Saturday, May 25, 2013

Recent Winning Haul + Korea Haul

Well, I'm back!! XD Sorry for lack of updates.. *again* T_T
This post is requested by some ladies who curious of what I bought at Korea this May. Sorry this post may disappointing you >w< Because I have no enough time to buy many cosmetics, I just bought some.. TT___TT
That's why I combine Korea Haul with my recent Winning Haul :)

Korea Haul

The Saem
- Style Specialist Easy Bubble
- Cushion Bubble Cleanser
- Eco Earth Calendula Sun Spray SPF50+++
- Saemmul Tint Aqua Tint

The Face Shop
- Jewel Therapy Water Jelly Essence
- Natural Sun Smart Cushion

Some snacks, and Gochujang

Yeah that's all.. T_T *THAT'S ALL??*
I really don't have sufficient time to go shopping.. Meanwhile, during the tour we have to check-in and check-out into different hotel everyday. Really inconvenience.. Carrying too much stuff all by myself will kill me softly *____*

Never mind.. I can shop anymore next time :3 *finger crossed*

*Praise The Lord* ^^
These winnings are compiled from January - March '13 if i'm not mistaken..

Gofress products + Cash money because I won Gofress Writing competition that I joined last January >____< as BEST BLOG! WOW!
Such an achievement.. :') Thanks God

Bio Spring Water
from Irene Octavia Tan :D from

Rohto C-cube + Rohto products
from Franky Wu ^^ from

Thanks for reading my very short post :P hahaha
Good night!


  1. akhirnya diposting juga haulnya, btw ditunggu review the saem aqua tint-nya ya, trims

  2. Aaaaa.. korea haulnya penasaran yang the saem dong.. belum pernah nyoba yang itu.. XD


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