Friday, May 31, 2013

April WishBox: Fresh Skincare from South Korea

Hello everyone!! How's your day? I hope yours is good :)
First of all, I apologize to due to this super delayed post :( This post is supposed to be up before April ends, but because of some problems I just received this package this early May.

Few weeks ago WishTrend's representative kindly offered me this box for review purpose. This WishBox couldn't be considered as regular WishBox because its content is lesser than usual WishBox and they let me to try some skincare products and samples :)

Let's check it out! 

When I opened the package... VOILA!

What I've got this time? :) 

Skin & Lab
Dr. Vita Clinic: C Plus Brightening
Dr. Vita Clinic: A Plus Lifting
Dr. Vita Clinic: E Plus Moisturizing
Dr. Vita Clinic: K Plus Red-X

Fullsize products:
1) For skin elastic and wrinkle improvement: Vitamin A plus Lifting
2) For controlling skin trouble and sebum(ACNE Clearing): Vitamin B plus trouble X
3) For brightening skin tone: Vitamin C plus Brightening 
4) For moisturizing & anti-aging: Vitamin E plus Moisturizing
5) For correcting blushing & minimizing dark circle: Vitamin K plus red X

Product Link: Skin & Lab Vitamin

Blackhead Steam Pore Pack
Pore Minimizing Pack

Product Link:
[CAOLION] Blackhead Steam Pore Pack:
[CAOLION] Pore Minimizing Pack:

Elishacoy Always Nuddy BB 24
Product Link:
Skin & Lab Dr. Sun Care Perfect Sun Block in the Desert SPF 45/PA+++
Product Link:
Elishacoy Always Triple BB SPF30/PA++
Product Link:

Rojukiss Pore Tightening Source
Skin & Lab Dr. Vita Clinic ACE Triple Action Essence
Skin & Lab Dr. Vita Clinic BK Trouble Finish Essence

Last.. the main product of this WishBox!! :D

O.S.T Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum
Product Link:
It's the best selling product from WishTrend in 2012 :)

The best selling item of 2012 and 
the fastest effect with Vitamin C.

Need to tone up loose skin for keeping youth.

+ Includes pure Vitamin-C 20%

+ Whitening /Recovering trouble scars
+ Removing blackheads
+ Ranked the best selling item in Singapore No.1 commerce. (2012)

Brand : OST
Volume : 30ml
All Skin Type
Made in Korea 

Original Pure Vitamin C is in palm of my hand! :) I will up the review very soon. This bottle is quite handy, but you better don't drop this product for safety reason.

for the texture, it has quite thick texture but spreadable. I can't describe its scent well, but it doesn't bothering me anyway :)

Thank you for this WishBox! Nice to try these samples and especially the O.S.T Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum ヾ(☆▽☆)

Thanks for reading all :)
Hope you find these information are helpful!
Until next time xx

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  1. OST dan Skin lab nya menggiurkan sekali ditunggu review lengkapnya. ^^


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