Friday, September 7, 2012

August Haul: Full of Blessings

Hello everyone~ (✿◠‿◠) How's your day?
Today I'd like to share my happiness to you.. My August Haul & my Winning Haul 
Yeah I know, it's September already.. But I just posted my August Haul.. >.< haha
I think for September, I'll post my Monthly Favorites as well :)

So, here we are~


1. Pixy Perfect Eyeliner
2. Hadalabo Ultimate Moisturizing Lotion
3. Natur-e Daily Nourishing Lotion
4. Vivelle UV Whitening Body Lotion (Yumi)
5. Vivelle UV Double Moisturizing Body Lotion (Keiko)

I also bought the Vivelle Body Lotion (Yumi) for one of my blog giveaway prizes (⌒˛⌒ )

 If you haven't enter my giveaway yet, you may see HERE

6. Gizi Super Cream
7. Sariayu Mukjizat Tolak Jerawat (Acne 
8. Unbranded Sponges
10. L'oreal Nutrition Hair Mask
11. Viva Ultra Foundation (natural)
12. Viva Compact Powder Lilac
13. Mustika Ratu Masker Bengkoang
14. Corina Hair Spray

For the Viva products, I bought it for "IDR 100k Makeup Challenge" purpose :P


I must say that my August was really awesome..
Full of blessings (*^▽^*)
I feel so grateful and thankful because of His grace 

♥ prizes from Pygmalion's blog 
announcement here
Watsons Sakura Bella Body Set, consist of:
-Hand & Body Lotion
-Body Scrub
-Shower Gel
"Thankyou Ci Mei! ;)"

♥ Prizes from ci Lulu's blog 
announcement here
the prizes consist of:
- Victoria's Secret Deluxe Eye Palette (Fearless)
- Benefit Girl Meets Pearl (7.5ml)
- Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara
- Urban Decay Lip Junkie Lipgloss
- Skinfood All Over Roll Powder
- Revlon Nail Enamel Pure Pearl
- Etude House Petite Darling Nails (PK003, BR301, BL501)
- Professional Eyelashes (4 pairs)
- Nail Sticker (4 sheets)
- Accessories
"Thankyou Ci Lulu! ^^"

♥ Prizes from Luview FB page 
announcement here
the prizes consist of:
- One-touch Brush Sun Powder
- Aqua Essence Whitening BB Cream
- Real Skin Primer BB Cream
- Whitening Capsule BB Cream
- Triple Baked Eyeshadow (03 white indigo)
"Thankyou Luview! :D"

♥ Prizes From Yevi Ng's blog 
announcement here and ci phanie's blog
From Yevi:
- Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit (02 Natural Beige)
and samples

From Ci Phanie:
- Soap & Glory Hand Food
"Thankyou Yevi & Cie Phanie! =D"

♥ Prizes from Etude House Global \(‾▿‾\)(/‾▿‾)/ 
announcement link here
why I could won this cute pink box? Because I joined their Pink Play Concert Contest and become the one of winners (≧∇≦)/ so happy~
The prizes consist of:

- Wonder Pore Freshner (250ml)
- Put Your Hands Up Perfect Body Razor
- Put Your Hands Up Deo Perfume Stick
- Higlight Me Body Glam SPF50+/PA+++
- Precious Mineral SUn BB Cream (02 Natural Beige)
- Lash Perm Proof Mascara 
- Dear Darling Neon Tint (01 orange)
- Proof 10 Liquid Liner (GR701)
"Thankyou Etude House! ^-^"

Thank youuuuuuu so much Dear God (- ^ ⌣ ^ -) ♥!!
You're so good for me.. I can't thank enough :')
dear all my readers, don't call me lucky.. i'm blessed ^____^
Just only by His favor :)

dear all, don't be sad if you are rarely win any giveaway..
Every person have their own blessing, so maybe next time is your turn ^^

Oaaaahhhh.. I have tons of products to be reviewed in the future ( •̯́ .̮.̮ •̯̀) hehe~
which one do you want me to review first?

