Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dove (damage theraphy) Intense Care Overnight Treatment [Review]

This is one of my favorite hair products! 
This is a overnight treatment for hair..
Just pump it to get 2-4 drops of this cream and apply it to your hair
(be concentrate to hair ends)
I bought this because my friend recommended it for me..
the price is about IDR 30,000 or $3.5
still reasonable for me.. so i tried it ^-^

it containts 120ml

it comes with pump ^^ i dunno why there's dead pixels here =w=

the ingredients and how to use it

the pump
Can you see the arrow above the pump? This hair product has a quite unique pump, if you rotate the pump to the left, it will be locked. Then, if you rotate the pump to the right, it will be unlocked and you can pump to get the cream.. But the pump could broken easily.. I always forget to lock the pump.. and i didn't really use the lock pump :D as long as i can use this product. LOL XD

This is my second purchase.. my hair becomes so smooth, soft and split-ends less after used this products for at least one week (≧∇≦)/

I usually use 4-6 drops to apply on my hair, because my hair is long :D

What I love <3
• really moisturizing
• nice scent
• does improvement for my hair
• dries quickly, so don't worry this cream will leave stain on your pillow

What I hate </3
• not any




  1. I love pump packaging! It makes the liquid more hygiene :D

  2. @cominica: yuppp ^^ so hygienic! thanks for coming XD


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