Wednesday, January 9, 2013

SilkyGirl Pure Fresh Oil-Control 2-Way Foundation [review]

Hello all! ^u^ I'm back with another review!~
I'd like to introduce you my current compact powder.. two-way foundation to be exact :p
It's Pure Fresh Oil-Control 2-Way Foundation from SilkyGirl~
What's 2-way foundation? For a simple explanation, it's kind of a compact powder with high coverage like foundation but has lightweight as normal compact powder.
Duh I always lazy forgot to take pictures of this product >.< lol

So, let's get started~

SilkyGirl Fresh Oil-Control 2-Way Foundation
*SPF 20

Simple-designed pact, has wide mirror and comes with sponge.
I like to bring this everywhere for touch-up purpose =D
The packaging is made from plastic and not sturdy. I think you can break this product easily, as soon as you drop this one :p Of course I don't want to drop this pact -.- lol

I got mine in 02 natural shade.

content: 8g

Specially formulated with oil-control properties to keep shine at bay. Its super-soft texture gives you a natural, matte and silky finish throughout the day without caking. Contains SPF 20 to protect your skin against the damaging effect of the sunlight.

I already hit the pan =P since I have been using this pact everyday~~

I like the smooth texture of this powder pact :D 
It glides smoothly on my skin and gives me matte and natural result!

02 natural shade.
it blends very well on my skin tone :D not feel like wearing a mask!

Price: I forgot the price.. Definitely less than IDR 45.000 or $5

Worth to buy?
I do recommend this pact ^^ 
Better coverage than regular compact powder, and still light-weighted!
I bought this when there was "buy one get one free" promotion :3
So money-wise! I got two pacts, one for me and the other for my sister.

the ingredients
As you can see this product contains alcholol.. and paraben substance..
I guess their dosage are still tolerable and safe for skin :)

It gives me instant matte-effect. The coverage is light-medium and it stays for around 4-6 hours in the AC room.

It's a quite good compact powder and suitable for daily basis, since I don't like heavy makeup for office :p I tend to use this pact alone, or after BB cream application.
If i'm not mistaken.. SilkyGirl also provide the refills for this compact powder =D
I'll like to buy the refills as soon as I finish this one :3!

What I love <3
+ Matte finish
+ Good oil control (I have combination skin-type)
+ The staying power is quite good
+ Available in many shades
+ Doesn't make me break out
+ Affordable!
+ Easy to get in Indonesia :D
+ Wide mirror
+ Light-weighted for skin

What I hate </3
- It contains alcohol and paraben substances

Rating: 4/5

Repurchase? Yes :P I'll buy the refills
Recommended? Yup :D

Have you tried this pact? How's your opinion? ^^ I'd like to know
Thanks for stopping by~ <3


  1. I had this too... but i stop using it coz it's cakey..
    I have an oily type skin... maybe it just suit for dry skin type..

    1. I have oily skin but I love this product too~ one of my favourite compact powder :)

  2. sama maybelline yang all in one (case pink) bagusan mana vee? ^^
    jadi penasaran juga pengen coba hehe

    1. hampir2 mirip sih.. tp yg ini sedikit lbh long lasting soalnya two-way cake :D coba2 di counter dl aja Sa ^^

  3. Looks smooth and matte ya xiao vee.. I haven't tried silkygirl yet but interested to try it ;)


  4. I never see this brand before I want try with this product looks so matte and georgeus! You have a beautiful skin without makeup


  5. your skin is good and it looks good on you! ^^
    but it wont be good for my dry acne face -.-

    1. my skin was in good condition at the moment xD lol
      thank you~ ^^ umm maybe this compact isn't suit for you.. because it has oil control ._.


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