Thursday, May 31, 2012

NYX Mega Shine Lip gloss [review]

Hello~ I'm back again :D
This is one of my favorite lip gloss ^^ I'm pretty sure that some of you already knew about this product :D This is Megashine Lip Gloss from NYX.

Mine is in Beige (LG129) :D

What I love about this lip gloss are the color is pretty, opaque, not too shiny (don't too worry about the "MEGA shine" XD), affordable and available in 50 shades!! :3
If you don't like the glossy effect after used this lip gloss, you can blot your lips with tissue to achieve more natural look ;)

If you want to check their colors out, you can see this page :D

Personally I love this lip gloss and I love this color :3 
really looks natural for my face without "too much" effect ^^
I usually use this lip gloss for hang out with my friends or special occasion ;)

What I love <3
+ available in 50 colors
+ opaque color
+ natural color (beige)
+ affordable! ($5,5 in NYX website)
+ pleasant scent :)

What I hate </3
- only stays for 2-3 on my lips

Rating: 4.5/5

Repurchase? Oh yeahh! =P

Have you tried this megashine lipgloss? please let me know what are the colors of your own ^___^
Thanks for reading :)


  1. warnanya cantik beli dmana?

    1. iya cantik ^^ aku dl beli di kaskus :P (lupa IDnya haha)

  2. lengket nggak lipglossnya?? :3

  3. warna sm kemasannya mirip2 sm lipgloss wondershinenya wardah,aku suka bnget warna pink kyk gini natural cantik bnget


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