Sunday, August 4, 2013

Lioele Waterdrop Sleeping Pack [review]

Hello everyone~~ 
Where are you going this holiday? :D
I'm gonna spend my holiday in my hometown, Madiun~ kekeke~
Today I'd like to share with you a quick review about my current favorite sleeping pack!
Lioele Waterdrop Sleeping Pack

Does it suits for my skin? Let see~

By including Swiss Alpine extract, it is absorbed without stickiness and also formulates moisturizing film to supply moisture and nutrition onto tired skin by daytime to keep your skin moisturized until next day.

Netto: 60ml

Made with regular plastic material, comes with flip-top tube :) So handy and hygienic. I LOVE ITS BABY BLUE COLOR.

So far.. I don't see alcohol substance in this product.. But this product contains paraben and dimethicone (silicone substance). Well, I think as long as those substance are still in right dosage, still okay la~ *I'm not an ingredients analysis *__*

Just in case you want to read entire descriptions in Hangeul~ 

Texture & Scent:
It has slight thick texture, easy to spread and blendable. Not sticky.
It has good scent! :) If you have sensitive skin, you may be careful with this one.. because it contains fragrance..

It makes my dry skin become suppler and moisturized! I love its result! :D
Well, I can't compare it with another moisturizing sleeping pack (like Laneige's) because I haven't try them yet..

What I love <3
+ Affordable (around IDR 70rb-90rb)
+ Makes my skin suppler
+ Moisturizing my skin well
+ Nice scent
+ Doesn't breaks out my skin
+ Cute packaging

What I hate </3
- Nothing so far!

Rating: 4/5
Repurchase? Will consider it ^^

Have you tried this sleeping pack? Is it works well for you?
See you on my next post and Happy Sunday! :) :)


  1. I love sleeping pack too especially watery like this one. Love laneige, you should try too

    1. I would love to try laneige one ^^ thx for your suggestion

  2. baunya gak terlalu nyengat tah ce? jadi pengen beli juga soalnya terjangkau ^^

  3. haha i really want to try sleeping packs! just bought the laneige one actually. am waiting for it to arrive. i will keep this product in mind if i like the laneige one and wanna try something different haha

    thanks for the review ^^

  4. Replies
    1. di counternya Lioele ^^ klo aku sih di counter lioele di The Grand Palace, Grand City Mall sby


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