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Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit [review]

Hello again, readers~ Sorry for super delayed review >_< This review is supposedly up last year, but I haven't capture any proper photo of this product yet. Yeah, Hopefully you are still interested to read this review, though it's not a new product of Etude House :p
I present to you, Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit ^_^
I think this BB cream is upgraded version from the old one, Precious Mineral BB Cream..
You can read my super old review about that BB cream here, I'm super embarrassed when look back to my old review :P LOL.
It has same packaging with the previous Precious Mineral BB Cream one, only with logo design. Personally I think the BB Bright Fit logo is simple yet cute :) Still stick to the old design packaging but completed by new logo design. However this BB cream comes with pump dispenser and doesn't easy to spill out

Content: 60g

BB Cream formulated with pearl Powder with an improved adhesive texture to promote moist, radiant looking skin while protecting against UV damage and wrinkles. It contains:
Pearl Mineral Powder, Brightening Coverage Pearl, Brightening Care Sea Algae, Antioxidant Moisture Care

#01 Light Beige
#02 Natural Beige
#03 Honey Beige
#04 Sand Beige

This time there are four shades of BB cream, so anyone who has tanned skin can try this BB cream ^_^
Mostly BB cream in Korea only provide two shades.

Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit
* SPF30/PA++
* Whitening & Anti-wrinkle
* Anti-darkening

Price: It's around IDR 160,000 or $15-17 if you buy it via online store.

click to enlarge the image
Precious Mineral BB promotes silky complexion with pearl infused sheer coverage. Contain sadenosine & arbutin for anti-wrinkle & whitening effacacies. SPF for UV protection. You can enlarge the image to see the ingredients :p sorry it's not clear enough. It's the best image I could captured >_<

It doesn't smell good, IMHO. This BB cream has similar scent with its previous version. However, this BB cream's scent is actually not really bothering me.

Pump Dispenser? Yay or Nay?
It's definitely Yay for me, because it's hygienic and I can control how much I want to take the amount of this BB cream :) Also, it's not easy to spill out.

Texture & Coverage
This BB cream's texture is quite thick and quite easy to blends. The coverage is buildable medium-heavy coverage with yellow under-tone color. I usually only use this BB cream whenever I have special occasion or party. Be careful to not put too much BB cream on your face or your skin will look much paler.

Before and after
As you can see.. this BB cream is instantly brightening my complexion..
FYI, I got this BB cream in #02 natural beige.. still look natural in real life actually :)
Don't forget to apply BB cream on your neck as well, you don't want to look like wear a mask, do you?
Almost forget to mention, the finish result is semi-dewy :p

Staying Power
The staying power of this BB cream is good, it could lasts for around 4-5 hours on my face. I don't know how it works on oily skin type :/

Overall Thoughts:
This is a good BB cream, though it's not my favorite. This BB cream is recommended for those of you who wants to brightens your skin-tone and prefer medium coverage instead of light coverage.

What I love 
+ Has four different shades
+ Affordable Price
+ SPF30/PA++
+ Doesn't break out my skin
+ Cute packaging
+ Medium coverage
+ Decent staying power (4-5 hours)
+ Not sticky

What I hate :/
- Weird scent (it doesn't really bothers me actually)
- The oil control is so-so


What do you think? Have you tried this BB cream? :)
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Thanks for reading guys 


  1. Cantik Vee ^_^
    Ini Wishlistku nih haha, masih belum kebeli juga T_T
    Btw, di kamu jadinya matte atau glowy Vee?

    1. thank you ci ^^
      oya lupa blm nyantumin XD semi-dewy hasilnya ci hehe

  2. Tried it once, nice medium coverage but I break out real baaddddd (TAT)

  3. Ya ampun kamu cantik banget. You fit to be the next kpop star! Hehe. Bb creamnya looking great on u. But i think you already have a kinclong baby skin withouy any makeup on!

    1. Ahhh.. ngga jg dear >< thank you for nice comment nya <3
      I also love my current skin condition ^^ Gonna reveal the secret soon

  4. foto terakhir cantik ^^
    kulit kak vee jadi makin cerah pake itu *,*

  5. aq juga pake ini ci, coveragenya bagus, tapi kurang light dan agak berminyak di muka :(

    nice review ^^

  6. Hey, I am new to makeup and stuff. I was wondering to try on this etude product . If I have a darker skin colour, but I would want a lighter skin tone. should I go for a light tone or a similar colour like my skin colour? Will my skin look weird like ghost-ly look when i apply lighter tone on my darker skin? I hope you understand . haha . BB cream is a daily use right, even without makeup on ?

  7. NICE REVIEW! I have this bb cream in my wish list XD I use hot pink skin79 bb cream but ... I feel its really oil for my skin maybe I buy this ^^

  8. Ve, aku pernah pake BB Cream Bright fit. Aku nggak cocok pakenya karena mukakku berminyak. Padahal pacarnya koko cocok aja pake ini. Mungkin karena jenis kulit dia dry kali..

  9. I really love the dispenser because it prevent the cream from leaking and wasted!

  10. good review sis, etude house emang good branded ^_^


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