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Guergi Cover Foundation [review]

Hey guys! I'm currently in holiday, back to my hometown :D What do you do spend this holiday?
Old readers must have known that I barely wear foundation, even for special occasions. I hate thick and heavy layer that covers my face like a mask; thus I prefer BB Cream or CC cream over foundation. Since I heard many good reviews about this product, I became tempted to try this foundation. Well, this was my latest foundation after quite a while :p

Guergi Cover Foundation, Brand Guergi, Guergi Cover Foundation Review, High Coverage Foundation

Long lasting, full cover makeup with coenzyme Q10 and vitamin E. It protects skin against aging and the formation of wrinkles as well as free radicals and other negative environmental factors. An effective combination of UVA/UVB filters SPF30 guarantees skin is protected from the harmful effects of the sun. On application, skin is silky, smooth and radiant.

The creamy texture immediately adjust to your skin and gives it a flawless finish for hours, which also makes it suitable for professonal use. It can be used daily for overal uniformity of skin color or -thanks to its extreme concealing performance- to hide cosmetic skin imperfections, pigment stains or dark circle under the eyes. Its waterproof composition ensures your skin will stay beautiful in any conditions.

Suitable for all skin types (including sensitive skin)
Hypoallergenic - does not irritate skin
Dermatology tested

Content / Isi: 30gr
Price / Harga: IDR 350,000

Guergi Cover Foundation, Brand Guergi, Guergi Cover Foundation Review, High Coverage Foundation

Guergi Cover Foundation adalah foundation dari Eropa yang bersifat full coverage, sehingga dapat meratakan warna kulit dan menutupi noda di wajah (seperti concealer).

Alasan kenapa menggunakan Guergi Cover Foundation:
- Full coverage foundation yang dapat menutupi noda di wajah
- Vitamin E dan Coenzyme Q10 sebagai anti penuaan dini dan anti kerut
- SPF 30 (sun protection), cocok untuk iklim tropis
- Hypoallergenic, yang telah teruji secara dermatologi
- Waterproof, dapat membuat make-up tahan lama
- Brightening effect, memiliki hasil akhir yang mencerahkan

Guergi Cover Foundation, Brand Guergi, Guergi Cover Foundation Review, High Coverage Foundation

Yay it's cruelty free! :D Another uniqueness of this product is, it provides product description in 5 different languages: French, Espanyol, Czech, English and Arabic.

Guergi Cover Foundation, Brand Guergi, Guergi Cover Foundation Review, High Coverage Foundation

The product itself is made in aluminium material and coated with simple yet glamorous shimmery bronze color. The packaging of this foundation is kinda reminds me with paint tubes, because it comes with twist-cap and you have to make a hole (with its cap) to open the aluminium seal ^.^

Guergi Cover Foundation, Brand Guergi, Guergi Cover Foundation Review, High Coverage Foundation
Guergi Cover Foundation have two shades: G.04 Ivory and G.05 Beige
How to use
Apply makeup onto washed, clean skin. Treat skin with a normal daytime hydrating cream before applying. Smooth on makeup with fingers, a sponge or makeup brush moving from the center of the face towards the edges. Finally fix makeup with transparent powder.

Langkah-langah untuk menggunakan Guergi Cover Foundation:
1. Gunakan moisturaizer untuk melembabkan kulit agar Guergi dapat merata dengan sempurna
2. Gunakan sedikit Guergi dan ratakan ke seluruh wajah dengan menggunakan tangan, kuas ataupun sponge makeup

3. Sempurnakan tampilan dengan menggunakan bedak tabur di wajah.


To cover up your face, you only need a pea-size of Guergi Cover Foundation. Apply it thoroughly with sponge or brush. Remember, you only need a pea-size! Don't take too much foundation or your face will look ridiculously pale. Before apply this foundation, prep your skin with daytime moisturizer.

Texture & Smell
It has thick texture, and quite tricky to blend. Before apply this foundation, we must ensure that our skin is moist enough and not flaky, otherwise the result may looks streaky and patchy :s
This foundation doesn't has any particular scent, though.

Swatch on my face, before and after
Finish result: glowy matte finish
I swear I only squeezed little bit and distributed the foundation on to my face with my Sigma F80 Flat Top Brush. As you can see, this Guergi Cover Foundation really brightened my skin in seconds, and able to conceal all blemishes and dark circles o_o

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Overall Thoughts
For longevity, it could stay matte for more than 5 hours on my skin, which is good! :)
If you look for a full-coverage foundation, this foundation is probably something that you might look for! I think the downsides of this product is its thick texture, and limitation of the shades.

Foundation dari Guergi ini lumayan oke daya tahannya di aku, bisa keliatan matte di kulit lebih dari 5 jam :) Kalau kalian cari foundation full-coverage yang mampu menyamarkan noda di wajah, mungkin kalian bisa coba foundation yang satu ini. Mungkin hal-hal yang aku kurang suka dari produk ini adalah teksturnya yang sangat padat (harus disiasati dengan pemakaian moisturizer yang cukup sebelum mengaplikasikan foundation) dan warna foundationnya yang terbatas.

Pros (+)
+ Full coverage
+ Able to conceal blemishes well
+ A little goes a long way
+ Long lasting
+ Cruely-free product
+ Hygienic packaging
+ Travel-friendly packaging

Cons (-)
- Quite tricky to apply
- Thick consistency
- Limited shades
- Quite pricey

So have you tried Guergi Cover Foundation? ^.^ Please let me know what you think!
Thanks for reading and Happy Eid Mubarak 1436H for all my Muslims fellow bloggers & friends :D
Happy holiday and wish you wonderful trips!


  1. Padahal mereka bilang mau masuk shade lebih gelap dari ini, yg sesuai warna kulit org Indo
    Still waiting
    Overall aku jg suka banget sm foundie ini, mahal tp pakainya ga perlu banyak2. Hihi

    1. Iya nih, semoga shade yg lbh gelap cpt nyusul msk indo ya *_* aku aja ngerasa ni agak keterangan di aku.

  2. This looks like a great foundation!
    Even though I've never heard of the brand before ;P
    Full coverage and cruelty free is always a plus :)
    You have a great blog dear ;)
    I followed you on bloglovin ;)

    1. It's an European brand ^^ hehe
      Thank you My!

  3. I never heard of this brand before but the packaging looks really gorgeous *-* ♥ It also seems to look quite natural if you're naturally pale and apply a thin layer haha but the thick consistency doesn't sound that nice and a little too much for summer :-(

    Mindy ♥

    1. Yeah I actually prefer runnier consistency >_<
      I only wear this foundation for special occasion tho

  4. thick!!!! hahahaha, nice review, now i know there are quite descent foundie out there

  5. prefer diaplikasikan dengan jari atau sponge ya cc? ><

    1. Blm prnh dicoba pke sponge sih, tp prefer pke brush daripada jari :) klo jari jatuhnya lbh cakey

  6. Amazing post, I work in Guergi company like Social Media Manager and I want share your post and photos on Guergi facebook page and instagram.
    Can I ? Good work...

    1. Sure! :D But please make sure to include my blog post review link..
      Thank you


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