Sunday, August 12, 2012

Innisfree Green Tea Pure Cleansing Foam [review]

Another review of Innisfree product~ \(´▽`)/
What's this? It's Green Tea Pure Cleansing Foam..
이니스프리 그린티 퓨어 클렌징 폼 
from Innisfree Green Tea Pure range.. 
(honestly I have others trial kit from same range, but still don't know when I have a chance to try them out -.- hopefully soon, lol)

So, this is my current favorite cleansing foam (´⌣`ʃƪ)♡
content: 150ml


the description & ingredients list..
hope you can see the list clearly.. *_*

the cap

Enriched with Green tea and Green complex from pure jeju island. Green tea pure revives dry, stressed skin by supplying abundant moisture 

made from 88% natural origin ingredient ◕‿◕ 

what I love most about innisfree.. Its natural ingredients! (^▽^) 
4 free systems:
파라벤 - paraben
인공색소 - artificial coloring
광물유 - mineral oil
동물성오원료 - raw animal
do you spot the unique sentence? Please return to innisfree after use.

Wow, even the company offer to collect the empty bottles and would recycle the unused empty packaging ( ^ ε ^ ) impressive, isn't it??

eco-handkerchief campaign
wow.. impressive.. *_*

the bottle is degradable.. and again, look at the cute flower logo.. 

Innisfree's promise: to preserve and protect nature by 
taking the time to give back to the Earth

After read these visions and campaigns from Innisfree, I'm fall in love with Innisfree deeper than before (    )

back to the cleansing foam..
the texture is foamy, not thick..
can't produce very rich foam, but it's still okay for me ^-^

I have used this cleansing foam for around 1,5 months..
no break out, no dried skin.. I also have 1 fullsize bottle for back up stock :3
Just in case you wondering where I bought it, I bought it last june, at Lotte Department Store, in Busan..
I bought this product for only ₩ 6,000 or IDR 54,000 or around $6
and I got two bottles! (    ) because the Innisfree counter was selling some particular products with special promotion ( ̄∀ ̄)
Kyaaaaaa.. I really love "buy 1+1" promotion (´⌣`ʃƪ)♡
Bring me back to Korea~~~~ (ノTДT)ノ 아이고~

What I love <3
+ Cleanse my face well
+ Smooth texture foam
+ Natural ingredients
+ 4 free system
+ Suitable for dry or oily skin
+ Affordable price (cheap price, in my case XD LOL)
+ No break out  

What I hate </3
- nothing! love it! 

Rating: 5/5

Repurchase? Oh yea~~ (^▽^)/

Have you tried any Innisfree Green Tea Pure series?
If yes, please share it with me :3
Thanks for reading fellas~ ^^


  1. muraaaahnyaaa ><><

    1. iya kan murahnya itu lho dit XD sayang budget terbatas, ga bs beli banyak2 T____T

  2. aku jg suka innisfree ^^ , jd pngen beli kosmetik korea uda lama gak beli.

  3. wkwkw gila murah bgt XD, aku suka deh range green tea dr innisfree <3<3

  4. Hi Xiao Vee ^^
    Dropping by to say to u lovely :)

  5. Oh thank you for review... I think I want to buy that ^^

  6. Awww buy one get one. So lucky !


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