite good actually, but my BF didn't like it because in his opinion, the BBQ sauce was way too sweet for his preference.

sorry for terrible quality T_T blame on low lighting hiks
 Spicy Tuna Spaghetti
IDR 45,000

Spaghetti with slightly spicy tuna pieces. I believe this dish is the most satisfying one of all. It tasted good, well-seasoned, and the spiciness level at its best. Both of us love this one :) Oh how I wish they have jumbo version of this dish, because small platter isn't enough :p

Devil Chili Cheese Dog
IDR 65,000

This dish is a combination of hot dog, cheese sauce and chips. I enjoyed this dish at first, but the cheese sauce eventually made me feel so "eneg" and I couldn't finish it at the last >_< 

Oh hi! ^_^
Overall Thoughts
IMHO Pipe & Barrel is a nice place to hang & have chit chat with friends, accompanied by snacks and drinks. Nice food, good service, and the staffs were polite & helpful. I hope they will keep do unique innovations and interesting promotions in the future :D

Lokasi & Alamat
Jl. Polisi Istimewa 22
Telp. (031) 5683276 / 5683275

Open hours: 
Sunday - Thursday: 10AM - 11PM 
Friday - Saturday 10AM - 1AM

Wi-fi: Available
Smoking area: Outdoor only

Have you been to Pipe & Barrel? Which is your favorite? :D
Thanks for reading all! xx

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