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Hi guys! Recently colorful eyeliner is being a hit in Indonesia :D As you know, Revlon has released several colors for their newest Skinny Liquid Liner and Pencil Eyeliner. So far I've tried two colors, BBlog kindly sent me this pair to join the challenge ^.^ Thank you!

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Revlon Colorstay Skinny Liquid Liner - Electric Blue
Revlon Colorstay Pencil Eyeliner - Sapphire

And what challenge that I just mentioned about? Just like this post's title, I'm joining Revlon Colorful Affair Challenge. In this challenge, all you need it is basically create an eye makeup look, using Revlon new eyeliners; and tell a brief descriptions why the eye makeup look represents your personality :D Sounds so fun, doesn't it?

Today is the last day and thankfully I could finished this submission in time! ^.^
So, by using Revlon Skinny Liquid Liner (Electric Blue) and Pencil Eyeliner (Sapphire), I created this eye makeup look. I also used white pencil eyeliner and black liquid liner to compliment this look :D Without those additional color, my look would be gonna look so weird and unnatural (They're all blue, baby!)

Why this eye makeup look represents my personality?
Blue is one of primary colors, and Blue is a color intermediate between green and violet. By mixing blue with other primary to secondary colors, we can obtain variation colors of Blue. Sky blue, light blue, azure, cobalt, sapphire, navy, midnight blue, electric blue, indigo, ultramarine; you name it :D
Hence, the combination of electric blue and sapphire is suitable with my personality, because Sapphire color is unique, and the bold electric blue speaks dare to be different acts and mind.

In other side, the color blue is the color of trust, reliable, honesty and responsibility. It is sincere, reserved and quiet, and doesn't like to make a fuss or draw attention. It hates confrontation, and likes to do things in its own way (source). Yes, that's I am! I love peace. I don't like to make a fuss or draw attention. Most of time, I don't like to bring up unpleasant topics on social media or real life. Maybe that's why I have no ability to stand out in speech debating XDD If I'm by chance draw attention in social medias or real life, most likely I will as much as possible avoid debate.

Talking about mood, blue represents melancholy or sad situation. I don't really have moody personality, but somehow when my melancholy side appears, I think too much! My BF ever said that I tend think too much, even for something that I actually didn't need to be worried of :|

Blue is conservative and predictable, a safe and non-threatening color. Just like me, my expressions are always predictable. My BF often says that I'm conservative enough and also not good at all in lying. LOL (well, it's a good thing, isn't it?). At the same time blue is persistent and determined to succeed in whichever endeavors it pursues. Yeah, I won't give up until I reach my goals :)

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By reading explanation above, I think you're a step closer know about my personality :)
Thank you Revlon and BBlog for hosting this challenge!
I promise I will make complete review about Revlon Skinny Liquid Liners and Pencil Eyeliners very soon ^.^ Please stay tune!

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Thanks for reading all, See ya on my next post!


  1. Seger juga ya pake eyeliner warna biru, jadi kelihatan fresh ^3^
    Kamu selalu cantik Shel ^0^

  2. Cakepp ce, bisa dibuat look kalo party xD
    good luck ya ce :)

  3. Iye bener tuh komen diatas.. emang keliatan fresh.. eye catching deh... 🆒
    kece 〜(^∇^〜)

  4. You're so pretty!
    I like this color, it look nice on you :3 But I think I can't wear blue eyeliner haha

    I'm a new reader here :)
    Maybe we can follow each other?
    My blog: http://worldismagiiic.blogspot.fr/

  5. cantik Vee!
    jadi pingin coba juga liquid eyelinernya hihi..

    Beauty Appetite


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