Wednesday, September 12, 2012

L'oreal Smooth Intense Anti-frizz Serum [review]

Hulaaaaa, everyone~ I'm back with another quick review :3
This is one of my favorite hair products right now :D
Actually i was not planning to buy this product, but finally I bought it because Hypermart has promotion price at the moment :3
Actual price is around IDR 60,000 ($6) but I bought it for around IDR 40,000 ($4) 

Applicable for wet or dry hair, anytime when you want to get rid of your frizzy hair :)
this serum can be applied before use heat-tools (hair straghtener, curling iron etc)

content: 100ml

comes with convenient pump, with orange as its main color :D

the texture is like oil, and it's colorless. It has fragrance which not bother me at all.
I usually use this after washed my hair (50% dry); when my hair is getting frizzy and tangled; and before I use any heat-tools ^-^
I'm used to warm it with my palm of hands then apply this serum thoroughly (concentrate to my tip hair, to prevent split-ends) on my hair.

Overall, I like this product. The minus is, my hands feels greasy after applied this serum on my hair -_-"

What I love
+ Protect my hair from heat-tools
+ Applicable for wet or dry hair
+ Convenient pump
+ Makes my hair less-frizzy
+ Makes my hair easier to be styled
+ Easy to get (at drugstore)

What I hate
- Makes my hand feels greasy after applied this serum

Rating: 4/5

Repurchase? Yes! ^,^

Have you tried this serum? :D
Thanks for reading :)


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