Thanks for reading :-*


  1. Wah...hoki banget dapet banyak freebies!
    Congrats yah ^.^

  2. ERRR~~ Kurang banyak ce -__-
    banyak bangeeet menangin giveawaynyaa :P

    1. hehe iya sha ^-^
      next time should be your turn dear ;)

  3. nice haul ce ^^ yaampun aku sampe ga bisa napas pas liat hadiah giveaway sebanyak itu, tanggung jawab ce *terlalu mendramatisir* :p btw congrats yaa ce, you're sooooooo lucky!!! *o*

    1. thanks laaa ^^
      huehe aku jg shock kok begitu tau pengumuman2nya ^w^
      km juga lucky laaa.. sering menang jg :D hehe

  4. Ci Shelvi asik bangeeet menangnya banyak bgt wowwowowowowowoowww. *envy* wkwkwkwkwk. Congrats ya ci menang sgitu banyak xD dtggu review Whitening Capsule BB Cream yaa ^^

    1. thankyouu melisa hehe ^^
      smoga berikutnya giliranmu yah :D
      okaii ditunggu ya ;)

    congratulation ya veee xD

  6. woow byk bangeet menang giveaway nya =o .
    slamat yaa ^^

  7. waaawww cc congrats yach menangin banyak giveaway...what a lucky girl (^_^)...
    mau nanya ni tu hada labo bli di sby kah??klo iya bli nya dmn cc, cz di sdoarjo kyknya mc lom ada...

    1. hehe smoga next time giliranmu yah ;)
      hmmm aku belinya bkn di sby say ^__^ pas pulang di madiun..hehe

    2. amieen cc moga2 ktularan lucky nya hehe....
      waw di madiun udah ada ya rupanya...q pnsaran bgt sm hada labo soale cc ...

    3. aku td liat ada hadalabo di toko grosir pasar atum lama yg deket sama daerah makanan2 di lantai paling dasar ^^ ehehe

  8. You are indeed very lucky shel *-*.. ah disini si hello kitty susah banget dicari *-*

    1. i'm indeed blessed dit :D hehe
      hello kitty? ooh vivelle yah? masa? :O
      ikut giveawayku aja siapa tau menang :3 hehe

  9. wah giveawaynya borong ;-)
    btw kamu menang lagi loh giveaway misskatie

    1. iyaa hehe ^^
      oh bukan aku yg menang.. aku jd kandidat tp bkn yg menang =D hehe

  10. wohoo..
    yes, you are blessed enough, maybe now we should change the *lucky* word to *bless cuz all thing we have now is from God, He give us, not just by chance :)
    God bless you more cuz you give more :)
    have a nice day!

    1. yesss :') all is from God.. only by His grace..
      Thank youuu dear ^^
      have a nice dayyy ;)

  11. wah baru tahu kalau kamu menang Luview juga shel~ congrats yaa *iri* hahaha

    1. iya cc hehe :D
      cc jg bnyak menang giveaway loh ^^ congrats yaa~

  12. Wahhhh!!! congratulations!!! pasti senang sekali ya :D

  13. You are so lucky, sist.
    Bnyk bgt menang giveaway na.
    Congrats ya :)

    Dear darling neon tint, ditunggu review na ya.

  14. congrats sweety enjoy

  15. You are so lucky, sist.
    Byk bgt menang giveaway na.
    Congrats ya :)

    Dear darling neon tint n precious sun bb cream, ditunggu review na ya.

  16. wowww, syoookkkk banyak bener freebienya, keren2 lagi hhuhuuuu envy u LoL ditunggu reviewnya 1-1 yaaaaa, hahahaa anyway congrats lucky girl ^^

  17. hi are you...?
    lovely the hello kitty's very pity that in Italy I cannot find it...
    big huge

  18. Wowww beneran full of blessing :D <3 <3 Revieww dongg terutama yang Sakura Bella body set <3 Gbu

  19. Enak bgt dpt byk.. ^^ Mauu donkks.. hehe

  20. beruntung banget sih ce sering menang Giveaway T_T hiksss


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