Wednesday, September 23, 2015

I made it! Beauty Bound Asia Semi Final Workshop in Jakarta

Hello everyone~~ if you have been following me on Instagram (@shelvihan), I think you should've known that I went to Jakarta last week, in order to attend Beauty Bound Asia Semi Final Workshop that held on Level II Foundry 8, SCBD. When I submitted my first video entry to Beauty Bound Asia, I didn't expect anything but later on my name was announced as one of their semifinalists! Due to hectic schedule, I was so restless at that moment, as I was torn between fly to Jakarta or not. But finally I decided to go Jakarta at the end ^.^

(left to right: Yessica, Tia, Gita, Me, Jean, Cynthian, Katherine, Devita, Cynthian's elder sister)
The decision to join the workshop was not so easy to made, I almost gave up but my mind said "Now or Never! Probably there's no next time. At least you have to try it, or you might regret it." 

The workshop was held on 19 September, and I stayed for a night somewhere quite near SCBD with Yessica (check out her channel here, and don't forget to subscribe ^_^). Me and her isn't really close to begin with (as we only have met for once in real life), but apparently she's a good friend and we encourage each other to go to next round!

left to right: Ririe, Me, Endi, Yessica, Christine, Raden Ayu, Gita

I'm so happy being here, because I could met people with same passion and meeting my fellow beauty bloggers and vloggers from Jakarta! ^___^ They're all so nice, warm and welcome! Because it was my first meeting with them, I still felt so awkward and stiff XDD Hopefully I can be more talkative next time. Hehe.

with Janine Intansari
with Tia

left to right: Jean, Cynthian, Me and Katherine

with one of the most awesome MUAs in Jakarta, Endi Feng

This event is a collaboration between YouTube & SK-II
The road to become the next beauty creator... Wohooo! ^^

I also met Conietta there ^^!

*cough* Sorry for flowing you with bunch of my photos, now let's talk more about the event itself! ^.^
The Road to Become The Next Beauty Creator
[ Semi Final Workshop in Jakarta]

To be honest, location of the venue is so confusing -___- as a non Jakarta citizen, I was confused about the navigation. The "Level II" name kinda mislead me, because I thought it meant 2nd floor! Since Sudirman Central Business District (SCBD) area is also so wide, I almost get lost with my taxi driver. He didn't know about Foundry 8, and of course so do I. LOL. Thank to Gita & Yessica for giving me some hints to reach this place XD

The situation inside the Level II was so crowded and packed with many beauty enthusiasts ^.^

They provided snacks and drinks on the bar, and unfortunately I couldn't snacking yet; as I was late 30 minutes and I was too busy to greet friends and took some photos on photo booth before the event get started.

The main stage of this workshop... Gladly I got front seat with Gita, and I could take photos or video freely without get photobombed XD

Sorry I couldn't tell you the content of the workshop, since it's only restricted to semifinalists of Beauty Bound Asia 2015 ^.^

MC started to speech
Everyone were paying attention seriously

break time

Goodie bag and ID Tag

To let you feel the atmosphere, I have published the VLOG and #Unboxing video on my channel 
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Watch what I've got from Beauty Bound Asia Semi Final Round

I'm still working on the next online challenge right now.. Please wish me luck! 

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  1. Shelvi..suka banget sama video kamu dan editing videonya enak di tonton. Uh, unboxing dapet SKII. Harganya emang mahal T_T

    1. Waaa really? Aku msh blm pede be XD
      Thank you for the kind words ^^
      Iyaa syukurlah bisa dapet hehe.. Memang mahalll

  2. Wahhh.. ikut seneng liatnya... ^ ^
    Selamat... selamat ya, Shelll.. semoga dipermudah jalannya ^ 3 ^

  3. selamat ya :)
    unboxing SKII nya bikin mupeng

  4. Hehe aku juga grogi sampe binggung duduk dimana, maunya gabung sama blogger tapi ya sudahlah :-D
    Next time kalau ada kesempatan kita ngobrol lagi ya^^


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