Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Eye Candy Lens *Classic Sky* [review]

I'm a kind of person who doesn't used to use another lens before my current lens getting expired.
Few months ago, my previous circle lens Geo Big Grang Grang was getting not comfy anymore (after 3 month usage), when I was thinking to buy another lens, owner of Bunga Softlens kindly sent this pair of Eye Candy Lens for review purpose ♥ Thank you~ ^^

Since this was my first time trying Eye Candy Lens, I was so excited! ( ^ ε ^ )~

Pretty safe and secure, of course this circle lens is authentic!
I also got the clear case ;)

Please remember to soak them into a softlens-solution at least a night before put it into your eyes.

Actually there are some variants of Eye Candy Lens, those are Classic, Bulle, Chell, Onyx and so on. I tried the Classic Sky ^^

Eye Candy Classic Sky

Diameter : 15mm
B.C : 8.6mm
Water Content : 48%
Origin: South Korea
Silicone Hydrogel

When I saw its color for the first time, I was quite surprise.. I thought they sent me wrong lens, but it really the Classic Sky! o.o

Just like a flower pattern and cloudy sky at the same time. The pattern isn't too much for everyday ヾ(☆▽☆)

I could say that this lens is pretty unique. Though it looks like a gray-colored lens (instead of BLUE sky), this is how I look when using this lens..

Can you see the hint of "blue" color? (
Apparently I made a wrong perception about SKY word. The real sky has combination of White-Gray-Blue colors, in my opinion. Whatsoever it described, this lens really has beautiful pattern and natural for everyday~ 

I could use this lens for up to 12 hours without dryness feeling (even in Air-Conditioned room!). This lens made from Silicone Hydrogen, which is so comfy and it has high water content as well ^^~

Another snap-shots of this circle lens

oops I forgot the eyeliner part, lol >.<

Maybe you have seen this photo on my facebook :p haha
over-exposure photo :p sometimes I like this kind of photo editing, hehe
my normal skintone, my panda eyes still visible T_T

I used Etude House's Eyelashes number 8, Baby Volume

My final opinion?

What I love <3
+ It didn't dry out
+ Not too thin, nor thick
+ High water content (48%)
+ Pretty pattern and color
+ Still look natural and suit for everyday
*not lebay xD*

What I hate </3
- None ^^

Rating: 4/5

Repurchase? Yes, in another color :3
Recommended? Yeah~!

Where to Buy?
Bunga Softlens
SMS only: 085728555552
BB Pin: 3250019F

Jangan lupa menyebutkan kata "Xiao Vee" biar bisa dapet diskon 10% ya (^‿^ ) 

Thanks for reading everyone~ (^^)/

Disclaimer: I only shared my honest opinion :) I'm not being paid to do this review.


  1. Love this effect on your eyes ... I cannot find something like this in Italy :(
    Happy new year dear
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    1. oh really? :O you should buy it via online then :)

  2. Wowowow they're soo pretty! And kinda natural still :)
    And you're so cute~

  3. Cantik shellll >.<
    jadi mupeng nyobain eyecandyyyy wkwkwkkk
    Racunnnn nihhh. Lol

  4. seems like this one is really good since you don't hate anything about it ahaha. Thanks for sharing!

    I'm having a giveaway, I hope you can join :)

    1. hey, thanks for visiting my blog ^^ gonna join your giveaway! <3

  5. veryy prettyyyy :D love the pattern :)

  6. Love the pattern.. and your cute Face Accentuates it. xD

  7. awawaww.. nice review kak jempolan deh
    visit jg yah kak

  8. Great review, thanks for sharing it here !

    i like the way you present your blog post.

    I will visit your blog more often

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