Friday, August 2, 2013

Etude House Dear Darling Neon Tint [review]

Welcome August!! This is my first post for this month \(^v^)/
Buat semua yang lagi berpuasa, semoga lancar-lancar sampai lebaran tiba ya :)

Today I'd like to introduce one of my must have item for Summer! (~ ̄▽ ̄)~
Yay for neon colors and tangerine~ ;D

So, this is Dear Darling Neon Tint from Etude House!
A gel type vivid neon tint that is moisturizing and stains lips for a long time.Tint contains ingredients that contain vitamins and amino acid: grapefruit extract, bamboo extract, and  Eastern Prickly Pear Extract. 

Made from plastic. It has simple and cute design. I like its cute typography ^^
This packaging is not sturdy enough, so don't even try to throw away this product onto floor :p

3 variants color:
*01 Neon Orange
*02 Neon Pink
*03 Neon Magenta

 I got mine in Neon Orange! :3
Anyway, I didn't buy this tint.. I got it as giveaway prize last year 

It has pointy applicator, for easier application. I have no problem while applying this tint :)

Texture & Durability
As it claimed before, it has gel texture. Not too watery yet nor thick ;)
It has good long-lastingness! You need lip remover to remove this lip tint

Very bright and neon orange! xD I was afraid it will become so bright on my lips. BUT, everything going well when I only apply it slowly, layer by layer ;)
(concentrated to your inward lips)

Gradient Ulzzang Lips :D
this is how it looks

Sorry these photos were captured few months ago ;p I always forgot to post it hehe
See? I have bright and cheerful gradient ulzzang lips now! \(^∇^)/

What I love <3
+ Nice pigmentation
+ Good staining power
+ Nice scent! 
+ Perfect for summer
+ Blendable easily
+ Affordable (around IDR 65,000-75,000 if i'm not mistaken)

What I hate </3
- It dries my lips sometimes (don't forget to apply lip balm first!)

Rating: 4/5
Repurchase? Still dunno, since I'm barely use neon colors for daily makeup basis *-*
But it's a good product I think.

Hope you find this post is helpful! ^^/
Have a nice day everyone~~~


  1. aku suka warna2 kayak gini :D

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  2. km cocok vi pake orange..
    aku klo pake warna orange rasanya anehh ;_;

  3. Whoaa,
    Baguss banget warnanya tangerine begini :3
    Di bibirpun kelihatan natural~
    Nice review ce ^^~

  4. Bagus juga ya warna orange gini, tetep kelihatan natural.
    Nice review ^_^


  5. The color looks very soft ^^ I never buy this but I have darling tint in orange and as little more vivid <3 nice review I think until this review the neon tint are more jelly and haves a lot glitter xD


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