Friday, February 24, 2012

Etude House Proof 10 Henna Fix Mascara [review]

Taraaaa~ This is my current favorite mascara :)
This mascara is the upgraded version from the old henna fix mascara
Maybe all of you already know that I love Etude House so much :D
i have many products from Etude House ;p LOL

Mine is number 02. Long Lash
I think this mascara so eye-catching because its color is hot pink! :p
I could find this mascara easily in my beauty case because its color LOL

From website:
Formulated with henna extract, Henna Fix Proof 10 Mascara supplies precise lash definition and weightless volume with its unique waterproof formula that won't budge to tears or sebum.

The applicator

Proof 10 Henna Fix Mascara #01 Volume & #02 Long Lash

 When I applied it at my eyelash

FYI, i'm not a mascara junkie, so i only have tried two mascaras till now :p
My first mascara is Maybelline Volume Magnum (yellow packaging) and I don't like the result because it keeps fall out when I rub my eyes or when I cried.
So, maybe I have no enough knowledge or experience about mascara..
please bear with me if my opinion is like a newbie XD LOL

What I love <3
+ It make my lash longer
+ Nice staying power
+ Waterproof
+ Quite easy to remove

What I hate </3
- the applicator is quite stiff


Re-purchase? I think Yes ^^

Have you tried this mascara? :D
Thanks for reading ^^ <3


  1. wow it really makes your lashes longer ya..

  2. lumayan ^^.. itu pakenya baru dikit2.. blm tebal :D klo pakenya banyakan mestinya bs lebih panjang lg..hehe

  3. yes i've tried this tp ga inget pnyaku no. 1 atau 2 :p memang maskara ini bagus bgt, efek panjangin dan nebelinny dapet bgt dan susah dihapus ._.

    1. klo yg no 1 itu volume, no 2 itu long lash ^^
      hahaha iya emg rada2 susah dihapus jg sih xD tp ttp suka deh sama maskara ini..hehe


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