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SilkyGirl Double Intense Gel Eyeliner [review]

Hola, friends! 
Today i'd like to share my review about SilkyGirl Double Intense Gel Eyeliner. 
Sorry I forgot to post this review, though I have captured its photos and watermark-ed them last may -.-" May Haul
So, basically it's a gel eyeliner which is quite famous and have been reviewed by fellow beauty bloggers. I was so excited to try this out, I heard that this gel liner has nice quality.
Let's see :)
Mine is in 02 Dark Brown. I bought it at Matahari Department Store, for IDR 35,000 or around $3.8. I was tempted to buy this one because there was some discount price for SilkyGirl products, the normal price of this gel eyeliner is IDR 45,000 (if i'm not mistaken).
And I chosen Dark Brown because I was bored by my black eyeliners and would like to try something new ^^,

the colors are available in pure black and dark brown

you may familiar with this kind of package, yeah it's resembles to same kind of gel liner from Lioele, Tony Moly, Revlon and so on :)

the brush

Personally i don't like to attach the brush on the cap when apply this eyeliner. I don't want this eyeliner get dry so fast caused by I open the cap for few minutes *__*

small tube, made from plastic.
The texture is not creamy, yet quite thick. 

I compared its brush with my old Etude House Code B strong eyes cream liner.

Honestly i don't like this brush's shape :( the bristles was designed to be tapered shape and it's kinda annoying me. I prefer eyeliner brush from Etude House. (>,<)
I could't draw line well when I used SilkyGirl's brush :(


waterproof? not really
smudgeproof? no

This eyeliner was tends to smudge when I used it T_T and it's kinda disappoint me.
Surely this gel liner is not my HG and I only use it if I want to achieve natural look.

What I love <3
+ Easy to carry
+ Including eyeliner brush
+ Available in two colors
+ Inexpensive

What I hate </3
- Not really waterproof
- Not smudgeproof
- The brush isn't precise enough (for me)
- The color isn't as intense as I expected before

Rating: 2.5/5

Repurchase? NOo >.<

Have you tried this one?
What's your opinion about SilkyGirl Double Intense Gel Eyeliner?
Thanks for reading :)


  1. wah... eyeliner ini aku juga punya say. Pernah aku pake kuliah, kupake di upper lashline. Eh semakin siang dia nempel di lipatan kelopak mata (aku punya double lid soalnya) >,< Maluuu temen2 pada bilang kalo eyelinerku belepotan :(

    1. waduuhh double lid mu mepet sama lash line yah? :( waahh emang bener2 smudging ya ni eye liner >_<

  2. It dried up on me :( well, I had it for almost a year now so it's predictable that it has gone to its end of time lol. not gonna repurchase this anymore

    1. i rarely use this one as well and i'm afraid it'll dry up soon >.< same here :(

  3. waa~
    is it make a "panda eyes" on your eyes?
    i want it too if it's really waterproof ><

    1. no panda eyes, only smudged lil' bit on my outer corner of my eyes :) maybe because i already applied eye primer before, and my eyelids aren't oily as well ^^
      this gel liner not really waterproof :(

  4. Aku juga punya shel~ warna coklat juga :p dikasih sama sepupuku~ cuman belum sempat nyobain..masih pakai yang punya ELF :)
    Nice review btw :D

    1. oiya c? toss XD
      ELF punya gel liner jg? ditunggu reviewnya ce ^^

  5. I've tried this one too in black! Soooo dissapointed.. It smudge so bad on my oily lid... :(

  6. wah, aku kok suka yaa..
    kalo aku pakai primer Base Magique L'Oreal, lumayan awet sehari, dari pagi sampai sore dan tambah wudhu 2 kali..
    emang sih di corner atau wing nya kadang smudging, tapi overall bagus, eyelid aku pun berminyak banget lho..
    everyday pake ini, punyaku tinggal setengah sekarang..

    kalo ga pake primer emang kurang awet..

    aku pernah ngereview juga..

    1. oiya kah? >.< aku sbetulnya lumayan suka tp kurang sreg sama brush nya dan kalo kubikin wing biasanya suka smudge gt
      iyaa klo pake primer lbh awet hehe

  7. wah thankiuu reviewnya. Sayang ya smudge >.<

  8. bagusan pixy ce ^^ murah lagi cuma 35rban~~
    review aku : ^^

    1. iya kmrn aku jg smpt colek2 di counternya sha ^^ suka deh sama pixy, tp akhirnya aku beli liquid linernya pixy hihi :3

  9. emang jagonya ETHOUS mah kemana mana :x

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