Thursday, February 16, 2012

Skinfood Apple Liquid Eyeliner [review]

yeThis is my current liquid eyeliner.. Bought it since May '11 and haven't finish it yet.. >,<
From Skinfood.. Apple Liquid Eyeliner (black).
The color of this eyeliner is only black.
I was interested with this eyeliner because it claims moisturizing sensitive eye areas with apple extract
here's the eyeliner :)

Explanation from Skinfood website:
This liquid eye liner creates clearly defined eyeline, while moisturizing sensitive eye areas with apple extract. 
Perfect size for easy application, and brush maintains its shape.
* Use:
Define eyeline, filling between lashes.

Let's have a test with this eyeliner!

What I love <3
+ Didn't irritate my eyes
+ Quite moisturizing my eyelid
+ Contains Apple extract...? (even i didn't smell any apple scent in it) XD

What I hate </3
- Semi waterproof
- Not smudgeproof
- the brush is too long than other eyeliner's brush
- If I'm getting sweat, this eyeliner will be fade -.-.. unless I apply eyeprimer first..

Rating: 3.5/5

RE-PURCHASE? No.. I'm searching for other waterproof & smudgeproof liquid liner :) any suggestion?
btw I just bought ELF liquid liner.. ;p haven't use it yet.. will review it after try it ^^

Tips: when you apply this eyeliner on your eyelid, WHATEVER HAPPENS don't ever rub your eyes or this eyeliner will be fade.. -.- use your tissue instead.. hahahaha.. :P

Note: I already purchased a lip butter and it's fantastic \(>,<)/ can't wait to review it.. hehehe XD


  1. I suggest maybelline if you want a waterproof eyeliner! You maybe already read my review about it :)
    I already tried ELF eyeliner but it is not really waterproof too, so I don’t really like it :( Maybe it will works better for you.. I will wait for your review :)
    Btw thanks for the review ^^

  2. aaahh.. i'm tempted to try maybelline >,<
    yup.. hehe.. thank you ^^

  3. wah thanks reviewnya, dulu hampir mau beli ini, tapi dulu banget, hehe.
    cobain itu deh, maybelline hyper sharp liner/dolly wink/k-palette, aku pna review di blog dulu, itu baguss! recommended! ^^

  4. sama2 ^^
    iya udh baca reviewmu kok comi ;)
    thanks jg ya buat comparison reviewnya ^^ berguna bgt :D

  5. Waw hampir beli ini juga, tapi masih maju mundur, belom yakin >,< hehehe.. try MAD liquid liner, super waterproof + smudgeproof!

    1. maksudnya MAC kah? hehehe.. brp y itu hrgnya?
      menghindarin beli MAC soalnya mahal >,< maklum blm pny penghasilan tetap :p *mahasiswa*


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