Monday, February 27, 2012

Innisfree Vital Essential C mask lemon [review]

Nowadays, my skin becomes worse because of stress >w<
thesis is killing me softly T,T but i'm trying to enjoy it.. LOL
I tried this sheet mask few days ago..
It's Vital Essential C mask (lemon) from Innisfree
The packaging is quite simple.. fresh lemon :P

natural vitamin C for health and vitality of skin! say yay for vit C! :D

the ingredients.. it contains alcohol.. even i didn't sniffed any alcohol scent..
and my sensitive skin didn't showed any irritation after used this mask..

LOL.. i'm so tired at that time and i'm too shy to show my full face XD sorryyyy 
after used this mask.. i noticed that my skin feels so supple and soft.. and quite moisturized.. (my skin type is dry & normal skin)
Honestly, I think this mask not really impressive ^^ but just give it a try :) 
every products of skin care always deliver different result to different people.
Anyway I think this mask is suitable for oily skin and sensitive skin :)
Lastly, the lemon scent isn't as strong as I expected before.. IMHO, this mask is also suitable for people with fragrance-allergic skin :)

What I love <3
+ makes my skin feels supple and soft
+ the fragrance isn't strong
+ suits for oily, and sensitive skin
+ quite moisturizing

What I hate </3
- contains alcohol

Rating: 3.5/5
Re-purchase? No.. unless I get freebies :P hehe

I want to try other products of Innisfree ^,^

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