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Rapunzel Milk Shampoo & Conditioner by Little Baby [review]

Hello everyone! Here I am with another hair care product review ^_^
Today, I'm gonna share a review about Rapunzel Milk Shampoo and Rapunzel Milk Conditioner from Little Baby, Thailand. I have reviewed some of their products on my previous posts, and I will attach the review links at the end of this post ^^

These Rapunzel Milk Shampoo & Conditioner come in long-width box, with triangular shape on the top, kinda reminds me with Tetra Pack milk packaging. The first thing that really makes me annoyed is, colors combination for its design .___. really not a good combination...
*anak desain yang super cerewet LOL*

Rapunzel Milk Conditioner
I do hope Little Baby will improve their packaging dear for these duo in near future. Why they had to use white color over pastel color like mint and cream color? Use darker color puh-leaseee >_<
Anyway the illustration of Rapunzel is so simple yet attractive. Do these shampoo & conditioner really make my hair grow faster and longer? Let's see~ :D

img source:
Tetra Pak Milk Packaging that I've mentioned before hehe. Really similar isn't it? Maybe Little Baby company was inspired by it? ^^

Thailand Skin Care
Seriously, do you expect me to read these unclear descriptions behind the box? *bang head*

This shampoo and conditioner is useful for:
- Making hair grow faster
- Strengthening hair roots
- Caring for the scalp and each strand of hair from pollution
- Balancing sebum secretion on scalp
- Enriching hair so that hair's growth become optimal

Price: IDR / 1 set (shampoo & conditioner)
You can ask the price directly to @ayako_beautyshop88

FDA certified
content: 150ml each

Thailand hair care product
The Bottles
They come in pump-cap bottle packaging. The cap were sealed tightly. Unfortunately my Rapunzel Milk Shampoo was leaked inside and the pump is also broken >_< Maybe it's broken during the shipment? Luckily the conditioner one is fine!

See? It's leaked T^T and some milligrams of its liquid poured out little bit.

Ginseng RootExtract  (France)
 Honey Extract (USA)
Olive Oil (Italy)
 Panthenol (VitaminB5) (Japan)
Polyquaternium-10 (THAI)
Lauryl Glucoside (Germany)
(Non-Ionic Surfactant)
Sodium Laureth Sulfate (THAI)
Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate (THAI)
Polysorbate 20 (THAI)
Glycol Distearate (THAI)
Benzyl Alcohol, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone

little baby rapunzel conditioner
How to use?
1. Wet your hair properly
2. Pump it few times to obtain the shampoo / conditioner and apply it evenly on your wet hair
3. (optional) if its pump is broken, just twist the cap and pour the liquid onto the palm of your hand directly.

Scent & Texture
Rapunzel Shampoo: Baby powder scent | quite thick milky texture
Rapunzel Conditioner: Fresh apple scent | thick milky texture

To be honest, the difference between before and after using these duo isn't so noticeable ._.
I think it would be little bit pointless if I share my before-after photos, but if you are really curious.. here I present to you before-after photos of my hair after 2 weeks and 6 weeks usage XD

rapunzel milk shampoo conditioner
sorry for different lighting ^-^;
Overall Thoughts
I was afraid my hair would act "fussy" after using new shampoo and conditioner. Fortunately my hair is pretty fine, no allergies or additional dandruff :) For their performance, these shampoo and conditioner do good job in cleansing and taming my frizzy hair, but they're might not the best shampoo and conditioner that I've ever tried. Yes, my hair become smooth and more manageable after used these for 6 weeks, but unfortunately its difference isn't too significant.. >_< Moreover, I don't think my hair had grown faster, my current hair growth is quite normal IMHO.
Maybe I need more than 2 bottles to prove their claims? 

Pros (+)
+ Cleansing my scalp well
+ Doesn't makes my scalp feel itchy
+ No dandruff or allergy
+ No excessive sebum on scalp
+ The conditioner smells really good!
+ My hair become more manageable

Cons (-)
- Quite expensive as toiletry items >_<
- Doesn't makes my hair grow faster as its claim
- Very bad color combination of their boxes


These Rapunzel Milk Shampoo & Conditioner are might not my most favorite from Little Baby, but you can read my other reviews about Little Baby product below :)

Where to buy?
/ Beli di /

Ayako Beauty Shop
Official Distributor Little Baby Indonesia

Instagram: @ayako_beautyshop88
LINE ID: ayako-beautyshop
WA: 081237336646
Pin BBM: 21E7940E
Kakao ID: ayakobeautyshop
No HP (SMS Only): 081239357991

Thanks for reading everyone :)
Thank you Ayako Beauty Shop88 :D
Have a nice day all 


  1. bagus nih..tapi harganya kok bagus juga ya untuk ukuran shampo gitu..^ ^

  2. warna emasnya di botol kaya kurang match juga ya ce :/
    tapi lumayan lah bisa bikin rambut jd lebih halus, hehe

  3. Sayangnya ga bener2 bisa bikin rambut cepet panjang yaa.. tapi suka sm hasilnya yg bisa bikin halus :D

  4. dustnya cantik *salah fokus* tapi botolnya terlalu rame buat seleraku :p harga juga lumayan ya .-. tapi demi rambut yang halus.....

  5. dustnya kayak botol susu yak. tapi harganya mahal bener yak utk ukuran shampoo

  6. packagingnya parah.. tulisan di box nya sampe ngak kebaca, perpaduan warnanya ngk nyambung yah.?

  7. Hi! You should try the L'oreal Paris Anti-hairfall shampoo I read on :) Great review by the way!


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