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Detox Facial Treatment at Oribel Beauty Care [review]

Hello everyone! Few months ago I was contacted by Oribel Beauty Care Salon to try their facial treatment, but due to some reasons finally I just could stepped my feet on their place like 3 weeks ago. It took a while for me to test if there's any post-treatment symptom, in order to compliment this post :) Also, not trying to look for an excuse, but my video editor acted strangely since this early August, and it forced me to use my previous video editor for a moment. Phew, hopefully my video editor's problem will get solved soon.

Back to the topic! Around mid July I visited this Salon for the first time :D Let me introduce you.. this is

Oribel, Oribel Beauty Care, Oribel Beauty Care Surabaya, Oribel service review
Oribel's appearance from outside
Oribel, Oribel Beauty Care, Oribel Beauty Care Surabaya, Oribel service review

As you can tell from the banner, Oribel covers most of ladies' needs in pampering way. Oribel offers hair service, skin care service, and nail service :) Oribel is located Ruko Raya Dharmahusada, Surabaya. From a far, this place might look cramped and small, but we always can't judge something by its cover, can we? 
Let's go inside! ^_^

Banner on the entrance:
 Intraceuticals is an Australian company specializing in oxygen technology. Intraceuticals was founded in 2002, and has offices in 22 countries. The Intraceuticals Topical Hyperbaric Oxygen System uses therapeutic oxygen under hyperbaric pressure to infuse a special serum of modified hyaluronic acid, essential vitamins, botanicals, antioxidants and amino peptides to the skin. Re-hydrated, plumped up skin in less than an hour will set this treatment apart from any other facial treatments. (source:

First compartment of Oribel, here's spacious front desk and couch. Elementary child on the desk is one of Oribel's customers that still received treatment at that moment. The staffs kindly accompanied her during her drawing time :)

Still waiting for my turn with comfortable sofa, water and candies. OMG my face looked so pale here :x I only wore thin layer of makeup since my face would get a treatment and it's no use to wear full face makeup. LOL.

Second compartment of Oribel, Hair Salon. They provide many kinds of hair service for your needs.
Not forget to mention that this place is pretty neat and well-organized :) 

On the second floor, you will see Nail Service Corner. Comfy couches with many nail polish collections on the top sehlf, and Skin Care Service equipment on the bottom shelf. They will do your nails here ^_^

Oribel, Oribel Beauty Care, Oribel Beauty Care Surabaya, Oribel service review

Finally, here's last compartment of Oribel. You will get skin care treatments here. There are 5 single beds, and each bed is separated with full-curtains to ensure your comfort ^_^ 

Are you a clean-freak? Good news is, they always provide new bed sheet, tube dress, towels and blanket for their customers :D To be honest, sharing bed sheet, towel and blanket are my pet-peeves -__- I can't imagine how I have to share something with strangers.. Only thinking about germs that they might bring from outside can cause me shiver.

Machine and tools
Oribel, Oribel Beauty Care, Oribel Beauty Care Surabaya, Oribel service review

Before starting facial treatment, the therapists will ask if we prefer to get treatments in dim light or bright light. I requested them to dim the light so we (I and my BF) could relaxed during the treatment. The ambiance made me so sleepy and comfortable. Most likely I would be dozing off if only I didn't have to record videos for the vlog (blogger's duty :3 LOL)

BF was laying down next to me, currently got skin extraction. Not like I've expected before, he was pretty calm and I didn't hear any cringe sound at all o_o Later on when I asked him how it was, he said that the extraction process wasn't really hurt and he could bear the pain (and actually he could heard my chit-chat with Oribel's owner yet he still remained calm. LOL) Wow, such a rare outcome for someone that barely get any facial treatment like him.

My BF tried Oxygen Facial Treatment, for dry or combination skin. This treatment will help to refresh and rejuvenate skin. At the end, the skin will looks more elastic, fresh and moist; and help to control sebum for people with oily skin type.

Watch to see what will happen next.

Oribel, Oribel Beauty Care, Oribel Beauty Care Surabaya, Oribel service review

Facial Detox Treatment Step by Step
  1. Cleanse: First of all, they cleansed my face from any makeup with milk cleanser
  2. Scrub: Then, they exfoliated my skin with face scrub. The scrub itself isn't too harsh and didn't hurt my skin.
  3. Vaporize: using skin vaporizer, they opened my skin pores and soften my blackheads (for additional, they also used blackhead softener cream, to ease the extraction process)
  4. Extraction: If I have to rate the pain level for this step, I'll give 5/10 for forehead and cheeks area, 6/10 for nose bridge and 7/10 for nostrils T_T
  5. Microdermabrasion: is a non-chemical, non-invasive procedure that uses a spray of microcrystals to remove the outermost layer of dry, dead skin cells and reveal younger, healthier-looking skin. How does it feels? It feels like something tugging my skin many times, not hurt at all.
  6. High Frequency (HF): HF helps to prevent anti-inflamation and to dries up pimples faster.
  7. Massage: My favorite part. The therapist massaged my head, neck and shoulder. It felt so good :3
  8. Detox: Main part of this treatment, there are special cream and device to remove impurities skin underneath. Not painful at all :D My skin was like shoved here and there with circular motion.
  9. Cleansing: to remove all dirt and prepare skin for the next step
  10. Face Mask: to soothe skin and diminish pores. The face mask (if I'm not mistaken, it's clay mask) smells strong and kinda reminds me with hair coloring scent.
  11. Toner, Serum, Sunblock: to freshen up skin, maintain skin elasticity and protect skin from harmful sun rays.

2 weeks after treatment, I had 2 pimples near my nostril and forehead. I assume it was effect after my skin got detoxified or due to PMS :p haha, can't really decide. Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with the facial treatment. My skin felt so fresh, moist and elastic; and I barely see blackheads post-treatment. Come to think about its costs (it costs IDR 250,000), the service were really impressive and the price are fair enough. The service is definitely worth the price! :)

Jl. Ruko raya dharmahusada utara 36-38D, Sby 
Phone : (031) 5950626 
WA :081230213030 
Open daily:10.00-18.00 
LINE / Instagram : oribelbeautycare 
Pin BB : 57FFDC87

Dapatkan diskon 50% untuk treatment ke-2 setelah transaksi min IDR 200,000
Setelah mencoba treatment Oribel, dapatkan juga diskon 10% kalau follow, mention dan tag instagram @oribelbeautycare di dalam foto yang kalian post di Instagram :D

Thank you Oribel Beauty Care for having me! ^_^
Thanks for reading all~


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