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Holika Holika Blueberry Essence Mask Sheet [review]

Helloooo all.. This is another mask sheet review :P
Actually i'm not used to use kind of mask sheet as my weekly routine, I just use any mask sheet when I'm in good mood or when my skin meets its worst period ._.
(dried out skin, or flaky skin)

Couple of days ago, my skin feels so dried and not radiant.. then I tried out this mask sheet.
It's Blueberry Essence Mask Sheet from Holika Holika..
As I said before (in case you remember XD), i'm such a blueberry fan (≧∇≦) 
of course i was so excited to try this mask sheet!
Let's figure out more about this mask sheet ^-^
hmmm yummy blueberry :3

홀리카홀리카 블루베리 / 어린 피부결
Holika Holika Bluebbery / Young Skin Texture

this mask sheet has a common shape

Blueberry Essence Mask Sheet
Blueberry essence which contains a lot of violet anthocyanin helps to keep your skin fresh and young.
Arrange skin texture with toner after wash. Fit mask sheet to face. After 15 ~ 20 minutes take off the mask and lightly pat till thoroughly absorbed.

Though the scent is not as yummy as my Blueberry Body Lotion from Nature Republic XD the scent is quite pleasant and didn't bother me at all :)

just feel relaxed when use this mask sheet :)

Basically, this mask sheet is like other mask sheet.. It's refreshed and made my skin look radiant but the effect is only temporary.. That's why I suggest you to have daily skincare routine that suits you best, do not only depend on temporary effect like mask sheet or wash-off mask ^^ 
But, still.. our skin needs nutrition from natural ingredients and extra moisturizing product from mask sheet :) I recommend you to use mask sheet once in a week ◕‿◕
AND don't forget to exfoliate our skin routinely ^^
That's important! :)

What I love <3
+ made from blueberry which is contains high anthocyanin
+ my skin looks firmer and radiant
+ refreshed my skin
+ relaxing
+ the scent is not strong

What I hate </3
- the effect is temporary

Rating: 3.5/5

Repurchase: Dunno ^^ maybe someday :D
I'm not such a mask sheet fan, and don't have any particular favorite mask sheet brand. I usually just purchase random mask sheets periodically :P lol

I got this mask sheet from MizzJCroom :)
UPDATE: 06/07/2015 Unfortunately MizzJC room doesn't operate anymore

Thanks for reading and
Have a nice day all ^^

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