Saturday, January 5, 2013

Collective Haul! (November to December '12)

Finally I post my latest haul xD
These are my haul in November and December (^▽^) 
that's why I call it Collective Haul :)
I'm proud of myself, I didn't spend too much money last month.. Still could controlled myself! :3 lol

Okay, let's get started!

1. Coastal Scents 12 Pieces Brush Set
I ordered it on Black Friday, and bought this for around IDR 180k 

2. Lioele Triple Solution BB Cream
Got this as one of the makeup contestants, READ HERE

3. Sariayu Products! 

4. L'oreal 5 Total Repairing Shampoo
Trying my new shampoo, L'oreal 5 Total Repairing Shampoo!
After my unpleasant experience with my last shampoo, I decided to try this one..
Hope this shampoo will suits me best :'D

Talika Skin Retouch, from Talika Indonesia◕‿◕
I won their contest! Thanks God!

Daiso Products from my friend who visited Singapore last month xD
I got 2 eyeliner, 1 double eye pencil, and 1 eye shadow palette.
Gonna review it as soon as possible :3

Goody Bag from Grand Launching of Lioele 

Christmas Swap with Stazya ^w^ Read my post HERE

Goody Bag from Etude House Workshop + Some of my haul
Read my complete post, HERE

Goody Bag from The Body Shop Online Gathering~
Read my post HERE ^^ 

I think... that's all? hehe :3
Which one do you prefer to be reviewed first?
Please let me know~

Thanks for reading all ( ^ ε ^ )/


  1. Great haul and many freebies ^w^
    Review all ce :p

  2. Wow sweeetie really big Haul! You have a cute blog! i´m your new follower.


  3. I got that exact same eyeliner from Daiso, the "magical" one. Haha.
    I've been eyeing the Lioele triple the solution bb cream! Could you possibly do a review? :)

    1. oh? really? what do you think about that eyeliner? ^^
      i'll do it after try it :D

  4. nice haul shel :)
    ditunggu review lioele-nya <3

    1. eeehh iya tp mungkin ga bs dlm wkt dkt cie XD soalnya bb cream msh byk jd yg ini msh belum dibuka..hihi
      thankyou ^^

  5. wah banyak banget ya O_o
    aku pengen banget nyobain bb cream lioele yang itu hahaha cuma kalau ol shop bisa jual lebih murah ya
    ditunggu review-review produknya yang belum ^^


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