Monday, May 28, 2012

Etude House Eye's Cream Vanilla Moist [review]

Hello ladies :D how's your day? Hope it's been pretty good ^^
This is Eye's Cream in Vanilla Moist from Etude House.
I bought this two months ago.. on my March Haul..
Beside of Vanilla Moist, there is Mint's Cooling..

the package.. just in case you can read 한글 ^^

Eye cream stick with a moisturizing, brightening and anti-wrinkle formula to promote youthful skin around the eyes :) 

It comes with lid on the top

compared with my NYX stick blush.. The size is pretty similar isn't it? XD

The texture of this Eye's cream is like a balm, smooth and glide smoothly on my eye area :) Doesn't has strange scent. But I didn't feel any difference on my eye area.. (apa memang krn ini kebanyakan begadang jd ga ngefek? ><)..

What I love <3
+ Quite moisture my eye area
+ Doesn't has strange scent
+ Easy to carry

What I hate </3
- Didn't work for my dark circle

Rating: 2.5/5

Repurchase? No >.< This product isn't for me..

Have you tried this eye's cream? Is this product works for you? :)
Thanks for reading ^^


  1. it has been said that these eyecreams from etude house wont work out your dark circle which is a shame :( but a lovely review, been waiting for people's review for these eye creams, thanks love <3

    1. yeah.. i think there is other reason why this product didn't work for my dark circle.. I have insomnia so I tend to sleep late in the night >_<
      thank you :)

  2. Waa, I bought the one in mint! Haven't try it though. Hope it works for me.. :D

    1. hope it works for you :D
      thanks for visiting ;)

    I have to admit I am a bit sceptical about how good these creams work. I’ll wait for more information from you.

    1. thank you for your info :)
      unfortunately those products are not sold in my country :( if they are sold in my country, hopefully i could get one of them with affordable price :P lol

  4. itu krim mata yah..
    bentuknya.. stick praktis banget
    biasa belanja kosmetik korea di mana Shel?
    any recomended online shop?...bagi info dunk..

    ohya.. udah tak tag in di

    ta tunggu balasannya yah, thanks

  5. thank you for the review! how much did u buy it for?

  6. Hi, there
    So this product does not satisfy u about ur dark circle problem.
    Too bad since this product has cute packaging (like most of etude product)
    Well, I actually also look for eye cream for dark circle too, and all this time I only depend on concealer to cover it.
    thanx for sharing ur experience.
    btw I followed u, hope u like to follow me back^^
    thank u

    1. yeah.. concealer saves my life T_T lol
      already followed you :)

  7. do you know any etude cream night? my sister is looking for it now

  8. Aku juga udah pernah nyoba ini ce, but it didn't work on me too -__-
    gak setara sama packagingnya yang cute

    don't you mind to follow me back? I already followed you :)


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