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Vivelle UV Whitening Body Lotion [review]

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As a dry-skin owner, a body lotion is a must. Today i'd like to share about my current body lotion, from Vivelle.. Vivelle is a local brand from Indonesia 
Couple of weeks ago, Vivelle started to sell new body lotion & body wash range with the cute character, HELLO KITTY~

Actually i'm not a big fan of Hello Kitty, I just couldn't deny these cute body lotion (≧∇≦)
haha.. Let's see!

I bought mine in Yumi (pink-purple) and Keiko (yellow).
As far I know, Vivelle only released 3 variants of this body lotion, you may read the variant of Chiyo HERE :)

UV Double Moisturizing Body Lotion
contains virgin coconut oil & shea butter
for extra dry skin.
I can't describe the fragrance well :P haha, its scent is mild sweet and doesn't sting my nose.
moisture level: 4 of 5

the description:
hahaha.. live beautifully~~!! XD

the ingredients list:

UV Whitening Body Lotion
contains virgin coconut oil & Kiwi Extract
Scents like fresh and sweet kiwi. The scent is not overwhelming, yet pleasant(*´▽`*)
moisture level: 3 of 5

the description:

The ingredients list:

the cap

Manufactured under license by PT Easton Kaleris Indonesia
and officially registered at BPOM

The lotions are colorless, blends easily into my skin, absorb easily, and doesn't leave any residue when it's washed (as long as you give it time to be absorbed perfectly)

Comparison for both:
package: Yumi wins
scent: Yumi wins
moisture: Keiko wins
long last: Keiko wins
benefit: Keiko wins

for me, I love both (⌒˛⌒ ) haha~ these two are my favorite :3
Why I didn't choose Chiyo? Because in my opinion, its scent is too sweet x_x kekeke~

If you ask me about the whitening properties, I don't know at all! Because I never notice the effect x_x Maybe you should waste more than 5 bottles to see the effect :P lol

What I love </3
+ Cheap (around IDR 14,000 or less than $2)
+ Moisturizing my skin well
+ Uber cute packaging
+ Nice and pleasant scents
+ Not sticky

What I hate </3
- No SPF (though this lotion has UV filter) ._.
- Contains paraben (should I'm bothered by it or not?)

Rating: 4/5

Repurchase? Perhaps :3

What do you think about this body lotion?
Have you tried it? ;)
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  1. Jadi pengen cobain Yumi ^^ wangi kiwi pasti enak banged hehe :D

    anw if you dont mind follow me back , so we can keep in touch~~ thanks

    Xiao Veee ^^,

    1. coba ikut giveawayku :3 bisa dapet yumi lho hehe
      i have followed you back :D

  2. gede juga ya...!! murce pulak hihihi

  3. So cuteeee.. Pengen beli yang lainnya soalnya packagingnya lucu-lucu semuaaaa.. ^^

  4. 100ml kok keliatannya tube nya gede banget yak .. hahahha ..

    lama bener ga sampe2 di denpasar nih vivelle :(

    oiaa, going to follow u yaaaa .. ^^

    1. haha aslinya lumayan mungil kok, muat masuk ke dlm tas jalan2 :P
      oiya lama ya nyampe di denpasar? smoga cptan masuk de >.<
      thanks <3

  5. kmaren pas jalan2 liat hand body ini tp masih maju mundur cc mau beli, soale stock hand body mc ada...hahahahaha~~
    sepertinya yg keiko menarik perhatian walo yg yumi lbih eyecatching...

    1. klo sempet cobain deh :D
      iyaa aku jg lbh suka keiko sih.. soalnya kulitku super kering >.<

  6. ini ada sabunnya juga lhooo~~ lucu deh sabunnya bentuk kepala hello kitty <3

    eh btw aku ikutan giveaway mu, itu masuk gak sih?
    wkwkwk aku gak ngerti pake rafflecopter gt :D

    1. iya ada tp blm coba :D
      hmm blom aku cek ^^ nanti yaa..

  7. The lotion is soooo cute like u :) i saw ur pic u r cute like doll :)
    do check my blog,

    1. lol thankyou doll ^^
      gonna check your blog right now ;)

  8. lengket banget ga vee pas diusapin?

  9. OMG! Drooling :D~~~
    very cheap products and there are Hello Kitty there..
    pretty sure to look out for this cute body lotion :D

    1. yeah you should try these cute body lotions :D

  10. thanks for link-ing my blog shel~
    aku punya 3 variannya lengkap ha5..packagingnya lucu2 semua :D

    1. you're welcome cie :D
      oiya?? akhirnya beli jg yg lain ya.. wkwk ^^

  11. Really want to try this in the future ^^

    Anyway I tag you here ^^


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