Sunday, February 12, 2012

SilkyGirl Duo Eye Shadow [Review]

Have you try SilkyGirl? Few months ago, I visited SilkyGirl's counter in a mall and
I found this duo eyeshadow, I bought this one because I had no eyeshadow with pink & blue color (my favorite colors XD).. And it's cheap! (around IDR 25,000 or $2,7)
Duo Eye Shadow - 02 Cool Chic
The pigmentation of the eyeshadow is so-so.. I guess the factory is in Malaysia? (please correct me if i'm wrong XD).. But the color is nice if you apply eyeprimer/eyeshadow first..


swatches on my hand.. (up: with eyeprimer, down: without eyeprimer)
What I love <3
+It's cheap
+Cute Color
+Easy to carry

What I hate </3
-Quite powdery

RATING: 3.3/5

RE-PURCHASE? Maybe Yes.. Because it's cheap XD LOL.. I want to try other color..


  1. Replies
    1. aku beli di matahari dept store ^^ di counter nya silky girl

  2. kok murah banget cuma 25rb?
    aku pernah beli eyeshadow ini cuma beda warna dan harganya 40rb
    btw salam kenal^^

    1. oh ya? :O
      sptnya wkt itu masih promo sih.. seingetku cuma 25rb gt makanya kubeli..
      salam knal jg ^^


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