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Kracie Naïve Facial Cleansing Foam [review]

Hi fellas! :) Most of you might not know that I love green tea very much!
I love Japanese green tea (ocha) and matcha  Green tea brings many goodness for body and skin, and today I'm gonna review about a cleansing foam in Green Tea variant ^_^

To be specific, it's called Kracie Naive Facial Cleansing Foam for Oil Control & Pores Tightening (Green Tea). For your information, my actual skin type is normal-combination without large pores, so when I received this cleansing foam at the first time, I wish I can switch it to Peach variant, which is formulated for dry skin type XDD

Nevertheless, I still wanted to try this cleansing foam.
Don't you curious what will happen after I used this cleansing foam? :p

Naive cleansing foam

Its packaging made in plastic material with flip-top lid. Because mine is in green tea variant, its color is dominated with white and green :) with green tea leaf image on the front~
I guess Kracie has redesigned its cleansing foam design several times before, because if you google it, you will find many types of this cleansing foam's designs. Please CMIIW ^^

Kracie japan, naive japan

This is a cleansing foam that able to cleanse skin dirt and dead skin cells. Green tea extract helps to control excessive oil on skin and tighten pores. Contains natural amino to maintain skin's natural moisture.

Naive Facial Cleansing Foam Green Tea mampu membersihkan kotoran dan sel kulit mati pada wajah, dengan ekstrak daun teh hijau berfungsi membantu mengontrol kelebihan minyak dan mengecilkkan pori-pori. Plus Natural Amino untuk menjaga kelembaban wajah secara alami dan merawat kulit dari kekeringan.

Cara Pakai: Keluarkan 1-2 cm cream foam di tangan. Busakan dengan air secukupnya, lalu usapkan ke wajah dan leher, pijat dengan lembut. Bilas dengan air sampai bersih.

Content: 110gr

Price: IDR 30,000 - 45,000
(depends on where you buy it)

sabun pembersih muka jepang

Available in:
- Aloe (for dry skin)
- Green tea (for oily skin)
- Peach (for dry skin)
- Rose extract (for clearing dead skin cells)

Kracie also released their well-known cleansing oil you can read its review HERE ;)

• To clear blackheads and sebum at the back of the pores, while it also controlling oil and tightening pores
• Leaf extract combination as tightening component of tea
• Kaolin combination as sebum absorption component
• A fragrance of green tea with the feeling peace

- Aman untuk kulit karena kandungannya 100% dari bahan pembersih alami
- Mengandung Natural Amino yang mampu membersihkan kulit sekaligus menjaga Asam Amino (kandungan kolagen) dalam kulit tidak terbuang
- Busanya yang banyak dan lembut karena mengandung Glycosiltrehalose .
- Lembut di kulit: Busa berfungsi sebagai bantalan untuk mengurangi terjadinya gesekan antara kulit dan tangan 
- Daya membersihkan yang tinggi: Busa dapat menjangkau seluruh permukaan kulit 
- Mudah untuk dibilas
- Membersihkan wajah pada area T harus perlahan karena area ini bagian yang kelenjar minyaknya cenderung berlebih. Sebaliknya, Area U disekitar mata dan dagu sangat tipis dibandingkan permukaan lainnya sehingga keratin yang penting tidak ikut terbuang.

I got mine with Expiry Date: June 2018

kelebihan Naive Facial Cleansing foam dibandingkan cleansing foam lain

Unlike most of Korean cleansing foam products, this cleansing foam had no seal aluminium lid :p
Its flip-top lid is easy to open and close~

Color, Texture & Scent
Its creamy foam has white color with subtle silvery color :D It smells sooo good! This cleansing foam can produces abundant foam. And of course its texture is good, as good as common cleansing foam. Smooth and doesn't leave tight feeling after rinsing it off ^_^

Overall Thoughts
This cleansing foam can produces abundant foam and doesn't leaves drying and tight feeling after application. It's paraben-free, alcohol-free and mineral oil-free ^_^ But, it still contains fragrance (it's not a big deal for me). Hmmm, since my skin type isn't oily and I have no large pores, I have no comment about their claims (which is specialized in oil control & pore tightening) >_<
I guess I will give this cleansing foam to my BF (who has oily skin) to see the result on him, I will update this post later ;)

Pros (+)
+ Cleansing face well, without tight & drying feeling
+ NO Alcohol
+ NO Additional coloring
+ Doesn't cause allergy
+ Doesn't breaks out my skin
+ Available in 4 variants
+ Affordable!

Cons (-)
-  Not any


Why I don't give perfect score? Because I haven't tried the right variant for my skin type (either Aloe Vera or Peach), so I can't give the perfect score before ensure that this product is really deserve the perfect rating ^^

Kracie Products are available in:
Guardian, Century, Watsons, Diamond, Farmers, Foodhall, Grand Lucky, Papaya & Ranch Market.

This product was provided by Kawaii Beauty Japan for review purpose.
Thank you KBJ team :)


Thanks for reading! xx
Have a nice sundayyyy~


  1. i love kracie! they have some great products. will need to try this product out. thanks for the review!

    Chie | The Brown Eyed Fox

  2. I shall try this one ..
    "paraben-free, alcohol-free and mineral oil-free" sounds good for sensitive skin like my skin
    thanks for review

  3. Wow Xiao Vee I can already feel the spirit of Christmas here on your blog. Nice review,I hope I can try it soon.I've tried Etude House's facial foam in green tea variant and it's good too.

  4. waaaa besok nyoba cari di guardian ahhh...

  5. daftar cleansing foam baru yang perlu dicoba ce, wkwk ..
    banyak bgt daftar e, pdhl pake satu aja abisnya lama @__@

  6. Pengen coba yang greentea :33 kebetulan hada labo abis wwkwk


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