Monday, August 6, 2012

FOTD: Jiyeon Insipred Look

Hola everyone~ xD this is my FOTD: Jiyeon T-ara Inspired Look ^^
though the title is Face of The Day, but photos are captured couple days ago :P

aigo~ my dark circle is quite visible here ;_;

Jiyeon T-ara

Although T-ara members have some problem nowadays, i still like Jiyeon.. Hopefully there will be a good solution for every member of T-ara >_<

tried so hard to be look fierce xD lol..
I tried to imitate Jiyeon's fierce expression on T-ara Day By Day MV

How do you think about this look?
Personally this was first time i tried this kind of eyeliner shape ^^
and i love it! <3
Because usually i used to draw wing for my eyeliner :3

Thanks for reading >,< hehe


  1. cute vee....
    foto yg pertama itu lo..
    so sweet...:)

  2. Kawaii,, o>__<o~ lum sempat edit xD,, tpi jie2 imut, ngk nyangka 20an,, xDD

    1. hahaha >___< thank you yaa arisa~
      dikiranya umur brp? wkwk

  3. Replies
    1. thank youu ^^ hehe
      yea you should try it too :D

  4. so cute you're really good at eyeliner
    I tried to do jiyeon look but sadly failed:(
    I hope the problems t-ara are facing will be resolved i really like them, they're my favourite kpop girl group, boy group being super junior <3
    Love day by day, t-ara has some of the catchiest songs in kpop!

    1. hahaha.. not really ><
      maybe you should try pen liner ^^ it's easier to drawing eyeliner with pen liner :D
      yes i hope so :( too bad they have problem right now..
      i also like day by day, it's has unique concept ^^
      thanks for visiting :)

    2. yeah i need to try pen liner, i'll look through your blog for your the elf liner review.
      thank you

    3. you're welcome ^^ hope you find it's helpful :)

  5. I've tried this look but totally failed xD
    this make up really suits you well :D

  6. ce shelvy... gorgeous!! hehe :3
    but i think it will be better if you also draw a snowflakes on your cheek bone like jiyeon :)

    1. oh, maksudku bukan look nya jiyeon yg ada snowflakes kok ^^
      tp eyelinernya jiyeon yg pada umumnya sering dia pakai xD hehe
      thank you git! ^-^ i'll make it be more details next time!

  7. Cantik ciii >< cute bgt wawawa
    Kayanya muka aku malah lebih tua dari cc deh T.T Dah berkali2 coba pake eyeliner gitu tapi gagal terus -____-

    1. hahahaha thx melissa~ km jg cute ^^ hehe
      practice makes perfect~ smangat ^^ aku jg ga jago2 amat kok bentuk eyeliner..hehehe

  8. kurang sengit ce, gak sama kayak fotonya jiyeon yang disitu..ce malah cute jadinya :X


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